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[FM19] UEFA Revival 1.5

A throwback to UEFA competitions of old (with some customized formats and nation rankings added also). There are 33 different UEFA structures included, along with the UEFA Youth League, the AFC, a CONCACAF/CONMEBOL merger, and year-long transfer windows.

By Updated on Mar 25, 2019   47011 views   35 comments
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Downloads: 6332 / Size: 53.3 MB / Added: 2019-01-30
FM 2019 Fantasy Scenarios - [FM19] UEFA Revival 1.5
Hi all! Bit later out of the gate this year but I finally gotten this up and running for FM19. As always there are plenty of updates for this year, tons of options, as well as more that I have planned but haven't been able to implement yet.


This is a project dating back to Football Manager 2013. It originally started out solely as a throwback to the 1999-2003 format of the UEFA Champions League, which contained 2 group stages, and has since progressed into a full structure where I've managed to find room to bring back the UEFA Intertoto Cup & the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup. There are 33 separate UEFA structure files so you can choose whether you'd like to use the UEFA Europa League (1 group stage or 2), the recently announced Europa League 2, or revert back to the UEFA Cup. You can also choose whether or not to reinstate the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup, play a knockout-only version of the tournaments, play the 1991-93 version of the Champions League (group stage for the final 8), or choose between 1 or 2 group stages in the UEFA Champions League. Plenty of choice for all.

All new to the project this year are the No Transfer Window files. These will allow you to operate in the transfer market all year round in over 30 countries. Now technically I should clarify that this is in fact a year-long transfer window, which was done in order to keep up with signings over the course of the year, and how much money is spent. This way the Transfer Window tab in the league overview still has some use. The window closes at 11pm at the end of May, and the new one will open the following morning.

Also new to the project is a CONCACAF and CONMEBOL merger into a 51-nation structure, featuring 5 competitions for teams to compete.

Additionally, the AFC Champions League is back as a separate option, and uses the same 2 group stage format as the UEFA Champions League. The AFC Cup also mirrors the UEFA Cup format of 5 teams playing 1 round of matches in the group stage. You then have the AFC Super Cup.

Finally, there is a version of the FIFA Club World Cup which is loosely based on the newly announced expansion to 24 teams. Like the real competition, this one will start in June of 2021 and will take place every 4 years. However the expansion only features 20 teams as opposed to 24 to avoid certain complications.



24/03/2019 - Version 1.5 *Now compatible with 19.3*

- 2 files containing the UEFA Europa League 2 added. File 25 features one group stage for the Champions League, while file 26 features two
- A customized version of the newly planned FIFA Club World Cup added. 2 files are available for compatibility with UEFA Cup/Europa League
- 7 extra files added. Files 27-32 are alternates of existing files, where the winners automatically qualify for the following season
- File 33 is a brand new format, featuring 2 group stages for the Champions League, and a straight knockout format for the UEFA Cup
- Fixed a number of errors in the file guide relating to files 16-18
- 2 versions of the AFC, CONCACAF/CONMEBOL merger and UEFA Youth League now available for compatibility with UEFA Cup/Europa League

*2nd Update*

- Fixed a few seeding/team distribution errors with the UEFA Europa League 2 in files 25 and 26
- Fixed a ranking levels info error in file 25
- Fixed an error where both Hearts and Kilmarnock were listed as having finished 5th in the previous season in files 25 and 26
- Added some UEFA Europa League 2 graphics

15/02/2019 - Version 1.4

- UEFA Youth League added to the project. This competition features 54 nations, and the teams vary from U18's - U23's, depending on what team type each nation uses
- CONCACAF-CONMEBOL merger added to the project. This structure mirrors UEFA Revival file 23 (with a couple of tweaks)
- Updates to all 'No Transfer Window' files. Transfers for the season across Europe will stop for 1 hour at 11pm on May 31st. Transfers will then start up for the new season the following morning

*2nd Update*

- Fixed a fate error in the UEFA Youth League Playoff round

10/02/2019 - Version 1.3

- Fixed an error in all files where losing teams would progress from the early stages in either the UEFA Cup or UEFA Europa League
- Removed duplicate competition history in all files for the UEFA Cup/UEFA Europa League

06/02/2019 - Version 1.2

- Fixed an error in file 24 where the UEFA Cup wasn't grabbing the current UEFA Intertoto Cup winner
(2 Preliminary knockout rounds have now been added to the UEFA Cup in this file to ensure that everything runs smoothly)
- Updates to all No Transfer Window files
- Updates to all stadium seating capacity requirements in all files

