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FM19 Megapack 55 European Updates by claassen (Europe completed: 55/55 ! )

This league megapack for Football Manager 2019 includes 55 updates of countries with 99% real format of competitions and 95-99% real rules!

By Updated on Dec 01, 2018   45298 views   94 comments
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Downloads: 9842 / Size: 22.3 MB / Added: 2018-11-12
Football Manager 2019 League Updates - FM19 Megapack 55 European Updates by claassen (Europe completed: 55/55 ! )
Changes to 30/11/2018:
****** 5 News Updates (Sweden to Wales)
EUROPE completed : 55 countries done / 55 !

***** Improvements : (not in the workshop)

- Belgium: fix good relegations/promotions by regions (Flanders/Wallonia) between 4th & 5th division
- Denmark: Amator players (Level 4) can play the Cup
- Israel: Amator players (clubs qualified Level 5) can play the Cup
- Lithuania: fix minor rule for "B" Teams
- Portugal: fix historics for division Elite de Porto

Changes to 28/11/2018:
****** 5 News Updates (England until 9th tier, Spain, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia)

***** Improvements and additions: (not in the workshop)

- Austria: fix maximum 3 "B" teams in 2nd division
- Belgium: fix various rules
- France: fix bug with League Cup
- Gibraltar: fix date end of season
- Iceland: fix minor rules and fix date start of season
- Netherlands: fix play-off 1st/2nd division and VAR.
- Portugal: fix rare bug for Promotion Play-Off in Division Elite de Porto, which was not always played
- Serbia: Add reserves leagues for 1st and 2nd div

Changes to 23/11/2018:
***** Improvements and additions: (not in the workshop)
- Austria: Landesliga Voralberg. 1 relegated instead 2
- Kosovo: Addition of 3rd division.
- Netherlands: Fix "Squad Selection Eligbility" for levels 3, 4 & 5. Fix play-offs promotion/relegation between Eredivisie (1st div.) and Keuken Kampioen (2nd div.).
- Portugal: Fix Groups 3rd Tier.
- Russia: Fix U21 league (original bug in the SIgames database)
- Scotland: Fix minor rules.

All my updates are made with the advanced editor, to give you the updates + realistic as possible in all competitions!

