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Realistic Youth Average Rating FM20

Correcting Youth Rating to reflect FIFA ranking in average over the years till October 2019. A better accurate on larger scale of time than the random default one.

By on Dec 06, 2019   20209 views   3 comments
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Downloads: 2671 / Size: 18.4 kB / Added: 2019-12-06
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - Realistic Youth Average Rating FM20
Correcting Youth Rating in FM which is really random and subjective.
Τηε only way to have a subjective realistic ranking is to follow what was recorded in FIFA ranking since its creation.
Ιt is not perfect, but will be close to reality.

Ιn order to produce a better & more accurate rating I added some variations for each continent to balance some continent nations can score more points given how easy it is. Therefore the data had been correlated with slight tweak in algorithm for those 4 categories of continents : South America, Europe, Africa and rest of world to take into account how hard is each continent.

Τo create same balance as FM, we fixed some values of some countries between to keep values closer to what FM wanted overall.

here is current top 35 team..
Brazil 163
Argentina 161
Spain 159
Germany 157
France 156
Holland 154
Italy ........152
England 150
Portugal 148
Czech 146
Mexico 144
Colombia 142
Denmark 141
Croatia 139
Uruguay 137
Sweden 135
Russia 133
Roumania 130
USA ........130
Greece 129
Belgium 129
Turkey 128
Chile 128
Norway 127
Republic of Ireland 126
Serbia 126
Paraguay 125
Egypt 125
Poland 124
Côte d'Ivoire 124
Tunisia 123
Cameroon 123
Slovakia 122
Japan 122
Ecuador 121

Σome may say but this country is now better than X country etc, but the fact is this changes over time. Not long time ago Bulgaria had a decent team, same for Romania, but that has changed. The realistic approach is to take overall time not precise time. Let us take Holland for example, some years they are best country in world, some years now they are below average.

Installation Instructions

Download the file and put it "editor data" folder which is within the FM20 folder in "Documents" folder and load it as part of DATABASE when you start a new game.

The path where you need to put the file is often this one:
C:\Users\[your username]\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\editor data

Download Now
Downloads: 2671 / Size: 18.4 kB / Added: 2019-12-06
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Discussion: Realistic Youth Average Rating FM20

3 comments have been posted so far.

  • Maxmaster5000's avatar
    Never understood why Argentina is so high on that list, there are way more (for example) French top talents and professional players already. Not hating this is a really good fix imo was always just asking myself that question
  • shwan's avatar
    @Bigpole ,.. NO I did not !!! I kept same value that FM did between countries to keep rating in same level planned by SI ..
    so every 10-20 place country I used FM rating value to check the algorithm and correct it to keep it on track and keep overall value in same range
    I just corrected all nonsense FM did in that scale ..
    am happy if you tell me which country will produce superstars when in FM it will not ?!!
    let us be precise and take an example
  • Bigpole's avatar
    Congratulations, you've just increased number of supertalents around the world by upping nation ratings rather than changing it.
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