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[FM20] New State (New Europe nation) - By @[email protected]

The USA is coming to Europe thanks to this update. Take the lead of a team from the new nation NEW STATE (100% created). You have the choice among 100 teams from the USA and Canada but based in Europe (With Europe Cup participation)

By Updated on Mar 21, 2020   9800 views   9 comments
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Downloads: 553 / Added: 2020-03-10
FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - [FM20] New State (New Europe nation) - By @Timo@
The USA is coming to Europe thanks to this update. Take the lead of a team from the new nation NEW STATE (100% created). You have the choice among 100 teams from the USA and Canada but based in Europe (defunct club like Miami Fusion, Tampa Bay Muntiny, Chivas USA, Ajax Orlando, New York Astros, Toronto Croatia, New Mexico, Colorado Foxes, Ottawa Wizards, ...)

Composed of 4 divisions:
- Major League Soccer 1 (20 teams with 6800 reputation)
- Major League Soccer 2 (20 teams with 5600 reputation)
- Major League Soccer 3 (20 teams with 4500 reputation)
- Major League Soccer 4 (40 teams with 3500 reputation) 2 groups

2 Cups:
- Major League Cup
- Major League Super Cup

The 1st participates in the Champions League (qualification), from the 2nd to the 5th place in the Europa League.
All clubs are empty, the recruitment preferences have been increased towards Europe and the whole world. League 1 clubs have a bank balance of 100 000 000€, 50 000 000€ for League 2, ...
Each division has its own awards (minimum 10 per division).
New media have appeared (ESPN, Fox News, ...).
All ranking positions bring a bonus (60 000 000€ for the winner), TV rights, victory bonus, and more ...

Come discover and test this challenge.

All updates are playable at the same time.

Update 21/03/2020:
- Fix budget for CHIVAS
- Fix attendance for al teams (15 000 MLS1, 10 000 MLS2, 7 500 MLS3 & 5 000 MLS4)
- Fix stats for all stadium (MLS1 20 000 seats, 15 000 MLS2, 10 000 MLS3 & 7 500 MLS4)
- Translate all award in English

How to add NEW STATE By @[email protected] on FM20

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.
Move the folders to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2020/
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.
Open FM20 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the database is selected.

Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 553 / Added: 2020-03-10
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About @[email protected]

I love Football Manager Update so my only game is FM Editor

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Discussion: [FM20] New State (New Europe nation) - By @[email protected]

9 comments have been posted so far.

  • mihaitza982's avatar
    You forgot to put the team logos
  • Alohafatboiii's avatar
    I'm American and It's too good to be true but it will not happen. The market is not as BIG as England. You have English clubs sign players with big money but in the US, if you're a small club, you'll struggle. That's why US has a salary cap system, to ensure that small clubs CAN sign players. You don't see Norwich competing to sign average players.
    Also factoring the country size difference: The UK is the size of Wyoming and Michigan but they are 3% bigger. Hence, why the travel is so unbearable like the cost to travel is too much for a small club. Even an amateur non-league club won't have the money to travel. Imagine flying from LA to New York for an away game. Again, factoring in the Market that BOTH statues don't have a large market like the UK.

    Think of it like the Charlotte Hornets are the Norwich City in the NBA. The difference is the Hornets have a chance to build a decent team whereas Norwich has a LONG way to build a proper PL team.
  • aurelian07's avatar
    @ Timo - thank you for the work, I appreciate the effort . It is a fun scenario
  • aurelian07's avatar
    and because I had some time on my hands I noticed some other issues :
    - the awards are in french - player of the month, team of the week
    - the players on the teams, they don't have US names, I believe you took the teams from another nation, and they all have Turkish or Asian names
    - I've started with Tampa Bay, the stadium has 60.000 seats , only 200 people per game , the biggest attendance was 356
  • Matt Cocc's avatar
    Hi, how could I insert logo and kits for Ibstock challenge and the other french challenge ?
  • aurelian07's avatar
    the flag changed for me when I started a second game. But Chivas USA doesn't have the same transfer budget and wage budget like the other teams. Has the 100 m overall budget but only 700k for transfer and 900k for wages
  • gatitoSpain's avatar
    The flag does not change, and the country has 0 population, I would like that even if it were a fictitious country it would be interesting if there were players from that false country. On the other hand, is it compatible with the patch that you have of the leagues?

  • @Timo@'s avatar
    The logo are in "Graphics" folder.
    It's an .fmf file, just past the folder in Football manager 2020 folder

    But it's only Nation flag and competition logo.
  • GGMoroder's avatar
    I can't load the team logos, is there a problem or is my mistake?
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