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4-2-3-1 Unai Emery Tactics - SMS Edition

A tactic for FM 2019 that succeeded in winning the Champions League for me with Leicester city which secured me a position in Barcelona year after!

By on Nov 08, 2018   171874 views   21 comments
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Downloads: 47426 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
Football Manager 2019 Tactics - 4-2-3-1 Unai Emery Tactics - SMS Edition
Unai Emery is a manager who likes structured football however does not get scared of altering his tactics during the match to overcome his opponents.
A thing that we did not feel with Arsene Wenger as Arsenal fans!

In my tactic I have tried to imitate his way of play in arsenal given the fact Arsenal does not have pure wingers but Attacking midfielders who are pushed to play out wide .

- The team is set to play wide football however I do change it to " Very Narrow" Based on the opposition.
- The team will play out of defense and the attacking transition will start from the BPD
- The team freedom is your choice based on the opposition however I tend to keep it as " Be more Expressive".
- No time wasting is allowed unless you score a goal and you would like to secure the match by switching it to " Defensive " Mentality.
- I strongly recommend to set your crossing setting based on your attacker . ex. For fast short attackers I tend to use low crosses.
- The team has to counter press and play with more urgency once winning the ball and this means that the defense has to be a higher line in order to succeed.
- With higher line of defense you will be prone to counter attacks and therefore ensure that your opponent opposition is set to cover the threat of your opponent by marking them tightly .
- Avoid assigning tight marking instruction to your BWM or wing backs.

Attacking :

All the attacks will start from the back in a controlled manner. Where the goal keeper with distribute to center backs by rolling it out who will be both on BPD roles and should be able to pass the ball.

Formation do change to become 2-4-4 with both of the wing backs push forward . One with attacking duty and the other with support . The attacking WB will ensure to cross from by line specially that the winger infront of him is inside forward who will create space for him. For his coverage the BWM needs to be in defense and needs to have strong defensive attribute.

The other WB will be on support minimize his contribution to attacking play. The winger in front of him as actually a play maker with " Sit Narrow" instruction to create from the middle of the field given the nature of the players that I have . In this case Coutinho in Barcelona.
As for the BWM he will be on support as well with instructions to "pass it short" and " take fewer risk" . He is a player who will connect both defensive and offensive lines with pure simplicity .

In Defense:

Counter attacking football can kill you . And this is the scenario with Arsenal and Unai Emery. But its a risk that you should take. The moment you feel that the game needs securing please do not hesitate into withdraw your play maker and playing a DM with Man marking instructions.

The formation will relay highly on " offside trap" and therefore ensure that your center backs are FAST ! if not you will be exposed.

Give the formation the time to settle in and be familiar. The formation has high intensity set up and specially affecting the Wing backs therefore choose your players wisely.

Ensure that you switch between " Wide" and " Very narrow " and " Low crosses " " Mixed crosses " Instructions to discover the difference in play and choose whatever is suitable.

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Downloads: 47426 / Size: 43.5 kB / Added: 2018-11-08
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Discussion: 4-2-3-1 Unai Emery Tactics - SMS Edition

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • JeffDogg's avatar
    You managed to won games with FC Barcelona? Pretty impressive. Must be a cheat tactic
  • AmericanGunneer's avatar
    Just a question, When would you change the tactic to very narrow?
  • jhedges222's avatar
    I won a "quadruple" with Arsenal in season 1 with this!
  • Tirademion's avatar
    This is the worst am down 3-0 in the first half. I am literally about to cry.
  • Ryanlcfc3's avatar
    It isn't working against a big team (e.g. Liverpool, Man City, Man Utd, Tottenham, Chelsea) away from home!!
    How do you rectify it??

    Using my Leicester City team.
  • salnuaimi's avatar

    The aim is the premier league !
  • salnuaimi's avatar
    @Oohacantona Thanks brother Im happu that you are enjoying the fomration
    please do let me know after using it more into the season
  • OohAhCantona's avatar
    Small sample size at the moment, but with Dortmund in Season 2 this tactic is straight fire. I had a weird 2-1 win in a friendly, and an unlucky 0-1 loss to Bayern Munich on a goal 8' in, but aside from that I'm blowing everyone out in friendlies and piling up obscene Shots : Shots On Target ratios and blanking my opponents.

    I'll have a better idea further into the season, but I've seen enough to keep using it. If you have a solid RW-RB combo it's even better.
  • shaka111's avatar
    Great one. My Torquay is 1st in Sky Bet 1. From Conference South to sky bet1 3 straight promotions. Only what you need is super fast defender's to stop counter attacks and Rodel Richards as forward :)
  • BobaTeeee's avatar
  • munse's avatar
    same probleme here.... fix it pls
  • Petrovix's avatar
    When i download i get a fmf file that i can't read it ingame therefore i can't use any tactics, does someone know how to fix this?
  • larama's avatar
    Hello, thanks for sahring, i didn´t yet try but i want some further informations about this:
    - On training, you choose your AM to take care of it?
    - Team instructions or oposite instructions?

  • salnuaimi's avatar
    AkkiMUFC. Glad that you are finding this tactic useful .

    Thanks for y our great feedback
  • AkkiMUFC's avatar
    This tactic is OP. Been using this with my ManUtd Save. First half of season done. Till Now 0 Loss and just 3 Draw(From resting some big players). Even defeated Juventus twice in UEFA Championship Group stage and Man City in league. Liverpool game Drew but rest is goood. I do switch mentality from Balanced to Positive. The 2 signings i made to squads were. Mbabu at RB and R. Varane at CD
  • Rowey1337's avatar
    what training do you use
  • salnuaimi's avatar
    LDyster16 . I will use Laca infront and Alex Iwobi on the left side .

    Auba would be a sub for Laca and you need to train him on the new position
  • LDyster16's avatar
    How do you use Aubameyang and Lacazette in this formation?
  • salnuaimi's avatar
    Thanks guys . Please do let me about your progress so far
  • arka05's avatar
    hi mate, greetings.

    the tactic works great, testing it with ajax and 5 matches in, so far so good.

    i will let you know once i get to know more
  • bosseman1979's avatar
    thank you,tactic is working great
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