01/02/2019 - Version 1.1

- Corrected an error with the UEFA Cup in file 24
- Added minimum stadium capacity requirements for the final in all UEFA/AFC competitions

30/01/2019 - Version 1.0

- Year-round transfers for 34 UEFA nations (all in separate files, but can be used together)
- Competition fixture dates and priorities amended for all files
- VAR & Goal-Line Technology added to all competitions
- Competition winners automatically qualifying for the following season have unfortunately had to be removed due to a bug in the editor. These will be re-added to the project once the bug is fixed
- With the UEFA competition files being numbered this year, I have added a file guide displaying the format for each individual structure. Hopefully this avoids any confusion when starting up a new save





- The new FIFA Club World Cup is currently not compatible with the CONCACAF/CONMEBOL merger

- If you are starting a new game and controlling a team that is competing in the UEFA Intertoto Cup, you're going to need to start your game before June 15th. Activating France as a playable nation will allow you to start your save at June 11th.

- With the exception of the AFC, CONCACAF-CONMEBOL and UEFA Youth League files, only use 1 of the UEFA Revival files when starting a new game. I've made 33 different UEFA files available for download in order to give you options on which format/competitions you'd like to use.

- All CONCACAF-CONMEBOL competitions are scheduled to begin in early 2019.

- All CONCACAF-CONMEBOL competitions are listed under South America, but also feature North American teams.

- Don't worry if you can't register your squads for continental games. It's a bug in the editor but you're still able to just select your squad as normal per game and start the match. The players will be registered automatically.

- The nation rankings are slightly customized to allocate qualification spots, so a couple of nations have been moved up/down in the rankings for personal preference. You can however change the order in your editor ahead of starting a new game if you wish

- Activating Northern Ireland as a playable nation this year thankfully no longer clashes with the UEFA structure like it did in FM18.

- If your game is displaying the default names for the competitions (i.e. Champions Cup or EURO VASE etc), try downloading the 'Susie Real Names Fix':



If necessary, make sure to back up your original confederations logos and then drop the files into the corresponding locations:

Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > editor data
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > pictures > trophies
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > pictures > logos > confeds > normal
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > pictures > logos > confeds > small
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > pictures > logos > competitions > normal
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > pictures > logos > competitions > small
Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2019 > graphics > backgrounds > competitions

NOTE: If you are already using graphics packs, copy the lines of code for each ID from the config files and paste them into your existing config.
NOTE: If the UEFA Cup graphics don't show up in your game, go to Preferences and make sure the "Show unique ID's to assist skinning" box is ticked, as well as "Reload skin on confirm". Then simply change the line of code in each config file for the UEFA Cup graphics, and rename the corresponding graphics to the new ID number. The ID number required will likely be 100000024.
NOTE: UEFA Europa League 2 graphics ID's will need to be added to the config. I left them out because the ID will be too unpredictable depending on what files you use in your save.



I'd like to give thanks to those who have helped me out when it came to getting this file off the ground, such as KingRobbo, Freddie Sands, krlenjushka, KUBI and davie77, as well as anyone else who was kind enough to chip in along the way. Your help is much appreciated, and I couldn't have gotten this project completed without all of you.

Additionally I'd like to give a big thank you, with all credits going to the original creators for the following items which have been provided with this download:

Background Images = UEFA/AFC, and all other original creators
UEFA & AFC Metallic Competition Logos = kremmen, and all other contributors from Sortitoutsi
UEFA & AFC Trophies = DAZS8, and anyone else that may have contributed
CONCACAF-CONMEBOL Trophies = Full credit to all original creators


Download the metallic logos megapack by kremmen, and all other contributors from Sortitoutsi here:

Download the trophies megapack by DAZS8 here:

If you encounter any problems feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to get them sorted for future updates. Feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for taking the time to read and download. Enjoy!

Download Now
Downloads: 6332 / Size: 53.3 MB / Added: 2019-01-30
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Discussion: [FM19] UEFA Revival 1.5

35 comments have been posted so far.

