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Trapattoni's Tactics for FM14

Giovanni Trapattoni’s Tactics are about consistency, efficiency, team spirit, mechanized play. Ideal for winning trophies. The most solid package for Football Manager 2014.

By on Mar 26, 2014   45927 views   8 comments
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FM 2014 Tactics - Trapattoni's Tactics for FM14
A typical wise phrase from Giovanni Trapattoni:
"I am fortunate for my entire football career and I thank God for what he gave me. Me, Sir Alex and Fabio (Capello), lived the past, enjoyed today and we can foresee the future".

It sounds weird, it seems insulting but Giovanni Trapattoni is NOT included in the Hall of Fame of FM... What annoys the most are his religious and custom beliefs. Raised up with dignity, self discipline and human principles, the teenager from Cusano Milanino became a prominent member of AC Milan youth teams. Alongside with many of his teenage friends, had the dream to be a regular member of first team. He helped the club to win 2 European cups, 2 scudettos and 1 intercontinental cup among others. But what he gave is nothing less than endless sweat and effort in the pitch. Something which wasn't recognized enough after his playing career.

After hanging up his boots, he immediately become youth coach, soon after a first team assistant and eventually a head coach. Everybody acknowledge his talent and mental capacity, however they saw him just like another emerging manager. Sharp, very ambitious but maybe too emotional. That's why they didn't trust him with a longer contract, because "we thought that his personality is too noisy and emotional for such club" admits later his ex friend Cesare Maldini. A fatal error which changed Juventus history forever by leaving far away from fierce rivals AC Milan. Agnelli family immediately recognized the rare talent of young coach Giovanni and later on, everybody will call him like "Maestro Trapp".

As he later admits:
"I had to kill my pain from AC Milan rejection and to prove to anybody that I can defeat everyone by aiming for perfection. I never revealed my motives and my internal thoughts though."

In Juventus he dominated, in Inter he revived a sleeping giant and in Bayern he managed to win everything despite public anti-Italian humiliation.

Do you know many people in such age to maintain a largely competitive and wise spirit?

Maybe some people will laugh, but only the fact that he won at least a trophy with every club he managed, makes his story legendary. He practically won every trophy that competed in. Just pay attention in his remarkable Serie A winning record. Another brilliant example of his humility is his resilient personality. Despite he suffered from a mild stroke some years ago, he didn't abandon EIRE, he renewed his contract and he finally guided EIRE in the Euro 2012 finals.

It's true that his ideas and tactics are conservative, however the trophies are speaking by themselves on whether he is efficient or not. As he always says:
"Efficiency is a combination of hard work, precision, aiming for perfection and very solid organisation. You must not depend on luck, however luck always exists."

Most of his key players became directors, with fondest the likes of Bettega, Tardelli, Giraudo, Conte, Prandelli and others.

I follow Serie A since my early childhood and I must admit that the phenomenon of Trapattoni is rare. Even with Fiorentina was capable of mounting a title challenge. He managed to guide the minnows of newly promoted Cagliari in Serie A.

He guided Benfica into a memorable Liga Title after so many years.

He immediately won the title with FC Salzburg, he almost eliminated France in World Cup Qualification. Knocked out in 2010. He guided Ireland into Euro Finals after 30 years.

Ok, some failures are a part of the game. Even Jose Mourinho suffered a massive failure in Real Madrid. However the achievements in both cases are much more than the fiascos.


In the images above you can see many results and very interest statistics. Under these tactics, I managed to restore a semi dead Chivas into many glorious moments. The club was in debts and heavily paralyzed in terms of prestige. After many disappointing 5th, 6th, 9th and 12th position the club decided to hire me. Or to say better they hired the tactics of Giovanni Trapattoni. That's why I dedicate to him all of my success there.

Far the best defense and goal difference, easy wins in knock out stages but most Importantly:
  • Consistency
  • Efficiency
  • Team Spirit
  • Mechanized Play

Collective Unit stronger than individual qualities.

In other words, a proper identity which was hard as rock and brave as lion. The team had later on several other trophies in the cabinet, like North American CH. League and Copa Libertadores but mostly, a deadwood club became flourish in just 2,5 years. Without neglecting the rules, without purchasing expensive players and without forcing the players to make things that "they cannot do". Simply, clearly, honestly and full of pragmatism. Don't say that you caught the cat, till to see it in the bag. Another famous Trapattonian quote.

All Rights Reserved .

Hope that you will enjoy the tactic. It's ideal for winning trophies, forget impressive passing game football. Bring on mind a serious ferocious Juventus side.

On purpose I consider this package the most solid and powerful for FM 2014.

Simply because even SI hates Trapattoni and his success. Which means, when you cannot reach someone you just envy him, so simple but so obvious.

