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The Hulk 4-3-1-2 by Lisa // FM20 Tactic

The Hulk tactic is one of the most effective tactics in Football Manager 2020. A very high scoring tactic.

By on Jun 26, 2020   27591 views   13 comments
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Downloads: 3943 / Size: 47.9 kB / Added: 2020-06-26
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - The Hulk 4-3-1-2 by Lisa // FM20 Tactic
The Tactic

I have been highly successful with this style of tactic in FM20 and this is yet another tactic from a long line of my top tactics. As you can see i have now gone with a 2 striker formation as i have been asked for this by many. This is a very high scoring tactic that i am sure all will enjoy.

The fact is that the 4-3-1-2 lineup requires players to have special skills and good tactical training. Central defenders must feel confident in possession of the ball, have a good first pass and be able to hold the line high. Defenders and midfielders must have fitness and stamina as they will need to cover alot of ground. It may be worth while having a large squad so you can rotate players.

You could say that this tactic is a 4-1-5 formation when going forward and the advantage of this is the different variety of attacks will cause the defene all sorts of problems. Give the tactic a try you will not be disappointed!

Results from my own test league

This was the results of the test i ran in my test league which scored really well. As you can see with usnig a pretty average Milan team we still finished way above expectaions.

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Downloads: 3943 / Size: 47.9 kB / Added: 2020-06-26
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Discussion: The Hulk 4-3-1-2 by Lisa // FM20 Tactic

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • Lisa's avatar
    If I hadn’t set up my favorite formations 4-3-3 4-3-2-1 and 4-3-1-2 this year, you would have played Beowulf now. The first tactic that I posted on fm base was 4- 3-3 tikitaka v-1, I accidentally downloaded the wrong version, but the version if you need to recoup on an over attacking mentality and it looks like something came out later but works only with the elite team. If I copied the TFF tactics it has cool settings but definitely not with Knap, I couldn’t choose which one to copy from 500 tactics this year lol.
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    You even use the same set pieces as him lol
  • reuben sequeira's avatar
    what's wrong with you johnnym871.lisa has tested her tactic and it works and has not copied the tactic. almost all the best tactics this year uses similar formation or formation using a dm instead of cm
  • Lisa's avatar
    Why do I need Knap tactics if mine is better with patch 20.2
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    Dont act as if you dk what im on about, youve legit changed a dlp to an ap and then renamed the tactic and claimed it as your own. Real scummy thing to do
  • 9emi's avatar
    Hello lisa. Don't even bother responding assaults. A query: Would this tactic be useful to me in a team of low categories? Another query: I am using with good results a tactic of the mentioned knap (fire and water 4231), do you have any tactic that uses this 4231 training and what do you recommend? Your contribution is greatly appreciated.
  • Lisa's avatar
    I'm trying to find the words so as not to offend you. But what kind of tactics is Knap if you are such an expert and understand something about fm tactics.
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    You cant change 1 position of a knap tactic and then claim it as your own lol
  • Lisa's avatar
    Set pieces? Everything is automatically configured.No ol.
  • Victorhugo4222's avatar
    Set Pieces are included and are really good. On 1 test i ran VVD got 21 goals in a season!
  • babyzz's avatar
    set pieces ?
  • RiskKing777's avatar
    any oi?
  • Victorhugo4222's avatar
    1 of Lisa's best tactics yet if not the best. SOme awesome results with it. If you want to win you should download this!
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