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Yugoslavia database for FM15

Yugoslavia instead of Serbia, including flag and kits. To use with Football Manager 2015.

By on Jan 21, 2015   18016 views   13 comments
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Downloads: 1619 / Size: 41.7 MB / Added: 2015-01-21
FM 2015 Custom Scenarios - Yugoslavia database for FM15
I completed the database and a graphics pack for Yugoslavia instead of Serbia.

There are leagues down to 16th level!!!:
  • Gorenje Premijer Liga - 18 teams
  • Lasta Prva liga - 22 teams
  • Lasta Druga liga - 22 teams
  • Lasta Tre?a liga - 22 teams
  • Podravka V Divizija - 20 teams
  • Podravka VI Divizija - 20 teams
  • Podravka VII Divizija - 20 teams
  • Tomos VIII Divizija - 18 teams
  • Tomos IX Divizija - 18 teams
  • Tomos X Divizija - 18 teams
  • Polu-Profesionalna Premijer Liga - 18 teams
  • 2. Polu-Profesionalna Liga - 2 grops with 16 teams
  • 3. Polu-Profesionalna Liga - 4 groups with 16 teams
  • 4. Polu-Profesionalna Liga - 8 groups with 18 teams
  • Amaterska Premijer Liga - 18 teams
  • Amaterska Druga Divizija - 2 grupe with 16 teams


Step 1

Extract the downloaded file using 7-Zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac.
You will get 3 folders: Database, Graphics, SS. Open the "Database" folder, extract the .rar file inside to get the .fmf file out of it.

Step 2

Move the extracted .fmf file Yugoslavia by TheFuego.fmf to your editor data folder:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > editor data

Important: Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

Notice: There may be two "Sports Interactive" folders in your Documents library. If this is the case then put it in the one which has your saved games inside.

Step 3

Start a new career game (won't work with classic mode).
A little pop-up window will come up that says there is X enabled editor files. Select "Custom" from the editor data drop down menu and choose the databases you wish to load in your new save.

Step 4 (Optional)

To install the graphics included in this pack, move the contents of the "Graphics" folder to your graphics folder:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2015 > graphics

Download Now
Downloads: 1619 / Size: 41.7 MB / Added: 2015-01-21
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Discussion: Yugoslavia database for FM15

13 comments have been posted so far.

  • jozitocarlos's avatar
    All good my friend, was fantastic this update, yesterday, I saw, I downloaded and ran right on my FM ... the unique pendencies, or errors, if it is possible to exclude ... the selections of bosnia, croatia, montenegro, slovenia , macedonia, albania, Kosovo, all play the playoffs for the World Cup and has its national leagues ... had to be a possibility to exclude and unify all ... as it was then ... alias, downloaded an update on steam, the Soviet league ... all unified national leagues, but has the same mistake, the countries still vying playoffs for the World Cup ...
  • wikifirelord's avatar
    I was able to fix the problem ! Just needed to change what level 2 Grupes are. It works normaly now here is link for it only thing you need to do is replace his database with this one evrything is the same exept I fixed the bug :)
  • enricope's avatar
    i ve the same problem of jozitocarlos...please, anyone can help us? there is some other yugoslavia db for fm15 in the web? thanks
  • jozitocarlos's avatar
    Someone of you can help me with this error ... I mark the league to play and appears this warning ... "Group 1 is promoting teams to amaterska Premijer league that are not hierarchically one level above" ... what does that mean how can I do to correct this error ???
  • jozitocarlos's avatar
    I have version 15.3, already downloaded the update and does not work ... could explain what is the problem ... what procedure should I use
  • nebojsagajic07's avatar
    I see that really has experts to create a new and even utopian league, I would like someone to think about making this leagues.

    FUTURE UNITED-EUROPE LEAGUE’S (where 53 countries divided into nine regional leagues)

