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FM18 Tactic: 2-3-2-3 is the Future!

Premier League and Champions League! Double in the first season with LFC. At attacking tactic for FM 2018 that did wonders for my Liverpool side.

By on Nov 01, 2017   118163 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 26762 / Size: 3.3 kB / Added: 2017-11-01
Football Manager 2018 Tactics - FM18 Tactic: 2-3-2-3 is the Future!
Tinkered about with this idea and finally got it nailed. Scores lot's of goals and very tight at the back.

The formation works by utilising triangles all over the pitch.

Each centreback has a triangle with the CWB and DM. The DM has triangles with the 2 central midfielders.

The Mezzala and Carrilero give good coverage across the pitch and also join the attacks, getting beyond the F9.

The CWB's also block off a lot of space for the opposition wide men and also under and overlap with the IF's.

The IF's cut inside and link with the F9 to good effect.

Typical good players across the pitch will have pace, passing, crossing and creativity.

I have found using players in 2's and 3's together to strengthen their 'bond' - Green line. has big impact on the performance so I try to rotate them accordingly.

OI's: Assistant
Team-talks: Assistant
Set pieces: included in tactic
Use encourage during games, unless behind then use demand more.

Not yet tried with Lower ability teams but certainly punched above my weight as Liverpool.

Download Now
Downloads: 26762 / Size: 3.3 kB / Added: 2017-11-01
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Discussion: FM18 Tactic: 2-3-2-3 is the Future!

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • machak's avatar
    Can anyone upload the .fmf version of this tactic,I can't import the .tac version.
  • jontee7's avatar
    Can you put in photos on the player instructions? I can't download this because its tac, plz help someone ! :)
  • tieio's avatar
    Please upload .fmf version, thank you.
  • Desibu's avatar
    Any update with the .fmf file?
  • joaomarado98's avatar
    Where is the .fmf file ?
  • froo's avatar
    Good tactic, but in my case not scored F9. What would you recommend to correct him to score? Thank you
  • ozkymn's avatar
    can't load the tactic. is it because of the .tac file ?
  • paranoid_android's avatar
    Please update to full .FMF tactic, thank you!
  • mikonen's avatar
    "Despite being leading contenders to win Champions League...", for God sake, how have you been leading contender in your 1st season with adding only Delle Ali from Tottenham. As an addition, average rating from Salah is adding much curiosity in all this and I frankly believe that you have used editor.
  • timdashit's avatar
    this tactic is not working at all 15 games in with chelsea and i won 3 games I DO NOT RECOMMEND
  • filis's avatar
    Hi jethers,
    please export this tactic in the full game - .fmf file is required.
  • xredavidx's avatar
    can you please add .fmf version of this tactic? can't get it to work as .tac file :)
  • killlla's avatar
    This tactic worked wonders for me for the first half of the season. Playing with Wolves, I was dominating the table and I managed to win the Carabao cup in February. Since then though, I've been on a streak of six league games without a win. My team stats are still alright, but it seems as if the AI has figured out how to break through my defense. I even lost to the 23rd placed team at home. Is there any way to counteract this?
  • CAMPZ89's avatar
    I tried with my SL Benfica, and i'm addicted.
    Jonas scores a lot of goals, Seferovic when plays too.
    Only conceded 0 or 1 goal at maximum per game.
    In CL 5-0 against CSKA (home) and 0-0 against Besiktas (away).
    My players are still not trained in the ideal tasks, when they are trained I believe that I will still have better results.

    Nice job, THANKS!
  • NufcRowley's avatar
    concedes alot of goals
  • deeg's avatar
    yeah big one for me no scoring plenty of shots over the bar and from outside the box but nothing when inside the box they just lose the ball
  • kradllukss's avatar
    I mates i have the same problem , to much shots .. but to percent of goals ... maybe a bug ?
  • jethers's avatar
    They automatically link the more they play together.
  • Menotty's avatar
    How do I link players?
  • The Yurpman's avatar
    Interesting tactic. I'm giving this a try as I'm also playing as Liverpool. First game we drew against Watford 1-1, but we should have won (missed penalty kick and had 24 shots to Watford's 6). I'll keep giving this a go.
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