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Downloads: 6850 / Size: 2.2 kB / Added: 2014-03-26
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Be a winner rather than a viewer. A day without football is a day lost. If we want to succeed, we have to accept risks. Check out my work FM Boss.

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Discussion: Trapattoni's Tactics for FM14

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  • K33NY's avatar
    Hello Roberto Mancini

    I tried this tactic with my Fulham team in Championship, only played one match so far did win 3-0 :)

    But I wanted to ask you, the player roles, do you have any experience in changing roles from example CM to Box to box midfielder and how has it worked out for you doing so?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    I think that you read too many scenarios which are not always real .Its physically impossible to work after 72 in such level .International level demands extremely high intensity and mental concentration .The best farewall of Trap was the fact that he made a forgotten football nation a contender in the highest football level .Think about it all of you again :"what kind of players did he have in his disposal" .Its not so easy and simple as it sounds "qualification campaign" .See what happened recently with Holland which lost 2-0 from fishermen of Iceland .Its not a panacea :tactics are more and more important especially now when the term "quality" is about to get disappeared.

    -All the players are pretty much the same ,just nationality and name are different-

    Who was Iceland and who was Holland some days ago ?Dont mix the jerseys with talent and quality ...
  • Jat's avatar
    Hi Roberto.Mancini I thought I just dropped by (here) because of Trapattoni's new job at Ivory Coast, what do you think he can bring to the table. Personally I think the team need's a man of Trapattoni's manner, they have had a lot of coaches in recent years with not much stability. I'm from Sweden and therefore Sven-Göran Eriksson is someone I've followed but I think his lost his ability now, to old, to predictable and is still living 20 years back in time... On the other hand Trapattoni can hopefully bring some stability, good defence/organisation, hard work and no "fooling around". The biggest problem is the top of African clubs and national teams (corruption, criminality and no clue about football) hopefully Trapattoni can work alone with people who knows his abilities... What do you think :) ?
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    My dear friend Giovanni Trapattoni is the most succesfull Italian coach according to real numbers which show us the real and pure facts .Its something very important to mention ,that apart from journalism and critism ,statistics show you a clear cut view of reality because they present the reality as it is .So definetely you are right on what you said.Furthermore ,I appreciate every comment no matter from where it comes from .In general ,these tactics of Trapattoni are very solid and effecient especially for premier league level where tactical intelligence is really appreciated for such clubs .
  • calumwarren's avatar
    Just wanted to drop a comment of appreciation to you Roberto and also to Trapattoni. I played my first season as Derby County and finished second using a different tactic but halfway through the season I had an incredible dip in form and a terrible run of bad results but still managed to finish 2nd to achieve promotion. Now I have my side in the Premier league I know I would need a change of tactics so out of the 57 tactics I looked at on fmscout I decide to take these one based on what you said they was about and also the comments as I need something that is defensively strong but also good attack and general play, judging by my pre-season friendlies against some weaker opposition and some decent Spanish sides aswell as some strong Italian sides I think this tactic has helped me and will continue to do so with the complete package of tactics included. Thanks!
  • Roberto.Mancini's avatar
    The opponent needs to feel fear .So you cause him fear by shooting against him and you create a feeling of inferiority .It is mostly a psychological instruction ,in order to make your players to gain confidence and to make the opponents to get back .Remember many typical ferocious shoots from conte ,tacchinardi ,marchisio and many others .The most memorable part of football are goals .So how you will win without them ?But you need to shoot first and to try your luck ,to make attempts .I managed in 6 months to transform a bankrupted side into a winning side .Like I make liverpool champions from my first season.You restrict opponents attacks by sitting back ,so you have the space open for attacking ,so you can shoot because the space is free .I also make another one very popular trick .I say to my players to close down ,to make hard tackles and to show up weaker foot .Thats how I make so many goals .In the attacking phase I am agressive and in the defensive I remain firm and solid .Try these tactics and be sure about winning trophies .Probably you will not be enthusiast ,but football has many tricks that you need to do .Like for instance the team instructions that I always give .
  • shaunwwfc's avatar
    I would really like to try this but it is its really really odd team instructions which I find off putting. I cannot ever recall a centre half being asked to shoot on a more regular basis. Along with many others, you often seem to upload tactics with really really strange player instructions/shouts etc and on the face of it they look and sound really good tactics but I am left off putted by the instructions. I cannot see any system being solid when the centre half is going to aimlessly shoot when baring in mind an centre halves average long shot/finishing attribute.

    What success have you had with these systems?
  • erwinfgroen's avatar
    Gonna test this a season long With Lille.

    I love tactics where defending is good because i find that really difficult in this FM. Only my doubt about the lot of team instructions but we will see. I am using the 4-4-2 Trapotonni and the V2 version and ofcourse also the other version hehe
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