Megapack Contents

EUROPE: 55 updates

Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup. (Skenderbleu: European cups suspension for 10 years)
Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup
Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup
Austria: 3th, 4th and 5th division activated. Addition of 9 Regionals Cups qualifying for the Austria Cup.
Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup
Belarus: 3rd division activated. Improvements for 1st and 2nd division
Belgium: 4th and 5th division activated. Cup extension (312 clubs) and various improvements
Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Bosnia Cup, Republika Srpska Cup and Federation of Bosnia&Herzegovina Cup (qualifying for the Bosnia Cup). Lower leagues divised in 2 for good relegation/promotion with the 2nd tier.
Bulgaria: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (16 clubs in 2018 then 18 clubs in 2019)
Crimea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup
Croatia: 3rd division activated. 2nd division OK (14 clubs en 2018 then 16 clubs in 2019)
Cyprus: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup
Czech Republic: 3rd and 4th division activated
Denmark: 4th division activated. Various improvement for 1st to 3rd division.
England: 7th, 8th and 9th division activated. Real format of promotions. FA Cup extension (736 teams) FA Trophy extension (296 teams). FA Vase, Isthmian League Cup, Southern League Cup & Northern League Cup activated. 20 clubs in Bostick South Division (L8), Hellenic Football League and Northern League (L9), from season 2019/20
Estonia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup.
Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup
Finland: 3rd division activated. Cup extension from season 2019.
France: 4th and 5th division activated. Gambardella U19 Cup. Regional limits for the 5th division. Cup extension, with the 11 overseas clubs to 7th round.
FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup
Georgia: 1st , 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with new format for 3rd division, from season 2019)
Germany: 4th and 5th division activated (with real promotions/relegations). Fix B teams (3 players maximum 23 years and +)
Gibraltar: 1st and 2nd division, Cups, Super Cup (improvement of SIgames update)
Greece: 3rd division + Cup of 3rd division activated. Fix bugs for 1st, 2nd division and Cup. New formats OK for 2018,2019 and from 2020
Hungary: 3rd division activated. Small improvements for 1st and 2nd division.
Iceland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + League Cup B and C activated. Extension Cup + fix U19 bugs. (U19 for all teams in my update)
Ireland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + FAI Intermediate Cup (with regional draw for the 1st and 2nd round)
Israel: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated + Cups of 4th and 5th division activated and qualifying for the State Cup! Extension Cup. 
Italy: 4th division activated (with Scudetto Dilettanti for the 9 champions) . Regional limits. Cup of 4th division activated
Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup
Kosovo: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup
Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Winter Cup
Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division (with 16 clubs in 2nd div. from season 2019), Cup, Super Cup
Luxembourg: 1st, 2nd and 3th division, Cup
Malta: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Cup, Super Cup (with new rules on the foreigner from season 2019/20 for the 1st div. and cups: 11 foreigners instead 7)
Moldova: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (with 10 teams by group for 3th division, from season 2019)
Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup
Netherlands: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated (with periods, matchs rules zondag/zaterdag and real promotions/relegations!). Cup extension (107 teams)
Northern Ireland: 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th division activated. Irish Cup extension and rebuilding like IRL.
Norway: 4th and 5th division activated
Poland: 3rd and 4th division activated. Various small improvements.
Portugal: 4th division activated (20 leagues with each their format). Lower division inactive divised in 16 leagues for good promotions/relegations by region with the 4th tier.
Romania: 3rd division activated. Fix various rules
Russia: 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (100 teams)
San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (with new formats for league and cup)
Scotland: 5th and 6th division activated . Addition of South Region Challenge Cup, Highland League Cup & Lowland League Cup
Serbia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Add Reserve leagues for 1st and 2nd division
Slovakia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues). Cup extension
Slovenia: 3rd division activated (4 leagues) Fix Bug U19 Cup.
Spain: 4th division activated (18 groups). Real format of promotions. Good promotions/relegations by regions with the 5th tier.
Sweden: 5th division activated. Improvement Dates for 1st Division
Switzerland: 3rd, 4th and 5th division activated
Turkey: 4th and 5th division activated. Various small improvements
Ukraine: 3rd and 4th division activated. Amator Cup activated. Cup extension (50 teams). Promotion/Relegation play-off between 2nd div. & 3rd div. 12 teams by groups in 4th division, from season 2019/20. Placed 50 points deductions for Kobra in 2nd division & Kobra Ostrog in 4th division because withdraw this season
Wales: 2nd, 3rd and 4th division activated. Cup extension (92 teams). Cymru Alliance League Cup , Welsh Football League Challenge Cup and FAW Trophy activated

How to add the claassen's leagues to Football Manager 2019

  1. Extract the downloaded .rar file using 7-zip for Windows or The Unarchiver for Mac OS X.

  2. Move the extracted .fmf leagues you want to the following location:
    Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2019 / editor data
    Create the "editor data" folder if it doesn't exist.

  3. Open FM 2019 and start a new save-game with your selected databases of choice.

Download Now
Downloads: 9842 / Size: 22.3 MB / Added: 2018-11-12
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Discussion: FM19 Megapack 55 European Updates by claassen (Europe completed: 55/55 ! )

94 comments have been posted so far.

  • AlfaRomeos's avatar
    @claassen really good job but i tested the greek 3rd division and the teams doesn't get the promotion to 2nd division, please if you can check this and update the files I would be grateful
  • CHareras1985's avatar
    Hi @claassen I am newer to FM and I recently downloaded your FM 19 Megapack and absolutely love it. Great work! I started a save w/PS Kalamata in the Greek 3rd division. I finished first in the table and first in my Promotion Playoff group. When I started the second season I was still in the third division and did not get promoted to the second division. Is there a known resolution for this or any advice of what I can do to fix this? Thanks again for all your hard work on this!
  • Troyon's avatar
    Could you do the following countries to play a Hexagon Challenge save, please:
    1. Bolivia
    2. Venezuela
    3. Ghana
    4. Guatemala
    5. Honduras
    6. Zambia
    7. Zimbabwe
    8. Iraq
    9. Cameroon
    10. Congo
    11. Costa Rica
    12. Ivory Coast
    13. Libya
    14. Mali
    15. Nigeria
    16. Paraguay
    17. Senegal
    18. Sudan
    19. Thailand
    20. Trinidad and Tobago
    21. Ecuador
    22. Japan
    23. Algeria
    24. Angola
    25. Egypt
    26. Morocco
    27. DR Congo
    28. Tunisia
    29. Saudi Arabia
    30. United Arab Emirates
    31. Iran
    32. Jordan
    33. Kuwait
    34. Uzbekistan
    35. Qatar
    36. Syria
    37. New Zealand

