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FME - Zealand | 1.1.0

The official Zealand skin for Football Manager 2023, brought to you by FMEnhanced.

By Updated on Nov 18, 2022   181505 views   124 comments
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Downloads: 88892 / Size: 15.8 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
Football Manager 2023 Skins - FME - Zealand | 1.1.0


User Interface

  • Custom Backgrounds are supported, albeit through a semi-transparent screen for best legibility.
  • The theme is generally dark with coloured accents.

Active Leagues

  • When starting a new game and choosing your Active Leagues, you are now able to sort the columns to easily see which mode you have league set to.

Manager Home Pane

  • Same as last year with no modifications as of yet.


  • Minor changes to the tactics panel, mainly the modified player icon to include the players image.

Individual Training

  • I have modified the Individual Training panel so that when multiple players are selected, the user can Praise/Criticise training performance much faster. Selected players show up as part of a list, all with their own Praise/Criticise buttons which disappear when an action has been completed. No more clicking back and forth.


  • The fixture details panel is the same as last year, better showcasing fixtures and results by including the stadium image and event details.


  • Last year, I secretly made it possible to create your own Scouting Views by right clicking on the Scouting Table. This is not possible in the default skin, though was added by request.
  • A specific NewGan View has been added by default so that importing faces from NewGan can be done a lot more easily.

Club Overview

  • The Club Overview has been entirely overhauled since last year to better display relevant club information.


  • The touchline tablet is currently unchanged from last year, as is the scoreboard.
  • The official Champions League scoreboard has been updated to include club logos, mirroring other official Champions League graphics.

Player Overview

  • As always, the highlight of any FME Skin is the Player Overview. I have opted for a "Player Card" design and remodelled the lower section containing the smaller "selector panels".

Zealand Tutorials

  • Just like last year, players are able to quickly jump into any relevant Zealand tutorial from wherever they may be in the game. Sections have specific tutorials assigned to them and can be viewed by clicking on the YouTube icon which appears at the top of the screen.

Social Media

  • All relevant Zealand Social Media links are present from within the game menu so that all followers and fans alike can quickly catch up on and keep up to date with all Zealand news, video releases and streams.

UPDATE 1.1.0

This is a minor update. The UI has an updated look and feel, and the Player Popup has been renewed in order to be more useful. More to come, but that's it for now folks.


Player Overview

Club Overview

Simulated Match Report

Praise/Criticise Training

How to use the FME - Zealand skin on FM23

Move the downloaded .fmf file to your skins folders, by default located at:
> Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2023 > skins >

Go to preferences in-game, select the skin and hit Confirm.

Download Now
Downloads: 88892 / Size: 15.8 MB / Added: 2022-11-08
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Discussion: FME - Zealand | 1.1.0

124 comments have been posted so far.

  • ClarkFM's avatar
    Pretty sure this skin is broken as of the latest update.
  • MegaClub's avatar
    Faces from a facepack wont show on the tactics screen, any suggestions on how to fix so faces do show up?
  • Infiltrator's avatar
    Hi Zea, or someone else

    Question: How can I make this piece in my inbox screen more transparent?

    Thanks for reply!
  • trapper_2386's avatar
    Loved this skin on fm22! One thing I preferred was the star rating for facilities which seems to have been changed on this version. Is it possible for the star rating for facilities to return?
  • freenileranger's avatar
    I enjoyed this skin last year a lot and with all the new features this year I was wondering if it was possible to add a supporter profile tab in the club info section for all clubs.
  • HenryTheManager's avatar
    Loved this skin on fm22! One thing I preferred was the star rating for facilities which seems to have been changed on this version. Is it possible for the star rating for facilities to return?
  • Peep221294's avatar
    Hey! I loved this skin so far, but I have a question: when I'm in a penalty shoot-out, the rectangle where you can see who missed and who scored isn't appearing. Is the skin suppose to look like that or not? Thanks for the great job!
  • Lightning's avatar
    Where can i find a player's playing time without having to go into the squad view?
  • SchmidyGaming's avatar
    What is the chance you can add the players footedness to the popup screen? Frustrating not being able to see what foot the player prefers.
  • Havok1769's avatar
    Is screen flow not working properly for anyone else?
  • SchoreVolker3000's avatar
    @nicholas30 I tried your fix. It's been working really well so far and fixes most problems of the new version. I still liked the first version better though. Can't we just make that available again until the new versin is fixed?
  • peireweust's avatar
    @havok it's been reverted in the update. The update in general was actually regression. Would love either a download of the first version or an update.
  • Havok1769's avatar
    When Zealand streams the in match tactical options appear as tabs above the bottom left panel which shows match events. I installed the skin but the bottom panel still shows as the default setup with the tactics options within. How can I change this?
  • Caltan's avatar
    On Scout Reports, I am unable to see the player attributes with only the Pros and Cons in the centre. Zoom is as far out as I can get it at 85%.
  • sunsetsamosa's avatar
    I am thinking of ending my spurs save cause the top bar colour is literally a giant white bar. This is the only skin i am comfortable using, please fix this
  • Romax's avatar
    It doesn't look like screen in games
  • pauloadpper's avatar
    Please! Put the player attributes more centered, it's too much to the right and it's very awful to look at player physics attributes for example..

    How it is right now:

    It's centered when we hide the sidebar sections but I can't use it with it hided cos I'm dumb.
  • markc1234's avatar
    what screen res?
  • Vegcia's avatar
    Link doesn't work
  • mattmcm's avatar
    Thank you for the updated player pop-up! Awesome now
  • drazdacz's avatar
    Hi, how can I change the first version so that the background is not so blurry?
  • NicklasBlack's avatar
    Hey I hope I'm not being unfair with the criticism but the new update kind of ruined the colouring. I don't know who complained about the skin being too dark but this is infinitely worse imho. Still, your work is massively appreciated, thank you sir.

    Does anyone by any chance have the previous version of the skin? I deleted it like an idiot.
  • Hobaaa's avatar
    somehow topbar colours changed as eyeblinding there anyone know how can I change topbar colours
  • Hobaaa's avatar
    @jimboallen95 click on score then left panel will disappear
  • Zakarus's avatar
    I will use another skin until this one is has it's bugs gone

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