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WonderTac 4-1-2-2-1

Finally no more AMC! This will help you win and dominate in every competition. Possesion and Creativity, this is it.

By Updated on Jan 26, 2014   501542 views   104 comments
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Downloads: 126093 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2013-10-20
FM 2014 Tactics - WonderTac 4-1-2-2-1
At the end of my FM13 saves I got tired of always trusting the AMC and spending loads of money in a good play-maker for that position. I felt that a solid defense with aggressive midfielders and good wingers should be funnier and more dominating then ever.

So this tactic was created and my passion was back on track.

4-1-2-2-1 explained

Left Back: FB with attacking style - the fullbacks will always help you out in your attacking movement. They need acceleration and pace to be really threatening.

Central Defender: CD one defend and one stopper - the "CD - defend" needs good positioning to be able to cover up when the stopper is making he's moves. The "CD - stopper" needs a good amount of aggression, decisions and determination, and of course, a brave one!

Regista: With a supporting style this is a very important player. He will try to retrieve lost possession and always close down the space to win the ball from your opponent. Tackling, Marking, Strength is just some of the attributes he needs. Creativity is not a must, but it will help you start good attacking movements.

Midfielders: One advanced play-maker with attacking movement, and another deep lying play-maker supporting. Your AP is almost as the AMC play-maker, but needs skills off the ball and good anticipation is really useful. With high teamwork he will help you a lot! The DLP is focused to help out the defense but still have the capacity in your attacks. He will control the space between your midfield and defense, and will drop the ball to more creative players. Teamwork, Passing, Tackling and Creativity will increase he's performance.

Wingers: One classic winger with attacking movement and the other a inside forward, also attacking movement. Pace, Acceleration, Dribbling, Creativity and Crossing is important. The IF will benefit from good Long Shots and Finishing. They control your attack, always. Will score a lot of goals!

Striker: Your ever loved Poacher, either he scores or he does not score. Either way he is really important for your wingers. He will move into channels which creates good spaces for your wingers and if he his a good header, he will dominate the air and score a lot! Falcao is probably the best one for this position, but I will leave that up to you :)

Tested with 4 teams

I have tried this with Bayern Munich, Ath Bilbao, Everton and Dortmund.
The results has been really good, some amazing victories and your wingers are really important for this to work. If they are good, they will score at least 20 goals per season and help your team a lot with their movement.

And because this is a tactic suited for players focusing on their instructions a lot, it will help you to make individual changes and really watch your players working to get the most out of it.

I'm in love with the use of strong Central Midfielders who puts the wingers in such great positions! No more AMC and no more tears when özil leaves for Gunners..

Feedback is welcome

Please leave a comment and don't be afraid to speak your mind! It's up to you to make this work with your players.

Thanks a lot for reading!



Tested with a lot of different teams during the last months and with the latest patch it's still working great!


New save with Chelsea, first season first game against Liverpool - crushed them.
Notice 'pool just had 1 attempt at goal, in the last minute. Even thou the possession was almost 50/50, we created a lot of chances and goals, and always pushed 'pool to loose the ball high up the pitch.

Tactical Tips
I changed the role for the DM to a Anchor Man, this way he can concentrate of only retrieving the ball and press the opponent all the time - when he is in possession, he delivers the ball to a more creative player and keep his position in case of a counter-attack.

The second change is the striker, at the moment I'm using him as a advanced forward, just because he is not the main goalscorer in the team, and by using him as AF, he runs around creating minor problems for the opponents defense, which could lead them to losing the ball and maybe create chances for himself. In attack situations, he's role is to run, run run, always - create spaces for the wingers, confuse the defenders and sometimes sniff up a rebound or a loose ball!

Try it if you feel lucky :)

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Downloads: 126093 / Size: 1.0 kB / Added: 2013-10-20
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Discussion: WonderTac 4-1-2-2-1

104 comments have been posted so far.

