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DF11 Regen Megapack FM2021

Endless pack of DF11 Regen faces. Only compatible with FM21 / No software needed / Download - Drop - and play!

By on Apr 17, 2021   21 comments
Size: 1.7 GB / Added: 2021-04-17
Football Manager 2021 Facepacks - DF11 Regen Megapack FM2021

< Info about the pack >

- Works only in FM2021.

- These Regen faces will be generated automatic in game (up to a million times).

- Staff pack available (for manual use).

- This Regen Megapack will start working after the 1st annual youth intake in FM2021.

- This Regen pack will work alongside the original DF11 Faces.

- All free available.

- Created with love for all FM addicts by the DF11 team.

< Download & Info >

Download and information available via the official DF11 faces website:
Link search via >>

< Terms of use >

- DF11 Faces is a non-profit fan-made project with free acces for all.
- It is free to download DF11 faces for personal use at home.
- It is not allowed to sell or share any of the work created by

Size: 1.7 GB / Added: 2021-04-17
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Discussion: DF11 Regen Megapack FM2021

21 comments have been posted so far.

  • CieWolf1970's avatar
    Dunno if people answer here but unable to find DF11 Regen Megapack FM2021. Always get redirected to the FM2020 version.
  • VictorVargas's avatar
    Thank you so much, it helped a lot!
  • VictorVargas's avatar
    Thank you so much, it helped a lot!
  • necjeff's avatar
    Hi Victor,
    It seems the error was on my end.
    The download link was similar to the 2020 one.

    All is fixed and ready for download now. :)
    < >
  • VictorVargas's avatar
    @necjeff i believe I'm using the wrong version. but even downloading from the the database comes from the FM20. how could i get the correct one?
  • necjeff's avatar
    The FM20 Regens pack will only work proper in FM20.
    The FM21 Regens will only work proper in FM21.

    The FM21 regens are starting with No.2000067001 in my pack.

    I guess you are using the FM20 version in the wrong FM version ;)
  • VictorVargas's avatar
    @necjeff I downloaded the version from the DF11 site for FM21, but the configuration list starts with ID 19... while my negens are starting with ID 20... is there any way to solve it other than manually?
  • necjeff's avatar
    @Raymo68 >> Football Manager was so cruel to change most of the Regen player ID's in FM22.

    So we don't recommend to use the FM21 regens pack in FM22.

    We are currently working on a new Regen Megapack for FM22 although it takes some time to finish it.
    I hope it will be ready by the end of January 2022.
  • Raymo68's avatar
    but why doesn't it work on FM 22? Is it possible that there is nothing around?
  • chawinwin777's avatar
  • atthaporn's avatar
  • Aimilios's avatar
  • Blackfox25's avatar
  • christophrsss's avatar
    where is download button omg help me
  • nexcellene's avatar
  • itscool7's avatar
  • necjeff's avatar
    That's just bad luck.
    My first doubles showed up after a couple of seasons.
    If so, i just rename the files and swap faces.

    How to do it, Is all explained on the download page.
  • Magnumpi's avatar
    FSR: I experience the same.
  • FSR's avatar
    For some reason, it seems like i always see the same 10-15 faces. My latest youth intake had 3 guys with the same face, another 2 pairs were double
  • Duky21's avatar
  • Joern III's avatar
    Thanks ! does it work with other facepacks like Cut-Off-Packs ?
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