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Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)

Collection of panels and graphics tweaks by Wannachupbrew. Includes Instant Result button. Default, Dark and Light versions. Skin for Football Manager 2018

By Updated on Mar 27, 2018   153882 views   153 comments
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Downloads: 29993 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2017-11-12
Football Manager 2018 Skins - Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)
Collection of panels and graphics tweaks by Wannachupbrew. Default, Dark and Light versions.
Anything included in this skin can be used in other skins as long as credit is given.

Club Overview

Player Overview

Staff Profile

Manager Profile

Tactics Screen

Boardroom Overview

Instructions for updating the skin

Make sure you delete all three Wannacup FM18 skin folders before updating. Follow the installation instructions below and then start Football Manager and refresh cache in settings.

How to install the Wannacup FM18 Skin

  1. Download the .zip archive and use a tool such as 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for MacOSX to extract its contents.

  2. Move the extracted folders "Wannachup-FM18", "Wannachup-FM18-Dark" and "Wannachup-FM18-Light" to your skins folder:
    \Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018\skins\


  4. Run Football Manager 2018 and go to Preferences > Interface.
    You should see "Wannachup-FM18”, "Wannachup-FM18-Dark” and "Wannachup-FM18-Light” as options in the skin drop down of the General options section.
    Hit the Confirm button.

Download Now
Downloads: 29993 / Size: 7.6 MB / Added: 2017-11-12
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Discussion: Wannachup FM18 Skin v1.21 (Default, Dark and Light)

153 comments have been posted so far.

  • Casquan's avatar
    @wannachupbrew: I wonder how the Instant Result button works, does it have a similar effect to the holiday button and the prize of the month / year will be won by my assistant? In addition, will steam achievements still be unlocked?

    Thanks for your work, skin is great.
  • rootcoors's avatar
    Absolutely loving this Skin, love how it uses the default skin and builds on it, keeping what's great about the look and feel of the standard one but improving it with so many nice features and layouts. Fantastic work.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @danjpalmer Not as far as I know. That's all SI's coding, we can't change that. The match plan is only new so maybe they'll add that in FM19
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @Strongaloff I haven't touched the match screen so that's not the skin. Some clubs have different kits for different competitions, in those competitions the match screen will show the default kits. The kit in your screenshot is the default kit with a sponsors logo mod, so that's what's happening here.
  • Strongaloff's avatar
    @wannachupbrew nice skin, used for a while. However, I have a small problem, regarding the kits showing on match screen, next to team name. I played a game against MU and it showed the wrong kit (kit is showing correctly on club details), as you can see here:

    Is it a way to fix it?
  • danjpalmer's avatar
    @wannachupbrew just to clarify my comment, this is for the instant play button. The only reason I'm even using that button is I have the bug where the game freezes when a penalty is given, which happens a fair amount :(
  • danjpalmer's avatar
    @wannachupbrew apologies if this has been brought up there any way to line up subs in the match plan screen or just allow the AM to make suitable subs during the game?
  • Thatsgold007's avatar
    @wannachupbrew thanks for responding man.
    Obviously if its too much work then I'll let it go :(

    Thanks anyways for the skins!
  • ItsComingHome's avatar
    Hi, great skin. Is there a simple way to amend the club badge in the background? would like to remove it if possible and have a plain colour entirely. Thanks.
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @major_lazer: I'll add that to the next update

    @Romul: Thanks for that, I've added that to the next update.

    @ferociousblazze: You have to clear the cache and restart the game for changes to the settings file to take effect. Can't think off the top of my head how to do that, I'll have a look later and get back to you on that.

    @Thatsgold007: That would be a pretty big job, they changed a lot of things for FM18. It's possible but not something I'd have time to do. Is there anything specific you like about the FM17 version? I might have time to help you port a few things over.

    @IIIJLIII: Yep, this is something I've been planning to do as an option for people who want it. It'll be in the next version.
  • FloransaAventaro's avatar
    scorpio in fm15 and 16, wannachupbrew in 17 and 18! thank you for your great skins for 4 years.
  • IIIJLIII's avatar
    Hey wannachup, thanks for the skin, but I'm just wondering if I can edit the player attribute panel to show the hidden attributes (ca, pa, asking price, etc.), which would make this skin even better for me :)
  • Thatsgold007's avatar
    Hi wannachupbrew
    Hope you are well mate.

