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2029 - 10 Years On - Only Newgen Players and Staff

Skip 10 years ahead from the start point to 2029 with only newgens populating the game for a unique playing experience. A saved game for FM 2020.

By on Jul 24, 2020   23930 views   12 comments
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Downloads: 3598 / Size: 132.0 MB / Added: 2020-07-24
FM 2020 Fantasy Scenarios - 2029 - 10 Years On - Only Newgen Players and Staff
I used an empty database with all players and staff removed. This caused the game to populate playable teams with 'newgen' players and staff. There are no real players left in the game, only a small amount where their history has been stored.

- It has taken quite a while for any quality players to shine through in all honesty. The first 3/4 seasons at least Bayern Munich had probably the best playable squad in Europe that I could see. The RNG had been very kind to them. Where as Premier League teams were fairly lacklustre.

- Most teams originally had a very low average age. Filled with mainly 18-21 year olds. The majority of players in the top leagues had poor/average attributes at the start of the game and it has taken many youth intakes and unique newgens being generated for us to start to see a change in the talent in the game.

This save game file will start you off on 1st June 2029 - To start the save, simply download the file, move it to the file path that stores your save game files. For me, this is -

C:\Users\Ryan\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\games

Then simply retire the default manager I have in place and add in your own manager in charge with your team of choice.

I currently have the main European leagues playable. England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Holland, you are able to add or remove any as you see fit however.

I'm sure some of you would enjoy this as a unique way of playing the game. It takes away our preconceived opinions and knowledge of various teams, players and managers. An alternate universe in which we have to relearn football if you will.

Would love to know how you are getting on or any cool things you notice in your saves.

Download Now
Downloads: 3598 / Size: 132.0 MB / Added: 2020-07-24
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Discussion: 2029 - 10 Years On - Only Newgen Players and Staff

12 comments have been posted so far.

  • Mishkat.22's avatar
    Could you share the empty database file?
  • Amature Bik's avatar
    man united is sooo dominant in this save. its crazy. and liverpool havent done anything
  • ghostmember's avatar
    Hello, May i kindly ask how you set up the empty database and so on? I want to recreate this but with hidden attributes and in 2025, thanks.
  • ryan666king's avatar
    @GfxJG ticking the use fake players simply changes their names and possibly the nationality, however it's quite easy to tell who the original player was as their attributes and positions all stay the same. This save game completely erases every player and staff from the game and give you all newgens with their own unique identities and attributes.
  • ryan666king's avatar
    @SirFozzie - I had that too when I checked it but I wasn't logged in. But as I logged in to try it, the link then worked. I've posted the link a couple of comments down anyway if you're having trouble
  • GfxJG's avatar
    Is this any different from just pressing "Use Fake Players" when setting up a save?
  • SirFozzie's avatar
    Yeah, when it redirected me to google it it said "Error:400 Bad Request"

    edit: Making it clear that it was the FMScout redirect that said Bad Request, not the direct link the author provided.
  • ryan666king's avatar
    @cabez180 I've just checked and it still seems to be working fine.
    Here is the direct link if this site isn't redirecting-
  • cabeza180's avatar
    Broken link?
  • arsenafan's avatar
  • ryan666king's avatar
    @Jamie Aubrey From what I can remember it has the default leagues from England, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal and Holland so Scotland isn't playable without adding it. I don't think a new season has started at the point where the save picks up, so adding or removing leagues is still possible before the new season commences.
  • Jamie Aubrey's avatar
    Does this have Scotland active or the usual top 5 countries ? I'd rather not add them if Celtic dominated the league
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