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What we know about Football Manager 2025

Officially confirmed news and answers to frequently asked questions about the upcoming release of FM 2025.

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News - What we know about Football Manager 2025
Hello everyone, it is that time of year! Football Manager 2025 was confirmed on June 28th 2023, but a year later Sports Interactive delivered a development update that sheds way more light on FM25.

It's partly a feature reveal actually, which is significantly sooner than the usual feature drops that took place during September in the recent past.

On this page, we're listing all officially confirmed facts alongside estimates of what we can expect and when in the latest instalment of the Football Manager franchise.

This way you can be easily checking everything we know about Football Manager 2025 during the pre-release period.

I'll keep this summary piece constantly updated, so check back often for new information. Without further ado; let us get started.

FM 2025 Release Dates

  • FM25 release date will be confirmed in early September, but we can probably expect a Q4 release as always.

  • FM25 will be released on the following platforms: PC/Mac, Xbox One/S/X, PlayStation 5. Details on Football Manager 25 Touch and Football Manager 25 Mobile will follow later in the cycle.

  • FM25 pre-orders will open in early September.

Timeline of official FM25 News

Sports Interactive's studio director Miles Jacobson and the official Football Manager account (both on Twitter) are the 2 sources of verified news about the game.


Gameplay feature complete
early June (estimate)
UI feature complete
mid July (estimate)
Art complete
early August (estimate)
Start taking screens/videos
late August onward
Feature announce
27 June, then 18-24 September
Beta release
mid October (estimate)
Estimates are more of an educated guess.

FM25 Confirmed - 28 June 2023

  • Unity is the new engine for FM25.

  • New technology for Newgens and manager creation.

  • Vastly improved UI.

  • New and more real-life animations.

  • Introducing women's football that was initially announced back in July 2021.

  • The ability to transfer saved games from one FM to another remains, so you'll be able to transfer FM24 saves to FM25.

FM25 gets full Premier League license - 10 June 2024

  • The Premier League and Sports Interactive signed a 4-year licensing partnership that will bring official logos, kits and player photos in future FM releases.

  • From the start of the 2024/25 season, Premier League clubs will be fully licensed within the world’s leading football simulation game.

  • This partnership also provides the opportunities to help with things that the Premier League and their clubs do off the pitch, such as community and charitable work.

FM25 Development Update - 27 June 2024

  • Certain features and modes won't be available in Football Manager 25. Only one will return during the FM25 cycle.

  • Touchline Shouts is one that won't be back for the foreseeable future.

  • The dedicated social media screen and the data chalkboard on player profiles have been removed. It doesn't seem likely for them to return.

  • Create-A-Club goes away but will make a return in Football Manager 26 with lots of changes and improvements.

  • Versus mode might return one day (possibly not for FM26) in a different form.

  • Challenge mode is scheduled to be fully revamped in either FM26 or FM27.

  • Fantasy Draft will return much-improved later in the cycle alongside the Main Data Update.

  • With the new UI every future addition will strengthen the UX without compromising consistency in the UI. More on that in September.

  • Introducing tiles and cards. In this system, the tiles are a way of building curiosity by providing a snapshot of information, while clicking through into cards rewards your interest with further detail. This design reduces the volume of screens in-game, making navigation easier without compromising on detail.

  • The old-school Inbox has been replaced by the Portal which will give you far better tools to develop your story through the Agenda and Messages sections.

  • A number of FMFC members will be invited to the SI studio in London to help with the continued testing of FM25’s UI/UX through September into early October.

  • The official Football Manager Podcast will eventually return in collaboration with a big player in the audio space and using an external host and production team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the new features of FM25?
FM25 will come with a vastly improved UI, new tech for Newgens, new and more real-life animations, graphical upgrades everywhere and women's football.

Will my computer be able to run FM25? It runs FM24 no problem.
If your computer runs FM24 okay, it's possible it should cope fine with FM25. However, the minimum system requirements will change towards more demanding specs.

Will FM25 come to PlayStation?
Yes, Football Manager 2025 Console will be returning to PlayStation 5 for a third season. It will also be available on Xbox One/S/X.

If you have any questions, feel free to post in the comment section down below.

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