    League Name Country, number of teams in league (number of teams in second league)
    1. SCANDINAVIAN LEAGUE ICE 3(3) FAI 2(2) NOR 4(4) SWE 4(4) FIN 3(3) DEN 4(4) = 20 (20)
    2. BRITISH LEAGUE IRL 2(2) NIR 2(2) SCO 4(4) ENG 10(10) WAL 2(2) = 20(20)
    3. IBERIAN LEAGUE POR 7(7) SPA 11(11) AND 2(2) = 20(20)
    4. MEDITERRANEAN LEAGUE FRA 7(7) SWI 4(4) ITA 7(7) SNM 1(1) MLT 1(1) = 20(20)
    5. BERLIN WALL LEAGUE BEL 4(4) NED 5(5) LUX 1(1) GER 7(7) POL 3(3) = 20(20)
    6. AUSTRO-HUNGARIAN LEAGUE AUT 6(4) HUN 4(6) CZE 5(5) SLK 5(5) = 20(20)
    7. YUGOSLAV LEAGUE SLO 3(3) CRO 3(3) BIH 3 (3) SRB 3(3) MNE 3(3) MAC 3(3) ALB 2(2) = 20(20)
    8. BALKAN LEAGUE MOL 2(2) ROM 3(2) BLG 3(2) GRE 4(4) TUR 4(4) CYP 2(3) ISR 2(3) = 20(20)
    9. GREAT RUSSIA LEAGUE EST 1(2) LAT 1(2) LTH 1(2) RUS 7(2) BLR 2(2) UKR 4(2)
    GEO 1(2) AZE 1(2) ARM 1(2) KAZ 1(2) = 20(20)

    Entry into the Champions League provide: 32 teams
    Last year's winner
    The three best teams from each league (except last year's winner)
    4th places teams from each league (except the league is coming from last year's winner) play PLAYOFF for the remaining four places in the Champions League

    Entry into the European League provide: 32 teams
    4 teams that fell out of a playoff for the Champions League
    9 teams who winners League Cup from each league (or 7th from that league if winner rich the Champions League)
    5th and 6th from each league
    Last year's winner (or 7th of the league from league Last year’s winner , if last year's winner rich the Champions League)

    Rules League Cup in each league:
    Right to participate have 40 teams from the first two leagues
    8 best teams waiting for the third round (the other 32 teams play a knockout in first and second rounds, when they were joined by the eight best teams in the third round, where they continue the knockout competition)
    In each round teams play two matches (except the final)

    If possible, make the third league
    Third league would be national, therefore 53 third league (where it does not matter how many teams there are in third leagues, somewhere 20 (ENG, SPA, ITA ...) somewhere 10 (GEO, AUT, CYP) and some countries and less (SNM, AND, MLT ...))

    If you would have made the third division, there would and second cup (except League Cup - which would then be less significant).
    The cup would be at the national level (competing to all teams from one country including teams from the first two league) and had 54 winners of national cups (53 + Vaduz in Liechtenstein which has no league)
    This 54 team, to compete in three rounds of qualifying to reach the Europa League
    Nine teams that passed this competition would replaced winners League Cup as primarily planned

    I also have an idea and which teams were in the first two league (or three) from each country. But this is less important. I would love for someone to make this possible.
  • nebojsagajic07's avatar
    Can you try to make Yugoslavian league like this!
    1. BALKAN LEGAUE (18 teams)
    Crvena Zvezda
    Dinamo Zagreb
    Hajduk Split
    Olimpija Ljubljana
    Borac Banja Luka
    Vardar Skopje
    Rudar Pljevlja
    Budućnost Podgorica

    2. BALKAN LEAGUE (18 teams)
    OFK Beograd
    Rudar Velenje
    Široki Brijeg
    Velež Mostar

    + 1. SRB League (16 teams), 1. CRO League (16 teams), 1. SLO League (16 teams), 1. BIH League (16 teams), 1. MAC League (14 teams), 1. MNE League (14 teams)

    128 club inaf for League Cup

    maybe make and 2. leagues for all 6 country

    and rules like this
    1 = Champions League (Group Stage)
    2 = Champions League Qualification
    3 = Champions League Qualification
    4 = Champions League Qualification
    5 = Europe League Qualification
    6 = Europe League Qualification
    7 = Europe League Qualification
    + Cup Winner = Europe League (Group Stage) or 5th in the league, than 8 goes to = Europe League Qualifications
    16. in the league play PLAYOFF with 3rd in 2.BALKAN LEAGUE
    17. & 18. in the league RELEGATED

    1. & 2. goes to 1. BALKAN LEAGUE
    3rd play PLAYOFF with 16. from 1. BALKAN LEAGUE
    16., 17. & 18. RELEGATED

    *NEW - Winners from 6 third leagues (1. SRB leagues ...) play playoff and tree goes to SECOND BALKAN LEAGUE if you understand me.


  • derkaiser50's avatar
    It crashes on 21.9.2014
  • torca2's avatar
    will u fix or not???
  • rollpa's avatar
    FIX PROBLEM??????????????????????
  • torca2's avatar
    i have the same problem please fix
  • rollpa's avatar
    help me please
  • rollpa's avatar
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