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Very Attacking 4-3-3 // 168 goals using a Raumdeuter

Guaranteed a 30+ goal striker, the most clear cut chances created in the league and how to get the best out of a raumdeuter.

By Updated on Mar 26, 2021   53164 views   5 comments
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Football Manager 2021 Tactics - Very Attacking 4-3-3 // 168 goals using a Raumdeuter
This tactic was created during 21.3 version, but continued to work and dominate after the most recent update. The results below were made during 21.4.

I would love to say that the tactic was all my own work, but I have to doff my cap to my best mate Tom Coast. He began making it during his Journeyman save in Austria, winning the league with Wolfsberger, then won the Portuguese league with Vitória de Guimarães in two seasons.

We are currently in the middle of a joint Pentagon save where we take a season each, and it was with this 4-3-3 that we took a relegation threatened side in Saudi Arabia all the way to the Asian Champions League in just three seasons. It's so dominant that the opposition just can't handle the pace.

The Style

This is not your basic 4-3-3. The Extremely wide shape creates space for the double Mezzala and then you have the unorthodox style of the Raumdeuter, which is key to the whole thing. It's Very Attacking, which doesn't mean everyone is throwing themselves forward, it means when the players think about making a pass, rather than dwell, they always try for that killer pass.

It's relentless, it's quick, and it out-numbers the defence.

The DLP looks for the two wide men, the Target Man comes deep to link up before making a run in behind. Both wing backs will bomb forward to provide support and look to cross to the TM when open.

If you don't have a TM, we have used a DLF on attack to good effect.

Key to this tactic is the blindside runs from the RAUM, with multiple players looking to feed him in, with good anticipation, off the ball and pace, he will get free at the back post and score a bundle of goals.

The Results

Testing with some of the biggest teams in Europe, Liverpool, PSG, Juvnetus, Bayern and Barcelona all won the league, which is no surprise, but Klopp's men scored 152 goals in the season, with PSG smashing that total with 168.

To prove it's not just the top teams who benefit, all the secondary teams created more chances than any other team in their respective leagues. 35-year-old Burak Yilmaz scored 35 goals for Lille, Raul Garcia added 25 for Atheltic Bilbao and Marcus Thuram was the top scorer in the Bundesliga with Monchengladbach.

In the Premier League, Tammy Abraham finished with 37 goals in 53 games. Mo Salah, playing as the Raum, scored 22 times and created 24 goals.
Sadio Mane, playing on the left as the AP scored 28 times. In fact, Liverpool was the only club who didn't finish with a 30+ goal striker.

Even Barcelona, with Antoine Griezmann and Ansu Fati sharing TM duties scored 28 and 27, but it was Lionel Messi who stole the show, 25 goals is great, but he conjured up 31 (THIRTY ONE) assists.

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Downloads: 9462 / Size: 42.5 kB / Added: 2021-03-24
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Discussion: Very Attacking 4-3-3 // 168 goals using a Raumdeuter

5 comments have been posted so far.

  • Raumdeuter25's avatar
    great tactic , worked for me very well mate..i have a favor to ask though..could you please create for FM-23 a Raumdeuter tactic ? ty
  • ally0002's avatar
    Dreadful tactic. Concede possession, under the cosh for most of the game. Awful.
  • peterbolam78's avatar
    after a decent 2 seasons with Newcastle and good recruitment, we are in a position to move to my more favoured 4-3-3 shape, so will add this to my 3, and see where we go, is TM the traditional stats for a TM, as I am using Callum Wilson at present so DLF may suit him more
  • TheGibShow's avatar
    Hey Hobermallow89 - the three of us on the save have very different approaches to training, and it hasn't made much difference to results.

    All players will benefit from training the correct position imo.

    We had the mentality of not being scared, do not drop the intensity. Full steam ahead at all times. Take the good with the bad haha.
  • hobermallow89's avatar
    Looks great, I've tried it out and first game 4-3 thriller. Any particular training or tactics to keep a lead?
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