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Sydney666's 4-3-3 Suffocator

A FM23 tactic that is hard to break down but also scores plenty. Very sound defensively, it suffocates the opposition into very low xG.

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Football Manager 2023 Tactics - Sydney666's 4-3-3 Suffocator
Thanks to Masked / Sydney666 for the kind permission to share his tactics here.
You'll find his own tips about the tactic below.

Do you want a tactic that is hard to break down but also scores goals?

Do you want a tactic that is easy to convert to a positive/controlling vs smaller sides but also hard to break down and easy to score on the counter vs bigger sides?

Well this tactic is for you.

I guess you could call it a 4-1-2-2-1, a 4-5-1, a 4-3-3 DM or whatever you want really. I say it's a 4-3-3 because basically 4 defenders, 3 midfielders and 3 attackers, but defensively it is a 4-5-1.

Going forward it's almost a 4-2-4, as the Mezzala is constantly forward supporting the striker and getting goals from surging runs.

You can see the heat maps and all the statistics etc through your analysts, but give it at least a few months to work.

What seems to be a simple 4-3-3, but with a DM that protects the back four and recycles possession.

A mezzala which will score up to 15-20 goals a season if they have good long shots, about 12 finishing and has the attributes to move forward.

A playmaker in midfield who will consistently launch dangerous killer passes to the front three. My striker scored 27 goals as a poacher all up by himself, but the two inverted wingers support him well. Both wingers got double figures in scoring and assists.

Defensively this is VERY VERY sound. I conceded very few goals all season. It literally suffocates the opposition and forces them inside to very heavy traffic. It suffocates them into very low xG. There have been possibly half my games where the opposition didn't even get 0.5 xG.

My side is not that great, but what I have done is loaded the midfield with good tacklers. My DM is basically a CB who is playing at DM. So think of it as having 3 at the back.

Two mids in front of them for creativity and late surges into the box. Then you have two inverted wingers that support the front striker. The full backs on attack will bomb foward and overload the opposition defence.

In defence there are so many players behind the ball, with lots of pressing. You will barely conceed goals. Just give it time for the tactic to be learned. Don't be afraid to slightly edit players positons.

As an example, I turned my inverted left winger into a wide target man and he scored 12 goals. Not bad.


I finished 3rd in Germany with a side that was meant to be mid table. I finished 7th with a side in Spain that had won back to back to back promotions and was 1000-1 to be relegated. With a horrid side and no talent, we finished 7th.

This tactic has been wonderful.

Feel free to ask me questions or ways we can improve the tactic - but at the moment I don't see what needs improving.

Please note, the set pieces are made for my side - and sometimes they mess up when you upload a tactic. So check them out, see if they are default or not and set them accordingly.

My tips

Try to get hard working players, with good determination, team work, and good physical stats. Speed isn't that important but you do want at least 13-15 for most players. Your DM doesn't have to be tall, but if he is fast and strong and good anticipation that is a good start.

My sides weren't that great, as you can see by the team sheets. I destroyed big sides, finished 3rd (from a poor start after taking over as a new manager) and we won the domestic cup.

vs Smaller sides, play cautious at first - see if you can break them down by 30th minute. If not, go Positive. You can also go positive, try to get 2-3 goals and then close shop with cautious again. Slow down the tempo and increase time wasting and playing for set pieces.

vs Bigger sides, play cautious and be patient. If you conceed a goal, don't panic. Only go positive in the final 20-25 minutes and never go Attacking, there is no point.

Pro Tip

I recommend loading this tactic THREE TIMES and learn it as fast as possible.

The first is this tactic, with only changes being your setpieces etc.

Then learn one with Positive as the only change. This is when you need to break down a smaller side or just catch up a scoreline.

Then learn another with cautious, time wasting at max, play for set pieces and set the tempo to lower. Use this to waste time only after the 80th minute (usually). You can even go up 1-0 or 2-0 vs a big side with regular tactic then switch to this. You won't ever absorb any pressure, this isn't a low block tactic.

Consider Donating

On a final note.

Please help me out if you can. I am a prominent modder on the Nexus modding site and have released tactics in the past (Sydney66's wonder tactic).

I am a disabled single parent of two kids. I am really struggling financially, so anything you guys can donate would be highly appreciated.

If you can help, please look below for my Paypal or my Patreon.

My PayPal My Patreon

My goal is to release more mods and more tactics and be able to support my family a little better.


Direct Download Steam Workshop
Downloads: 1770 / Size: 47.8 kB / Added: 2023-06-02
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