  • Arrigo.Sacchi's avatar
    works on 14.3?
  • EverJohn11's avatar
    Dang, It worked in the first season of Manchester United it went downhill from there i was in relegation by the next season and i got fired then.
  • jbasma's avatar
    Tried it with Liverpool. Excellent first season where I won the Premier League by 3 points (24-8-6 89-32 80 points. Scored the most goals and conceded fewest). But from the start of season 2, things have changed dramatically. After winning all my friendly games, I now am 19th in the Premier League, with only 4 points after 8 games (0-4-4), including losses against teams like Norwich, Crystal Palace, Cardiff and Wigan. My goal difference after the first 8 matches are 10-15, and I have been knocked out of the cup (by Burnley), and lost both my games in the Champions League (home to Sporting Lisabon and away to Juventus). My team is about the same as the first season (only brought in a new left back), but it looks like the computer has decided that I'll not win any more games.
    Any ideas why? Is this common with this tactic? Do I need to change it every season?
  • SputniktenTerk's avatar
    Grazie for this brilliant tactic bro.

    Firstly I picked up Besiktas and in the second season got fired(Thank you goalless almeida). And then Denizlispor offered me the job.

    First season played play-off and passed the second league.
    Second season played play-off and passed the first league.
    Third season i finished 13rd in the Super league.
    Fourth season finished 8th.
    Fifth season i was the champion in Super league. (Fenerbahce offered a job but I rejected.)

    meanwhile, last three season i didn't play with "control" style. because of i strengthened my team, i swapped the system from "counter" to "standart". really worked.

    1."push higher up" means lots of red cards. so i gave it up.
    2.having a versatile mc-amc ("hasan türk" for me), you can use them for wings. it means lots of goals. without them, wingers who have 8-10 points in finishing-long shots issues, welcome the hell.
    3. defensive playmaker (right-mc) was the brain but didn't make so much goals or assists. they are the pass-kings.
    4-you must avoid from pivot/target man strikers.
    5-against the stronger team always play with counter style.
    6-this is the question: should I change the offside trap and regista dmc to anchor?
  • vanthera's avatar
    very good tactic
  • AdstheNads's avatar
    Finally worked out how to import the tactic into the game.

    Playing as Arsenal. First match 0-0 against tottenham, 2nd match lost 5-3 against everton, 3rd match won 2-0 against viktoria plzen.

    Still undecided about tactic but will continue using for time being
  • AdstheNads's avatar
    Hi alexthyberg.

    As previous other people have stated I am unable to download the tactic, I gather you need the game editor to do so.

    Also can you please tell us what the team instructions are for the ones that cannot download the tactic.

    Many thanks
  • gricko's avatar
    do u use OI ???
  • LiverpoolFanYNWA's avatar
    Could you please specify your remaining Team Instructions? as they are not visible on the screen shot and I am unable to download. Thanks! :)

    I have added a few other Team Instructions due to this myself. Such as; Play out of defense, Drill crosses, Hassle opponents, Higher Tempo. Everything seems to be going great! So far I am unbeaten in 24 games (although I am Barcelona).
  • alexthyberg's avatar
    @SirAlexAndonov - thanks a lot for the comment! I can see that you clearly had possesion and a lot of shots even before you changed your training - and thus this is a tactic that worked great for me, some individuall tweeks need to be done with each team. So for example maybe your players don't have high stats on longshots, maybe decrease long shots in tactic options and they convert it to passes or crosses!

    Feel free to change things you think might improve your specifik team!

    Good luck!
  • SirAlexAndonov's avatar
    Hello :)
    I will share my experience with the tactic.Let me start with this, that i added Russian league and start the game 1 month earlier so my team was fluid with the tactic when the seasson began.Match preparation is Attacking Movement and General Training WAS Team Cohesion.I have signed many players on free transfer looking for higher attributes at these ones that alexthyberg highlighted in the tactic's explanation.I have to say the start was pretty awful... in most of the matches the only thing my players do was to shoot from range and 90 % were off the target.I was 14th and the board said they will sacked me if i dont win in the next match.

