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FM20 Throw-Ins Routine: Goal Scoring Opportunities

All opportunities in the pitch are the biggest factors that lead us to the goal. When it comes to opportunity, we usually think of corner kicks or free kicks.

By on Mar 18, 2020   21316 views   6 comments
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Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Throw-Ins Routine: Goal Scoring Opportunities
All opportunities in the pitch are the biggest factors that lead us to the goal. When it comes to opportunity, we usually think of corner kicks or free kicks. Whereas, the throw-ins turn into an effective assist tool and cause us to score goals from unexpected positions. We will focus on these in this section.

The basic need of players using the throw-in is known as the long throw-in. The better a player has a long throw-in ability, the more effective the throw-ins who person uses. However, there is a basic feature that you should add as a game preference. I must mention that it has benefit and no harm. Come to the "Progress" tab and enter the training section. After that, go to the option "speak new game character" and try to activate the feature that long throw-ins and parallel throw-ins from the technical features section. You can have this accepted by the person you are talking to and easily put the long throw-ins into the goal positions with an effective player.

Positioning is very important for long throw-ins. It is important to calculate the turmoil that may occur with the opponent's probability of taking positions and the goalkeeper. We aim to enter the position thanks to the balls we will send to the front post, as it will be quite difficult to overclock in the throw-in. Do not think that these will be a continuous goal. Let me state that it is about having a small advantage.

We will have 3 different players standing ahead and able to surprise the goalkeeper. We will use the mobility of the ball. So, how will this happen in the game I have an example gif below that I can show it.

The formation of the goal may be a chance for you. This may have an effect, and goalkeeper mistakes, defensive turmoil will be valuable to us. We have an idea that aims to produce positions and find goals through long shots. Let's not forget that the names that use the throw-in are important and the correct and long throw-ins will be effective.

I'm still working on it. I cannot say that it was successful. They still have shortcomings, unstructured layouts. I work on it and try to see its shortcomings in matches. I would like to say that I will be successful in long shots, and that I will switch to a different formation.

I strongly believe in the penalty area and that's why I sent our defender players too. Since I use the 3-person defense tactic, I have all 3 stoppers. However, the fact that my 2 striker players are there causes us to confuse the situation and increase the possibilities. We will enter the goal position with the goalkeeper failing, the defensive players bounce the ball. I have to show exactly what I am doing with this lineup and where my defenders are moving. Let's look at the gif right below.

Keep in mind that besides being tall, it is our advantage that basic features are also good. As the goalkeeper tries to intervene, our defender is doing his job while goalkeeper dealing with obstacles in front of him. Of course, it was my unfortunate that it hit 2 different goal posts rather than goals.

I want to prolong the issue and end it here. My goal is clear and I think we're doing well basically. If you try this and get positive results, you can contact me.

How to use

Move the file to "set pieces" folder, then go to Set Pieces > Throw Ins and load this.
This works for attack phase only.

You can check the original topic to support gif.

Original Topic (in Turkish): FMBrein
Twitter: FMBrein

Download Now
Downloads: 7042 / Size: 36.2 kB / Added: 2020-03-18
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Discussion: FM20 Throw-Ins Routine: Goal Scoring Opportunities

6 comments have been posted so far.

  • mezza147's avatar
    I cannot get this to work in putting my rb on right throw and lb on left throw in and im not scoring
  • bermuditas's avatar
    Registered only to say that there's something not working with this file. I have downloaded other setpieces and everything ok, but this one doesn't appear when I try to load it
  • Junaid Classen's avatar
    Mine working perfect I'm in Jan and between my 3 main defenders I got 17 goals
  • Johnnym871's avatar
    isnt this the fm19 exploit? Does this even work in 20?
  • andregirao's avatar
    Not working! the file is not working when we upload in the game (set pieces).
  • RoMbA's avatar
    Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2020 > Set Pieces
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