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FMF Winter Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 20.4.0

By Updated on Mar 08, 2020   55767 views   186 comments
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Downloads: 12358 / Added: 2019-11-22
Football Manager 2020 Data Updates - FMF Winter Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 20.4.0
Changelog 08/03 : Update 20.4.0

Real Results at 26/1 : Starting date at 27.01.2020 with China (alternative Korea/Uruguay)
Real Transfer updated at 01.02.2020

NB. the database was structured to start on an advanced date not from the start of the game, the transfers are in real date except for the loans that have been set up from the beginning, not allowing the editor to be able to put them on real date. The transfers with obligation have been made as already final.
The date of 27.01.2020 was chosen to allow the registration of the lists of the teams in the European cups, transfers after this date are however recorded

Please note that playoff/playout matches and European/National cups are not possible to replicate with the editor. For same reason is no possible insert goal scores and statisctics in the real results


The editor files must be UNZIPPED and COPIED in this path:

C: / Users / "username" / Documents / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020 / editor data *

* if this folder does not exist, you must create it yourself, paying attention to the spaces and the small letters


Enable the files and click on advanced settings below

Select the countries you want from the appropriate menu (NO MLS)
the real fixtures will be active if the country and league they belong to is chosen

Choose the game departure date

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Read before download.
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An exclusive of FMFORUM.
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All rights reserved.
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Downloads: 12358 / Added: 2019-11-22
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Discussion: FMF Winter Update plus Real Fixtures & Results - Updated 20.4.0

186 comments have been posted so far.

  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    yep, early August, when all the championships are over. Dates within the game will not be changed
  • gate13's avatar
    hi chief, will you be creating an update for this?
  • joaquin87's avatar
    Thanks for your answer. This is amazing patch
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @joaquin87 nope , the editor does not allow it , as well as for playoffs and playouts
  • joaquin87's avatar

    is possible recreate the real fixture of the cups? Like Coppa Italia, FA Cup, etc.
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    LBall94 we have never tried, we cannot help you
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    Gate13 the problem is worldcup on qatar, no solution dont use it.
    however we have not touched anything except to add the results so the problem is in the original SI database
    this year is a real disaster for additional db
  • LBall94's avatar
    Is it possible, to create a Pre Season Friendly game, I know how to create a pre season cup like the emirates cup, but is it possible to add a one off game on a certain date like Tottenham vs Inter and it not be a cup game? I just want to mimic the real life pre season fixtures in my save, and I can't ever arrange a game against Inter because their schedule is always full, so I was just wondering if it possible in editor to create a pre season friendly game, Thanks been trying to do this for days!
  • gate13's avatar
    argenine league is corrupt and after year 4 no games are even played, year 3 only 23 games are played.

    is there anyway to remove the file in my save so it can be corrected??
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    @Murray_C11 yep, the offical editor pregame on steam
  • Murray_C11's avatar
    Is there a way of updating this by yourself ie right upto where fixtures have been cancelled
  • richbell82's avatar
    I’ve tried loading a new career and it’s loaded England up. Has anyone ran a save until the end of the season?
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
  • richbell82's avatar
    Any improvement yet FMF? Any chance SI have pulled a finger out and sorted the problem
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    * Holland and Portugal not Brazil (also because being finished in 2019 would not have made sense) ;)
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    they have not solved anything with the new patch, they have eliminated the nations that they were unable to fix and the English problem remains, in the others everything we have entered is somehow functional
    Just to make you understand both us and AML the problem of Holland Brazil and Portugal we have, it seems, solved. And we are not programmers-
    Without words really for the lack of respect towards the users from the SI
  • DrewJS66's avatar
    Your real results and fixtures are in more depth and I use them every year!!!
  • DrewJS66's avatar
    Keep up the good work!!!!!!
  • DrewJS66's avatar
    Hi it seems like the update to the editor has fixed everything. AML has resolved the issues with his real fixtures and results and saved them to 20.4 on this site. Will you be able to fix your results at all??
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    the problem, it seems, is in all leagues. It is just the wrong basic setting when a new file is created from the SI database
    they do not solve the problems, VERY SERIOUS, of match Engine, imagine if they are interested in solving these others
  • richbell82's avatar
    FMF would removing league 1 and down for the live fixtures and results work? Just thinking of temporary ways around things
  • richbell82's avatar
    Shock SI aren’t interested in sorting this issue out! Such a shame as this file is super for me as I play so I’m depth it takes forever to play a career. Gluck I’ll I’m loving my Dortmund save. Guess I’ll just be sticking with this for now
    Super work and effort as ALWAYS FMF
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    it would be useless work, the problem remains the SI database.
  • DrewJS66's avatar
    I can understand what you are saying but in the editor you could duplicate League 1 and 2 and make a 2019 season only for these leagues. I think from checking forums this is throwing not just England but all the files out. The editor was updated yesterday maybe that was the issue?? Please keep up the good work
  • FMF@FORUM's avatar
    even if you had managed to do it then you would have had the opposite problem because it would always remain so every year. The problem is that that type of relegation is only for the 2019/2020 season and they can solve it only at SI. they really have to work on the general database and I don't know if this update does.
    The problem I repeat arises when new files are created using the default settings of the SI, it almost seems that they are voluntarily hindering the work of the communities and this frankly makes the desire go away

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