    And i decide to change general training from Team Cohesion to Balanced... and I cant say it was coz of that but ... you can see what happened

    I am at half-seasson but the results are great so far..and the shots are ~70 % on target which (for me) is just awesome.There are still too many long shots but the important thing is that alot of them are not in the clouds as before, and my wingers and striker scores alot.
    So far the tactic is working for me.I will post again when the seasson ends
    Good luck to all :)
  • gricko's avatar
    umm .. . preseason and during season trainings ???
  • alexthyberg's avatar
    @pilmalm - Against the better/stronger teams you could choose defending as pre-match training. Otherwise I always use attacking, and team cohesion during general training. Pre-season hardest possible training (fitness).

    @panos027 - Thanks! No I don't use offside trap, because my CB are supposed to; one of them work as a stopper whilst the other one drop down to cover the area behind him. In that way I dont use offside trap, it would destroy the whole idea of using a stopper. You striker should not score to many goals, because your wingers are the ones who should - you can tell them to shoot more less in player instructions if you want, that's just a specific tweek that you could determine yourself if it's good or not. Try changing your strikers role and you can see what he's job really is to do, you'll notice that he don't score to many goals, but he always works for the team!

    Thanks guys.
  • panos027's avatar
    hello alexthyberg ! as you know your tactic is too popular on the internet :D ...congratulations for this ! to the point now..i would like to ask if you use offside trap in tne new updated tactic cause in your screenshots there is no offside trap ! the second thing i would like to know is about my striker who does not score goals and my winger and inside forward who make shoots from long distances !
  • pilmalm's avatar
    Ohh, and also! Whats your traning preseason and during season? :)
  • pilmalm's avatar
    Thank you for your answer Alex! Is there any particular thing i should think about when using the tactic? Something to change away from home or against bigger stronger clubs in the league or/and the cups? :)

    Ive started a save with Huddersfield! Lets see how it goes!

  • alexthyberg's avatar
    @astretten93 - Altough it's always easier with top clubs, this tactic is quite wide in the range of what teams could be succesful. The dominant thing to focus on is the specific players, the wingers are crucial for the tactic to work and if you have quality wingers, specific for the type of level or "division" you are playing, you should win! :) I started in the lowest divison in england, I've just played 3 seasons but got promoted the first 2 seasons with excellent stats. But as you say, it's easier with bigger clubs :)

    @pilmalm - read what I just posted to astretten :) I think you can make it with leeds, just make sure each individuall is good for the specific role in the tactic. You can switch wich winger should be inner forward if you want, just mirror every roll and it should work! :)
  • Astretten93's avatar
    Not great with average players, really need to be a top 4 club to do well, Fantastic with the right players though!
  • CoolMcCool's avatar
    My FM14 crashes when i try to install downloads so iwas wondering if someone could give me the team instructions for this tactic
  • pilmalm's avatar
    Ok, what i relly ment was teams in lower divisions like championship in england etc. Maybe not with a bad team, but lower ranked then Bayern for example! :) So you think it will work proper using it on Leeds?

  • Bruhn's avatar
    Had a terrible loosing streak going on.. So, I switched to this, and ended up finishing 3. It works very well.
  • alexthyberg's avatar
    @pilmalm - yes for me it's working great. I have not really tried low ranked teams, if you mean teams in the lowest possible divisions. But I do belive it will work fine, the concept is to concede few goals and always have a balance between attack and defence. Please try it and let me know :)
  • pilmalm's avatar
    I am trying again:

    To thoose of you who had used this one, is it with the newest patch 14.2? And, will it work with lower ranked team aswell?

  • JamieBlud's avatar
  • EvertonRoss's avatar
    I seem to concede LOTS of goals with this tactic, as well as scroring very few despite having lots of shot but few on target. Worked for the first 2 seasons but had to change for the third.

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