    I've got a massive favor I'd like to ask you.
    I absolutely love love your skin from last year (Wannachup-FM17) and have tried everything possible and spent days trying to use that for FM18 but I’ve failed hard.

    So my dear friend can you please please help me to be able to use the skin Wannachup-FM17 for this year’s Fm18?
    Please don’t get me wrong, I like this the current version also, however I just really love last years version better.
    I tried to copy the folder Wannachup-FM17 skin into FM18 skin folder but obviously that didn't work and I then even tried to copy the skin_config files which also didn't work.
    Its only when I add the folder "panels" from Wannachup-FM17 into FM18 folder that the game goes blank screen 

    So please mate, if there’s some sort of configuration advice you can give me so I can use Wannachup-FM17 for the current game FM18, I would be forever grateful
  • ferociousblazze's avatar
    hey wannachup,
    first of all thanks for the great skin!!!
    i tried changing the values in 'settings/Wannachup-FM18 settings.xml' but there was no change...
    also is there a way to make the sidebar on the left transparent?
  • Romul's avatar
    To view CA again, change to CAIC in sting <widget class="scout_stars_label" id="CAic" alignment="centre" auto_size="horizontal"> in file "player overview panel.xml" . Works for me at least.
  • piotrek2408's avatar
    Hi @wannachupbrew,
    I have a little problem with your skin. There is no CA stars here:

    unless the player is from my club:

    How to fix this?
  • major_lazer's avatar
    Hello, wannachupbrew!
    Thanks for the cool skin! :)
    Is it possible to add the ability to select the content of the right large window in the player attributes (now there is analysis of characteristics)? So you can select analysis features, biography, comparison?
    Sorry for my English ;)
  • ashleyjames92's avatar
    Being late to FM this year, I've had to go all the way to the start of this comment thread to work through all the issues (there weren't many in the end just minor edits for personal preference). I must say that the skin is awesome and thank you to everyone in the comments who contributed with advice on how to change things. There is always someone out there who has experienced a similar issue or has a similar taste. This is a fantastic community now let's kick on with my non-league to legend save!
  • Nicolasesp17's avatar
    Hi wannachup thanks for the answer !
    I play with the light skin and I only have :
    <!-- profile attribute colours -->
    <colour name="low attribute" value="grey 500"/>
    <colour name="normal attribute" value="grey 800"/>
    <colour name="good attribute" value="light green 600" />
    <colour name="excellent attribute" value="green 800" />

    In settings/Wannachup-FM18 settings.xml
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @Nicolasesp17: Change these colour values in 'settings/Wannachup-FM18 settings.xml'

    <colour name="unknown attribute background" red="210" green="210" blue="210"/>
    <colour name="low attribute background" red="40" green="40" blue="40"/>
    <colour name="normal attribute background" red="40" green="40" blue="40"/>
    <colour name="good attribute background" red="53" green="148" blue="82" />
    <colour name="excellent attribute background" red="19" green="93" blue="19" />

    I won't be adding the city pics. I think they take up too much room for something that's not vital information.
  • Nicolasesp17's avatar
    Hi wannachup !
    First excuse me for my poor english and thank you for the skin ! (my FM 2018 favorite)
    I play in english lower lower lower league and my players are very bad.
    Can you tell me the file for change the colour of the attribute boxes ? (I want to add grey colour, like the standard version)
    One more question can you add the citypics ?
    Thanks you !
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @cal_ click on the arrow on the top right of the panel
  • cal_'s avatar
    Is there a way I can remove the boxes from the overview panel for players attributes?
  • jordanmillward_1's avatar
    @wannachupbrew - could you tell me how to go about making the boxes (such as those for the inbox, etc) more transparent?
  • wannachupbrew's avatar
    @Teknik Direktör: Thanks for letting me know how you fixed it. I always have cache turned off so I guess that's why I never ran into that problem. It's probably a good idea to always refresh cache when updating.

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