    Would be grateful! If you will not do, could you recommend a good pack from other guy?
  • kampiaorinis's avatar
    Sorry for asking, but are the Cypriot league rules correct? I mean with the playoff format and all of that
  • hiperbaton's avatar
    Hey @claassen
    I read your comments, and it seems to me that you do not plan to make a world megapack, as you did for 18 fm. I'm right?
    Tell me, please, what is the probability that you will still make a world megapack, like you did for 18 fm?
    And if you make it, when will we expect the final version?
    Also you advise to use megapack by @Timo. Tell me, is this megapack as good as yours? Is this megapack as detailed? Does it also contain so many different competitions?
  • Benziniho's avatar
    @claassen That's a shame :( because I don't want to start a save without them and Qwerts are quite bad, also any ideas on why last years files don't work when fm17s worked on 18?
  • claassen's avatar
    Sorry. The vagaries of the life do that I don't have the morale in this moment , nor the head to do that right now.. Surely later.
  • Benziniho's avatar
    Do you know roughly what date you will release the south American update?
  • CheradaSLV's avatar
    so happy that he will do central america and south next. it will be worth the wait. claassen you goat!
  • RoMbA's avatar
    @claassen, i promoted Beira-Mar (Portugal) to Liga Nos in 2021 but now the game don't make the calendar and i continue in the second league without games.

  • merim_ze's avatar
    Playing Bosnian Premier league, pretty correct nation rules and running smoothly, very good job and ty
  • TheFMGaffer's avatar
    Hey claassen, just a little bug report. I'm in the second season in Kosovo and I've been drawn against Liechtenstein under 18s in the Europa League first qualifying round. Pretty sure they wouldn't be able to qualify even if they did win the Liechtenstein cup. I don't know whether its possible to prevent them but thought I'd ask.
  • holtenprod's avatar

    Hey! Awesome work!!

    I'm just wondering if you are planning to make 6th division in Norway as well at some point? :)
  • samketch14's avatar
    Gutted to hear that claassen, do you have a patreon or something like that for people to support you?
  • Lucas SEP's avatar
    @claassen When is going to launch the megapack of Asia? And of South America?
  • Brasill's avatar
    when is going to launch the megapack of south america??
  • claassen's avatar
    @Itagames: No, I don't think. Lack of motivation and lack of time this year. The 279 updates for FM18 was an exception.
    I will do South America and Central America, soon , before 2019.
    After, in waiting, I recommend to use Timo's update for the rest of World.
    But not Qwert, his updates are really bad!
  • ltagames's avatar
    are you gonna do one for the rest of the world?
  • cneek7's avatar
    I have the original game.. That's why i dont know why i have these crashes
  • claassen's avatar
    @DimLou: Yes, all is fixed in Greece.
    @cneek7: All work very well.... Buy the game because the updates doesn't work with pirated versions!
  • cneek7's avatar
    Whenever i want to start a new game everything is crashing.. I can send my crashdumps becouse i have no idea what to do.
  • DimLou's avatar
    So, in Greece is the bug about points in the future playoffs fixed?
    Also, I heard that if you make changes in Greece the restructuring gets automatically canceled but I see that you fixed that too right?
    Anyway, a big thanks for the effort you put in these things!
  • claassen's avatar
    @Meowstic: BUY the game. The updates doesn't work with pirated versions!
    @Stylyan: Buy the game also!
  • Meowstic's avatar
    I put the leagues in the editor data folder
    correctly, but when starting the game, the logo of FM 2019 appears, but hangs on that part and when i delete the files in the editor data folder, the game works
    Can correct this error? My game version is 19.1.1
  • claassen's avatar
    @nick69: there will always be bugs and errors! I am not God, I am not infallible! Even SIgames do many errors in their game! But I think that is OK.
    @stilyan: place the files in editor data , and all is OK.

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