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Tiki Taka Possesion 3-1-4-2 // FM20 Tactic

A FM 2020 tactic based on possesion and high-press. Scoring a lot of goals in 20.2.4.

By on Feb 25, 2020   20916 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 3743 / Size: 43.3 kB / Added: 2020-02-25
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - Tiki Taka Possesion 3-1-4-2 // FM20 Tactic

Possession game is still effective!. Here you have my tactic. It's working very well for me with F.C. Barcelona on season 4.

After trying more "direct" and "vertical" tactics my team started to struggle scoring goals (won many matches 1-0 with a goal by a penalty, or free kick, etc.).

I decided to tweak my downloaded tactic and got a great result.
This is the tactic I tweaked:
Author is Johntra_Volta.

Here is how the tactic looks:

And here you have some results:

When you are two goals ahead, you can either reduce "Tempo" to the lowest possible to have the control of the match (so your rival will have less chances to score you, but you will also struggle to do it), or you can maintain it untouched, assuming a little bit more risk but with great chances to score more goals.

Hope it works for you.

Sorry if I have made any mistake in the text, English is not my first language.

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Downloads: 3743 / Size: 43.3 kB / Added: 2020-02-25
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Discussion: Tiki Taka Possesion 3-1-4-2 // FM20 Tactic

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • daherlihy's avatar
    Subtitle: Scoring a lot of goals in 20.2.4

    ... it should probably ready as "Scoring a lot of goals WITH BARCELONA IN LA LIGA"
  • ivan_nov's avatar
    I don't claim to be any tactical genius. You are too salty, and the blame is not on me (I don't even know you, neither I want). I post it, if it works for someone, great, if it doesn't, it's also ok. Leave people alone, you don't need to act like you're doing.
  • svenmanzoni87's avatar
    Yet another genius testing tactics with team like Barcelona, Real, City...
    If I were admin, I would ban everyone who uploads tactic tested by such clubs only.
    FFS when will u guys realize that with Barcelona and such teams u dont have to have more than 5 mins playing time of FM in your history to win games.
    Great job m8. U are footbal manager tactical genius
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