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Still waiting for Genie Scout.. Try Scoutmeister

Thread about Scoutmeister
Started on 10 December 2010 by Dunc
Latest Reply on 7 January 2011 by Stam
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# DiegoM : Maybe it's time to get down to business.?
And not to discuss the quality mediocre logos ....
Where the scout? That's the only reason you want to humanity ...
Don't you think you're being a little ipolite?
I couldn't make much sense of what he said, anyway.
Really looking forward to trying this new utility Meister, how is the overall progress coming along?
i cant see the download link, do i need to register?

(sorry if it was explained before,i didnt checked all pages)
# inonu88 : i cant see the download link, do i need to register?

(sorry if it was explained before,i didnt checked all pages)

it's not available for download yet
sorry my bad, its not ready yet!! i didnt paid attention enough.
# Meister : I'm fairly positive that the pre-game database files have a different format when compared against the save game data. Something like this could be possible to be integrated or developed into a separate application, however it would be time-consuming in it's own right.

Ok, i imagined that was a different format and i understand you don't have a lot of time but it would be amazing to have a good editor for the pregame database.

Please think about it!
So Meister, how is it going?

Feeling ironic about the thread title.
Well I for sure want to know how close we are to a public version of your scout. Keep up the work mate :)
Yeah. Just keep going. Looking forward to see the Scoutmeister.
Thanks for supporting me.
It seems to me you started enjoying your time on the site and you have contributed to more topics, and not just your own. You always try to have a reply for questions addressed to you, which means people will respect you and appreciate your efforts more. That is great.

Whenever you get your scout ready, I'm sure everyone here will try it. Even before release, your effort is considered successful because of that. You got my support and like bl007 said, keep going!
Keep up the work, everyone will try it, and it will get easier if you keep at it, its better to have more competing scout utilities in FM. I'm sure you will produce a cracking program for us all to enjoy, keep up the good work!
Onwards and upwards!

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