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The World Reborn

Mostly just a goof. The playing field is entirely leveled in terms of rep and money. All players are free agents. What nation, league and clubs will climb to the top of the ladder and sit atop the world.

By on Dec 01, 2014   28710 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 5072 / Size: 10.7 MB / Added: 2014-12-01
FM 2015 Custom Scenarios - The World Reborn
So, I found myself thinking it was somewhat unfair that certain leagues, teams and the like, had lower reputations simply because they were created later and couldn't muscle in on the already established Hierarchy. Thus, this project was born.

Getting near to a million, yes a literal million, database changes (982,953 to be precise) across two editor files the world of football becomes a blank slate.

In the first file there is the following; All leagues have a rep of 150 while all cups and continental comps get a up and up 200. All team reps are set to 8000, their balances to 500 mil, their transfer budgets to 50 mil and their wage budgets to 2 mil and all coefficient scores are wiped.

The second file has this; every player has been released from his club.

Note; these are the changes I applied in the editor, if the game has accepted them all in actual play is another matter, as I can hardly check the balances and so forth of every team in the world.

Given enough time the reputations of competitions should shift and change, along with those of teams. Eventually you'll be left with a NWO decided almost randomly.

Personally I see this database as a chance to build your very own dream team with whatever club, in whatever league, you so please.

You can use one or both of the files as you so wish, you can use both and 'add players to playable teams' or you don't have to. For a bit more of a challenge you could simply use the players file and then use fake player names.

Without any further ado, here are some screen caps from the first year;


Step 1

Extract the downloaded file using 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.
There should be a folder containing two editor files. Move these 2 files to your editor data folder:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > editor data

Important: Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

Notice: There may be two "Sports Interactive" folders in your Documents library. If this is the case then put it in the one which has your saved games inside.

Step 2

Start a new career game (won't work with classic mode).
A little pop-up window will come up that says there is X enabled editor files. Select "Custom" from the editor data drop down menu and choose the databases you wish to load in your new save.

Other DB modifications would likely render the file moot.

Download Now
Downloads: 5072 / Size: 10.7 MB / Added: 2014-12-01
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Discussion: The World Reborn

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • kevcr's avatar
    Great concept but the game slowed down considerably after loading these changes. Even with the game speeder on it took 10minutes to process one day. I deleted and went back to previous database and everything was back to normal.
  • Retrogott's avatar
    Is there anything I can do about the game speed?
    I wanted to simply simulate a save with both files selected, only top 5 leagues and it took me 30 minutes to simulate the first month.
  • King_Tink's avatar

    That has nothing to do with my file... O_O
  • nebojsagajic07's avatar
    I see that really has experts to create a new and even utopian league, I would like someone to think about making this leagues.

    FUTURE UNITED-EUROPE LEAGUE’S (where 53 countries divided into nine regional leagues)

    League Name Country, number of teams in league (number of teams in second league)
    1. SCANDINAVIAN LEAGUE ICE 3(3) FAI 2(2) NOR 4(4) SWE 4(4) FIN 3(3) DEN 4(4) = 20 (20)
    2. BRITISH LEAGUE IRL 2(2) NIR 2(2) SCO 4(4) ENG 10(10) WAL 2(2) = 20(20)
    3. IBERIAN LEAGUE POR 7(7) SPA 11(11) AND 2(2) = 20(20)
    4. MEDITERRANEAN LEAGUE FRA 7(7) SWI 4(4) ITA 7(7) SNM 1(1) MLT 1(1) = 20(20)
    5. BERLIN WALL LEAGUE BEL 4(4) NED 5(5) LUX 1(1) GER 7(7) POL 3(3) = 20(20)
    6. AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN LEAGUE AUT 6(4) HUN 4(6) CZE 5(5) SLK 5(5) = 20(20)
    7. YUGOSLAV LEAGUE SLO 3(3) CRO 3(3) BIH 3 (3) SRB 3(3) MNE 3(3) MAC 3(3) ALB 2(2) = 20(20)
    8. BALKAN LEAGUE MOL 2(2) ROM 3(2) BLG 3(2) GRE 4(4) TUR 4(4) CYP 2(3) ISR 2(3) = 20(20)
    9. GREAT RUSSIA LEAGUE EST 1(2) LAT 1(2) LTH 1(2) RUS 7(2) BLR 2(2) UKR 4(2)
    GEO 1(2) AZE 1(2) ARM 1(2) KAZ 1(2) = 20(20)

    Entry into the Champions League provide: 32 teams
    Last year's winner
    The three best teams from each league (except last year's winner)
    4th places teams from each league (except the league is coming from last year's winner) play PLAYOFF for the remaining four places in the Champions League

    Entry into the European League provide: 32 teams
    4 teams that fell out of a playoff for the Champions League
    9 teams who winners League Cup from each league (or 7th from that league if winner rich the Champions League)
    5th and 6th from each league
    Last year's winner (or 7th of the league from league Last year’s winner , if last year's winner rich the Champions League)

    Rules League Cup in each league:
    Right to participate have 40 teams from the first two leagues
    8 best teams waiting for the third round (the other 32 teams play a knockout in first and second rounds, when they were joined by the eight best teams in the third round, where they continue the knockout competition)
    In each round teams play two matches (except the final)

    If possible, make the third league
    Third league would be national, therefore 53 third league (where it does not matter how many teams there are in third leagues, somewhere 20 (ENG, SPA, ITA ...) somewhere 10 (GEO, AUT, CYP) and some countries and less (SNM, AND, MLT ...))

    If you would have made the third division, there would and second cup (except League Cup - which would then be less significant).
    The cup would be at the national level (competing to all teams from one country including teams from the first two league) and had 54 winners of national cups (53 + Vaduz in Liechtenstein which has no league)
    This 54 team, to compete in three rounds of qualifying to reach the Europa League
    Nine teams that passed this competition would replaced winners League Cup as primarily planned

    I also have an idea and which teams were in the first two league (or three) from each country. But this is less important. I would love for someone to make this possible.
  • King_Tink's avatar

    Not a clue to be honest...
  • garsins's avatar
    I'm managing in the Welsh Premier League but when I offer a player a contract I can only choose the squad status 'Key player'. Any idea why this is the case?
  • King_Tink's avatar
    @Manc1998 That's probably an issue of reputation? If you don't use a custom database then there's a chance the game is deeming them unimportant.

    @espanholito99 I haven't tried it with FM2014 so I can't be sure but I would assume not. I'm not aware if data editing files translate to previous versions. Try it out and see if it works?
  • espanholito99's avatar
    does it work in fm2014?
  • ManU-1998's avatar
    Awesome database, absolutely loving it. But there are lots of Australians missing from the game once I started the 2nd season, Jedinak, Kruse and basically everyone besides from Cahill and Schwarzer
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