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Tellak's Tiki-Taka Tactic for FM14

A strikerless Barcelona style tactic for Football Manager 2014. Play possession football with great results. Successfully tested with various teams.

By Updated on Jun 22, 2014   208954 views   30 comments
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Downloads: 50032 / Size: 1.2 kB / Added: 2014-05-12
FM 2014 Tactics - Tellak's Tiki-Taka Tactic for FM14
I've created this tactic early and passed it to several members who asked me to, but didn't share it on the site for public use until now. I've tested it with various teams and it's working great for me and for everyone else I've passed it to.

I started new saves using 14.3 with Barca and Viitorul Constanta and tested for 6 months each, the tactic still works great. Now I'm currently using it with Viitorul and have won all the games in the 1st half of the season (check screenshots below).

It's important to understand that you might need at least 6 months for the players to really get into the tactic; even for Barca this tactic is a bit extreme.

Some Tips

For the inside forwards you need players with opposite preferred foot to their position.

You must have players with good anticipation, composure, concentration, decisions, off the ball, teamwork and work rate. "Good" is relative to how good the opposition teams are, but usually 14+ is excellent. Passing is important just for players who will make through passes, basically the MCR (your playmaker).

It's recommended to have players with 2 specific PPM: "plays one two" and "comes deep to the ball". If your players don't have these, you should train them for that. The central defenders don't need these though.
Also the MCR (playmaker) will benefit from having the "dictates tempo" PPM.

For team-talks I usually go with a passionate approach, but if you have a good assistant manager let him handle it.
No need for opposition instruction.

Training: fitness-hard in the preseason, and balanced-average in season.
Match training: tactic at 20% in season, max in preseason.



This tactic is ridiculously effective. If you have four or five technical players that are good on the ball, the other team literally do not get the ball.
This tactic is soooo good, it makes you feel like you're cheating. Best tactic I have ever tried and I have tested a lot.
Works wonders for me since applying in my Nottm Forrest.
I dub this the best possession tactic released thus far.

Download Now
Downloads: 50032 / Size: 1.2 kB / Added: 2014-05-12
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Discussion: Tellak's Tiki-Taka Tactic for FM14

30 comments have been posted so far.

  • jaske's avatar
    hello guys I want to try this tactic but I have a problem because I don't know how to set a PPM to a player can anyone help?
  • kofiewusi's avatar
    best tactics ever tried. you the best man
  • kay xtacy's avatar
    what can i say about this tactic is you really need to have a player that has PPM "play one two' and 'comes deep to get ball' like what he said before..i said this because when i use this tactic in my 1st season,my team played like s**t..but after 3rd season and i already train my player with both PPM,my team conquered almost all the match

    i want make some tweak but anybody here who make a tweak with this tactic and made it successfully??hope someone can help me =)

    btw..i really recommend this tactic for who really loves to play possession football because this tactic really AWESOME!!!
  • 8willz's avatar
    i dont know what im doing wrong but ive downloaded this tactic and implemented it but ive lost my first few matches. i know it takes time but the formation familiarity is quite high.
  • kay xtacy's avatar
    hello tellsk..i really love this tactic but i want to know another threat that i've been through before..i have 2 question

    1: i've manage southampton and my team doesnt have a good shadow striker,i only have jay rodriguez,fierro,damiao, how can i make this position works successfully??

    2: how to setting OI for my player before starts the match?

    hopes u can reply asap..thanks =)
  • Justice's avatar
    @jaske, you can find the option in your Team Training page:
  • jaske's avatar
    hello can someone tell me how to put match training on 20% thank you very much guys
  • Stam's avatar
    @cmbystrup: You don't need/have to extract the download file. It's the tactic file directly, you just move it to your tactics folder and then import it in-game from your formation screen.
  • cmbystrup's avatar
    Anyone who can help a dumb man like me? I cannot open the downloaded tactic, because I don't have the right extract-file or something like that. So my problem is that I cannot see the rest of this obviously great tactic than just the posted screen print.
    My email is [email protected], if you want to help me.
    Thank you in advance!
  • ferallord's avatar
  • cfgenesis's avatar
    I've got to say, this tactic worked well managing Wigan to the title in SkyBet in my first season. But now after promotion to Premier League in my second season I am scoring ZERO goals, even during the preseason against vastly inferior teams. Match stats will show possession in my favor, high shot opportunities but the matches show NO highlights for me and I went down 2-0 at home to Liverpool and drew 0-0 at Hull. I signed some decent upgrades during the transfer window. What changed??
  • Satans Portion's avatar

    Lots of one time posters who say how "ridiculously effective" this tactic is.
    154 passes and 0 key passes from a DLP(s)?, most likely due to playing too many "one two's IMHO, two key passes from the team in the whole game from over 800? meh!

    Tell me if all but one of your front 5 have the support role, how does playing "one-twos" help you go forwards? IE: both CM playmakers are looking to stay in the hole, that's what their role demands but playing one twos demands after laying the ball of the player looks to get don't make sense to the CM's train for that PPM.

    Not bragging but I also play 4-6-0 (possession based) tactic, I might only manage 300 passes in a game maximum but my DLP(s) gets at least 5 key passes and as a team my last game (still fresh in my mind) got 23 (7 from DLP(s) alone)
  • tap's avatar
    Hey just way to a massive thank you! This tactic is THE BEST!!!! I love barca so I managed them using your tactic just finished my first season with them not only did I do the treble but I won the champions league 3-0 vs Man City. But the most amazing thing is with this tactic I NEVER lost a game had a few draws sure but with this tactic I have NEVER lost!

    Literally signed up today just to say thanks! :)
  • kells's avatar
    this is da bomb
  • muhdnaqiuddin's avatar
    Hi all,

    This tactic is deadly but I would like to know why messi isn't as effective in the AMC role. He doesn't score as much goals as I would like him to. Any help appreciated. Could email me at [email protected]

    Huge FM fan here. Would love to here ur replies.
  • gsoares93's avatar
    The most effective tactic so far.
    Although using it fells like cheating.
  • im_the_gaffer's avatar
    at first glance,this is a tactic i won't go for,but it as surprised me,won me the quadruple at bayern and mario gotze,not really known for his finishing scored 27 goals in the 1st season.a really good tactic,well done to tellak on a great tactic :).
  • ferdy's avatar

    Can someone tell me how I download it on Windows 8?

    Just says I can't open it when I click the download button.

  • danecr7's avatar
    This is riiculously good.
    the best FM tactic I've ever seen. Even with ten men on the pitch my team managed to get 70% of possession.
    Thank you SIR.
  • PompeyBoyStevo's avatar
    This looks great, was just wondering what the other team instructions are, because I can't download it, cheers
  • pzd's avatar
    So far, with Real Madrid worked fine.
  • mattfgfx's avatar
    i would just like to say this tactic is ridiculously effective. If you have for or five technical players that are good on the ball the other team literally do not get the ball. At all. One game the opposition had ZERO attempts on goal and 20% possession!
  • Justice's avatar
    FM Scout's master technician at work again, I see! I've not used this tactic but I know that the style of play introduced by it is out of this world! :)
  • salauwale's avatar
    This tactic is soooo good,t makes you feel like you're cheating. You control possession, keep clean sheets and score plentiful. Best tactic have ever tried and have tested a lot.
  • InvertedWingbacks's avatar
    Just curious how this works in the second seasons with the same club?

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