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Genie Scout 11 not coming out this year

And it's unlikely it would be released during the next one

By Updated on Dec 08, 2010   14254 views   12 comments
News - Genie Scout 11 not coming out this year
2 months ago I was happy to announce Eugene was working on Genie Scout 11 with the release date being uncertain. I also announced we should have a fresh interview with him by mid October and a preview of the pre-beta version.

The last two didn't happen. For the past month I had no email from Eugene, no update or whatsoever. But it seems he actually posted an update about his current status on FM Ukraine a few hours ago...

On his post which is originally in Ukrainian, he says Genie Scout 11 will be released when it's done and can't promise he can make it even in 2 months from now. It has been tough for him being a family man and having a regular day job to pay the bills. Bottom line is he had no time to finish it yet, but if he had he would need 2 or 3 days of work to get it done.

In case you're thinking Genie won't be released at all, by 'this year' I merely mean 2010 which is ending in 3 weeks from now by the way.

While I can understand and accept the break of promise for delivery of the interview mainly, I don't accept learning about an update he posted on some other site when this is supposed to be the official place for Genie. Having said that, I won't be sending a new email to him to ask for anything. If at some point he gets Genie Scout 11 ready for release and remembers who he should contact first, you'll see it here first. Until then, feel free to check upon FM Ukraine for any updates.

Update 9 Dec: I received an email update from Eugene today, he guarantees Genie Scout 11 will be released eventually but like I said not this year (2010).


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Discussion: Genie Scout 11 not coming out this year

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • JDvzs's avatar
    Daamn that sucks :| I'll be turning my attention to Scoutmeister now. Eugene should probably start working on Genie Scout 2012 so we can have it at a decent time next year -.-

    (ok, that was mean but I'm really pissed for not having Genie Scout anytime soon now, altough I understand his reasons)
  • MallerLFC's avatar
    Yeah i got that Stam. What i meant was, wouldn't it be possible to release the programming?
    To soften the working burden for him. Is it about credit or something?
    Seems like Eugene really doesn't have thar much freetime, I'm pretty sure there is some bright programmets who coule help him finish quickly.
  • Stam's avatar
    If you had an agreement with someone who came to you and asked you to release his program and handle all comments and such, you would expect that any updates of his progress you should be the first to know... wouldn't you?
  • gulsenas's avatar
    The title is missleading. I thought about Fm2011 gaming year :) I understand that its frustrating that he is not giving any news, but I don't think it's a very bad thing that Genie posted on his native forum.
  • Stam's avatar
    @gulsenas: This year means 2010... melodramatic? Take it as you like, won't judge you.

    @Maller: No, he didn't abandon development. He just said it's gonna be late.

    @cvk: If it comes out in March don't return to download it.

    @iron: That account is definitely not him.
  • gulsenas's avatar
    Stam, with all respect for you, Genie didn't say he will not release Scout this year. He said he almost finished it, but he has very few free time. I'd guess it could come out on January. So this article sounds way too melodramatic.
  • MallerLFC's avatar

    No seriously that fuckin' sucks, i've grown dependent of this genious tool.
    - Anyway it's possible he can release the algorithms or programming so someone can continiue his work?
  • marin87's avatar
    I hope it comes in next few weeks!
  • Kanzi's avatar
    L O L !

    keep up the good work Eugene !!! and thnx for treating us so generous with informations ;]
  • thetime's avatar
  • iRoN420's avatar
    Sorry I meant Stam. And I found it on the "FM 2011 Genie scout is confirmed" thread. 12/6 at 12 something. You probably already saw it but maybe he said it here first. Great site either way. And all the Genie lovers can really just use the other Editors to scout potential they don't need to complain so much because they can't see what a guy would look like max ability in a few years. Great site, too.
  • iRoN420's avatar
    Satm, I actually saw an update from a Eugene on a Genie thread yesterday. Someone either signed up as a Eugene from Ukraine or it was him. Can you search for him because he may have broke the news here first. He said it was due in January. I thought it wierd and clicked on his name and it was the only post he had done. I just can't remember what thread it was in: Either the page that was dedicated to Genie 11 which I can't find in the search or someones message board thread. Sorry for the long post just thought it would be interesting to see if he posted here first...
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