  • naelll6's avatar
    bonjour j'ai essaye d'installe mais sur l'editeur on me dit qu'il faut que le fichier soit dbc ou xml mais lorsque je le telecharge il est rar donc au final j'arrive pas a le lance
  • LIMAK's avatar
    Hey Carlito, what i have to do if i want ONLY the Europa League 2? Without Intertoto and with the real life rules of CL,EL,EL2?
  • AmauryHdz_9's avatar
    @Carlito_85: Thx for the clarification, it's who would want to make a mistake by not being very sure. Anyway, I appreciate it. PD: I had a detail with the league badges, I think I’ll download the metallic logos megapack.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @AmauryHdz_9: There isn't a video available, but there is an instruction file included in the download to help you select what you'd like to use.

    For example, don't use any other custom European competition files (i.e. another custom champions league etc) alongside mine or it will cause scheduling issues.

    Also, pick only one of the 33 UEFA files when starting your game so they don't clash with each other.
  • AmauryHdz_9's avatar
    Excuse me, is there any video that can explain how to install the correct "editor data"? I don't want to make a mistake and end up getting something wrong.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @unitedarestillthebest: Don't worry about it saying the players are unregistered. If you select your squad for each game and click to start the match, it'll do so without any issues.

    @AmauryHdz_9: It's not a must to use them, but they're included in case you want to add them to the pack you already have.
  • AmauryHdz_9's avatar
    Good afternoon, is it necessary download all the metallic logos megapack for load this scenario? It happens because I already have another package of logos that I had previously downloaded, and I hope it will not give me an error if this happens. Thank you if you read this message.
  • unitedarestillthebest's avatar
    I’m playing the file 21 and it came to selecting the champions league squad there was three messages asking when I picked the team I then had to holiday a day only then to find out one of my best players had not been picked when I clearly did so not very happy with that
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @nijode999: I tested the game with file 6 and then with the default UEFA structure. The way my files are set up has resulted in an oversight on my part where teams from The Netherlands are grabbed based on their league finish, instead of going through the European playoffs in late May.

    You should still have teams from that league qualifying for Europe though and everything should run fine otherwise.

    I'll try and correct this issue for FM20.
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @nijode999: Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into it over the weekend for you.
  • nijode999's avatar
    I am using UEFA FILE 6.
    But no play offs for me. Only the relagation playsoff that take place one week after the last competition match. Normally after that the europa playoffs will begin, but not now
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @nijode999: As far as I'm aware the European playoffs should still work for The Netherlands.

    I previously had some fixture clashing issues with that league but I adjusted the new season dates to fix it. Last I checked it was running fine with that league active.

    What dates were the playoffs played? Also which file are you using?
  • nijode999's avatar
    So I play in The Netherlands. Normally we have play-offs between 4th till 8th placed teams for the Europa League. After playing till june I found out that this database doesn't include this. Is it removed and what places in Holland do qualify now for the competitions?
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @Lpereira: I won't have the time to do that I'm afraid. Barring any bugs that need fixed, I think this may be my last update for FM19.
  • Lpereira's avatar
    Hello, can you creat/regrup colonial coutries with there mother nation? For mexian people will be spanish and their clubs in spanish division, algerian people would be french and clubs in franch league,..... is it possible please?
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @nijode999: I'm working on a few new additions so I'm hoping to get the next update out within a week or two, roughly. Maybe even sooner depending on how much trouble one file in particular decides to give me.

    In the mean time if you know which file you want to start a new save with in the 1.4 download, you can open the file up in the editor, click Edit > Test Rules and the file should verify. Then save and exit the editor and the file will work.
  • nijode999's avatar
    When can we expect an update?
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @alexou93150: No worries. The new patch messed all the files up but I'm in the process of updating everything so it's all compatible with 3.0.
  • alexou93150's avatar
    don't it work since the update ?

    sorry for my english because i'm french
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @Exqiron: The squad registration issue has been a long-time bug in the editor. However you can thankfully just select your squad for each game and hit start match to continue without any problems.
  • Exqiron's avatar
    Unable to register squad for Europa League Playoff Rounds
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @fico777: What is happening exactly when you try to extract it? Have you tried downloading it again?
  • fico777's avatar
    i have it...any other databese is working expect this one..and i waiting for this since game came out
  • Carlito_85's avatar
    @ReekyDrop: That's definitely something I've been meaning to do for a while. I'll include that in the next update.
  • ReekyDrop's avatar
    Can I suggest something that might be worth doing? Clear the Europa League history prior to 2010 (Atletico v Fulham), and the UEFA Cup history post 2010? This way it won't duplicate the Competition history for clubs who won the trophy post 2010. Otherwise it looks like, say, United won both the UEFA Cup AND Europa League in 2017.

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