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the NEW when will GenieScout 11 come out?

Started on 8 December 2010 by goldtronjon
Latest Reply on 25 March 2011 by gert78
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Since Dad (stam) locked the other thread, and since this is a community discussion forum, I think we should still be allowed to discuss genie scout 11. So when anyone has some new news or thoughts, it would be great to discuss theme here!
Oh I'm Dad :D

What is there to discuss mate? How much people are missing it or why Eugene isn't releasing his code open source?
yup all those things, what's wrong with discussing it? I quite enjoyed reading through people's opinions in the previous thread that's all.
Well, it's not going to help speed up the process, and I don't really see how this discussion can be enjoyable. Anyway, I'll leave this topic be for now, hopefully I won't be forced to shut it down due to stupid comments.
It won't help Eugene releasing his Scout faster ;)
I don't think anything will, no harm in talking about it, oh wait unless he's whatching us all :/
It doesn't change anything mate. His priorities are different as a family man and his free time is absent. From time to time we break promises, we fail to do things we wanted or been meaning to. It's not always possible to keep up with everything, because life can be tough especially when you are an adult... and it gets even worse if you're married with children.
tell me about it........ and we shouldn't talk about geneie scout 11 because.....
Because it's better to take it off our minds for a while, it should help put some pressure off Eugene and also lose some silly traffic from the site... and as a result get less annoying comments. It will be released when it's ready and we have no estimate for that.

When you're not expecting something you're much happier when it shows up, but when you are expecting and it's not coming out you get grumpy and at times insulting.
I havn't said anything bad about it at all, as a regular donator I think discussion should be the least of demands but hey im a nice guy ;)
Come on guys!! Since when we need such programmes to make decent transfers? Why you need numbers (CA,PA) to choose your signings? Don't you trust your own eyes, your opinion, your inspirations? Generally does Genie Scout makes FM interesting?

I am playing FM since 1998 and i've learnt to follow my insticts! This is what you need people.. The game by itself shows you which stats are importand for each position and this is already enough. At last this delay may make yourselves better in scouting and judging! Genie Scout should be the last option to look at..
.......good for you lol 'the special one' of FM
@goldtronjon: I haven't locked down the topic yet, so if everyone can keep it nice, it should be fine to keep posting here.

@Seph: Everyone is allowed to enjoy the game differently. Many people have Genie Scout strongly tied to their enjoyment of FM, and this is OK. Not everyone enjoys scouting and judging on their own, it's a matter of personal preference. Playing should be about enjoying the game, which is the opposite of frustration and anger... the perception of that joy varies from person to person.
I agree everyone is enjoing the game diffently I don't use Gene Scout because I love searching playares and give somthing ro do for scouts.
I agree with macdab. While in last years FM I constantly used Genie Scout and loved being able to see hidden attributes overall it made the game a bit too easy. This year I've enjoyed the challenge of not using genie, signing scouts and having too trust them and build up scouting knowledge.

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