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What was your biggest frustration in real life football?

By Updated on Dec 04, 2010   6680 views   17 comments
What was your biggest frustration ever in real life football?

I'll tell you mine, the European Championship 2004 final. My own country, Portugal, hosted the event and played beautifully all the way till the final. We ended up losing that final 2 - 1 against Greece, against a football style that would make any Catennacio team say "that's annoying". Curiously or not, Portugal lost the opening game 2 - 1 against... Greece! Then grabbed a deserved win over Russia, 2-0. The winner of the next game, Portugal-Spain, would go on to the quarter-finals. After a very tight encounter, Portugal won 1 - 0. Nuno Gomes was the scorer.

The quarter-finals would see one of the most thrilling matches ever in a European Championship, I'm talking about Portugal - England. Owen scored just 2 minutes after kick-off but constant attacking pressure from Portugal would see Helder Postiga score a late equaliser. The extra-time awaited and no one would be disappointed. Rui Costa scored his last goal with Portugal shirt from a beautiful long shot but 5 minutes later Lampard established the draw, 2 - 2 after 120 minutes. Penalty shoot-out was the next challenge. The match itself was a good mixture between technique and rough play. The penalty lottery went to sudden death method after one missed shot to each side (Beckham and Rui Costa). Suddenly, Portugal legend Eusébio da Silva Ferreira started shouting to goalkeeper Ricardo take off his gloves. And so he did. Ricardo defended Vassell's shot with his bare hands. He was so ecstatic at that moment he told the next Portugal penalty taker to get back to midfield. He was going to take the last penalty kick. He did so and he scored. Jorge Perestrelo (RIP), the most famous football commentator in Portugal at the time started shouting "Portugal, Portugal, Portugal..." It was the most memorable football moment ever in Portugal.

Penalty shoot-out moments:

Semi final was played against the Netherlands. Portugal won 2 - 1 and Maniche scored the best goal of the tournament. Words are too little to describe that goal so take a look:

The long awaited final pitted Portugal against Greece again. Greece had eliminated France and Czech Republic. I must say Czech Republic style was marvelous at that time, it was entertaining and joyful and everyone wanted to see a Portugal - Czech Republic final. Sadly, Greece won 1 - 0 in the semi final against Czech Republic with Dellas being the goal scorer. I remember the Czechs dominated the encounter but were beaten in the extra-time.

Thousands and thousands accompanied the national team from the hotel to the stadium and somehow they had already won. The joy present that day was something hard to describe and goes far beyond a football game. The players themselves were amazed at the atmosphere. So take a look if you want to:

Every time Portuguese National Anthem "A Portuguesa" is played it becomes a moment of pride and determination. And that day was no exception. There is the proof:

The final was played at Estadio da Luz before over 65,000 spectators. The game went according what Otto Rehhagel had in mind. So it was a terrible match to say the least. Besides the fact Portugal lost 1 - 0 it was a very poor display of football. Although constant attacking pressure from the Portuguese players, they stumbled against a very solid defense from Greece. It was almost unbearable to watch. Just before the hour mark, Greece earned a corner kick from which Angelos Charisteas scored. In fact, it was very similar to what happened to Czech Republic. Many players cried after the final whistle. I think it could be said that final caused more sadness to Portuguese people than joy to Greeks. After all it is a great achievement to play a European Championship Final.

That's all folks! Feel free to be more... Concise.

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Discussion: What was your biggest frustration in real life football?

17 comments have been posted so far.

  • she's avatar
    from your passage, i can feel your great passion for your country and soccer! overwhelming!
  • iiiioooque's avatar
    @Benfica supporter

    U just dont know any kind of limits don't you?

