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10 New Small Nations for FM18

Do you enjoy new challenges? Do you like small nations? In this FM 2018 pack, you will find several new playable countries (national selections).

By on Jul 14, 2018   13864 views   17 comments
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Downloads: 691 / Size: 2.9 MB / Added: 2018-07-14
FM 2018 Fantasy Scenarios - 10 New Small Nations for FM18
If you enjoy a challenge and like managing national teams, this pack of new small nations for Football Manager 2018 is for you.

Pack Contents:
  • Playable sets or separately
  • Usable with any other updates that do not create Nation
  • New Nation Creations (Nationality, Language, ...)
  • All the championships are intact and playable (France, Spain and Belgium)
  • Players with at least 1 selection in a nation other than the one created but born in the new nation will have dual citizenship.
  • Playable selection (qualifying for the World Cup and therefore World Cup not the League of Nations because of the new format)

Nations Included:

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How to add 10 new small nations on FM18

Extract the contents of the .zip archive.

Move the .fmf files representing the nations of your choice to:
documents/sports interactive/football manager 2018/editor data
Create the last folder if it doesn't exist.

Open FM18 and start a new career save. In the top right of the screen, under "Database", make sure each one of the new nations is selected.

Download Now
Downloads: 691 / Size: 2.9 MB / Added: 2018-07-14
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Discussion: 10 New Small Nations for FM18

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • Supremo's avatar
    @Timo@ potresti spiegare come hai fatto? vorrei creare una nazione a partire da un altro file di una coppa per inserire la nazione al posto di un altra. Grazie
  • vckusmila's avatar
    Appreciated so much for your amazing work for these new nations, I'm wondering if you can do the Republic of Kalmykia? Or if you take other requests for nations? Thank you
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    I understand. Even if there is the european championship in 2020, the new nations do not participate. BECAUSE in the coding of the game there is the League of Nations. Sorry
  • broxi713's avatar
    Calm down buttercup!!!

    what more can i do to explain it to you... that the European Championships does NOT disappear in 2018 to become the League of Nations, I'm in the year 2020 and the Euros are in full swing without me
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    I told you that you could only play the qualifications for the world !!!! did not you understand for the european championship? In any case ONLY the qualifications for the world are possible ... it is written in the description of the subject, I wrote it to you several times. Sorry I do not understand what more can I do to explain it to you ...
  • broxi713's avatar
    thats not true, I'm in 2020 and countries are playing at the european championships yet I never had the chance to qualify with Yorkshire
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    I put below 2 screenshot (Corsica and Normandy) which shows that the nations play the qualifications for the World Cup. But no qualifications for the euro because it disappears in 2018 to become the League of Nations. It would be necessary to recreate the league of nations so that they participate in it just the world cup. But it is especially to make you challenges like the Athelic Bilbao or other ...
  • broxi713's avatar
    @Timo@ , can you confirm these nations can play in world & euro qualifiers?
  • broxi713's avatar
    There never seems to ever be any competative games for these nations, only friendlies
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    These are NATIONS that have been created. Look at the description above. These are not "new championships" but "new nations". No existing nations have been deleted or modified and all the championships are playable with as they are not modified.
  • martin40's avatar
    Wait, can i manage in a league in those countries
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    they are not playable leagues so you have to go directly to the database (huge ---> custom) and check "players nationality". I will put a tutorial.

  • Olympiakos1925's avatar
    I can not find the countries
  • broxi713's avatar
    I'm now in the year 2020 and I'm still only playing friendies, are the nations added to euro championship & world cup qualifiers?
  • martin40's avatar
    When i am selecting the leagues those countries arent there
  • @Timo@'s avatar
    Give us more explanation. What does it show you?
  • martin40's avatar
    Doesn't work for me
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