    Here's a good thread, talking about our own country who failed to win a competition that seemed easy, and there you go with your club fanaticism! And your envy that benfica isn't what it was back in 1976! Face the truth, Porto is playing better than ever, and today is the best team in Portugal, there's nothing we can do!
  • Benfica suporter's avatar
    my biggest is that Porto have more trophys in Portugal since TODAY!!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaa i hate corruption
  • Gspot69's avatar
    Scotland not qualifying for euro 2008 needed to avoid defeat to Italy in final game in last minuite score was 1-1 Hutton was fouled but ref gave Italy the free kick which they scored from finished 1-2.
    Rangers being put out the champions league needed a point at home to Lyon in final game but lost 0-3 Benzema ran riot.
    Rangers losing 2-0 to Zenit in uefa cup final then losing out to Celtic by a point in the league because the sfa made us play 7 games in 21 days
    All this happend in the same season was in tears all year
  • prophet_omar's avatar
    I think it could be said that final caused more sadness to Portuguese people than joy to Greeks:
    That's not true... Search in youtube for the celebrations at greece back then. Thousants of people went crazy in the streets singing and blocking traffic not only in Athens but in every city of greece. This happened for every game after group stage not only for the final! Even I'm still around 20 I don't think there have been many national teams to have enjoyed and celebrated a trophy that much!
  • ruipedro89's avatar
    It seems pretty simple to me. But anyway that's not what I remember the most. I remember an awesome match, with good attacking football played to the last minute. The decision by penalty shootout was a fair way to end the match and what an epic end that was. That's what football is all about. Someday you win, someday you lose.
  • MLR's avatar
    Haha just a real patriot here :P of course people have different opinions on that disallowed goal, you should have seen me swearing at the TV that day :D
  • ruipedro89's avatar
    MLR, I can't really understand what you're saying... Terry committed a foul on Ricardo (Portugal's GK) in mid 6 yard box well before Campbell's header, giving him the time and space to put the ball in the back of the net. That's the reason why the referee disallowed the goal. Good decision.
  • iiiioooque's avatar
    I share your pain ruipedro 89!! portugal just went silent after that final!

    i'd risk to say that 90% of the country had put their national flags on their windows, just to support our team, and they honored our support, playing like i've never seen before!

    but that horrible final, just showed that football can be very "un-entertaining"
  • MLR's avatar
    Back to barmy's comment, Campbell's goal was disallowed because he was 'fouled' by John Terry. What the referee didn't realise was that if you foul your own player it isn't a free kick to the opposition. Then the ref decided to make Carragher retake a scored penalty because the keeper was off his line. twat.
  • FM_MUFC's avatar
    1. Champo League Final 2009 Messi Header...I still have nightmares
    2. Franky Lampard Germany goal
    3. Losing 4-1 to Liverpool at OT
    4. Not putting Lee Bowyer as my fantasy football captain when scored 18 points in one gameweek
  • cefthym's avatar
    My biggest frustration was that Charisteas didn't score a second goal :P
  • ruipedro89's avatar
    _Man_u_barmy_army_ Campbell's goal was disallowed because John Terry got in the way of Ricardo in mid 6 yard box making it impossible to get the ball in time. John Terry fouled Ricardo. If he hadn't been there Ricardo would have caught the ball before Campbell's header.
  • _Man_u_barmy_army_'s avatar
    Euro 2004, had possibly one of the best England squads of recent history, and Campbells last min goal dissallowed for no FHFDIOGHSDOI reason!!!! portugal quarter finals, england went out on a penalty shoot out in the same game . THe ref recieved a massive amount of death threats and retired for his own saftey twat
  • Zonnegod's avatar
    I think it was in 2008 when the Netherlands was in the "group of death" with world champion Italy, vice-world champion France and Romania. They beat Italy with 3-0, France with 4-1, Romania with 2-0 and then lost the quater-final against Guus Hiddink's (<<-- Dutch guy) Russia with 3-1.. They played so well and really had a chance to win the tournament..
  • macdab55's avatar
    It also bring back memories for me because it was first tournament that I have watched and I was so gutted that Portugal had lost.
  • RedArmy20's avatar
    brings back memories for me as well. Sweden played fantastic football in euro 2004. We were so unlucky vs holland, we hit the post and the bar 3 times i think. then lost in the penalty shoot out. was disappointing! but wont forget the group stages the 5-0 win start and the late equaliser vs italy and denmark. just fantastic.
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