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FM20 Tactic: 4-4-2 BEAST!

If you like to play a 4-4-2 then you have to try this tactic!

By on Mar 17, 2020   96055 views   20 comments
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Downloads: 27219 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2020-03-17
Football Manager 2020 Tactics - FM20 Tactic: 4-4-2 BEAST!
4-4-2 Tiki Taka

Taktischer Stil / Tactical style

In Ballbesitz / In possession of the ball

Umschaltspiel / Switching game

Gegner in Ballbesitz / Opponents in possession of the ball

Saison 19/20 / Season 19/20

Download Now
Downloads: 27219 / Size: 43.0 kB / Added: 2020-03-17
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Discussion: FM20 Tactic: 4-4-2 BEAST!

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • F31's avatar
    After testing this "BEAST" i only want to ask you: How many times you repeated the games to get those results? How many coaches you added to help you getting those results? With this "BEAST" i got something that never happened to me in many years of FM... I got 2 shots and 0 to goal in an entire game!!!!
  • PinheadedMike's avatar
    GK- SK(Su)
    DL/DR- FB(At)
  • Brummy2018's avatar
    Can someone tell me the players roles in English please. I can’t download tactic as I’m playing on google stadia. Thanxs guys
  • BeJott98's avatar
    @alex.xyz87 Und dann in der ersten Saison solche Ergebnisse, Hut ab ! :D
  • alex.xyz87's avatar
    @BeJott98 Japp habe ich =)
  • alex.xyz87's avatar
    Thank you for all of your comments! Have fun!
  • ivopinheiropt's avatar
    good tactic. I'm enjoying
  • sputnik's avatar
    man I gotta say.. I adapt your tactic to fm19, I was bored of the 3 of mine (i'm in 2027) and wanted a tiki-taka one. This worked out a beauty! Nice one! I use Inverted wingers and Wingbacks (attack), one AMC (attack) and a complete Striker (attack). Beautiful. I always doubted at Balanced minded tactics but this one proved me wrong ;)
  • orshec's avatar
    now its working. tnx!!
  • mistral's avatar
    wow, look at those results, full jackpot!!
    Great, I'll try it!
    by the way, the link work perfectly
  • Justice's avatar
    NOTE: The download link was working for vast majority of people trying (over 2700 successful downloads - so I have no idea why people are struggling to download this). However, as there are some people having issues, I have temporarily updated the download link and informed the author. He shall adjust further at his own perusal.
  • Justice's avatar
    I don't know what to tell you guys. I've tested this download five times and it's worked every single time.
  • orshec's avatar
    link download not working.. with 2 explorers
  • markos76ers's avatar
    I've tried with both 3 explorers (mozilla, chrome and edge). Cant download it. Error 404.
    Justice can u upload it as it works with you pls?
  • Justice's avatar
    riccardo6630, may I recommend a trip to Specsavers so your eyesight can be tested?
  • riccardo6630's avatar
    link download not working !!!!!!!!!
  • Justice's avatar
    Download link works (I just tested). If it is not working for you, please try using a different browser.
  • garotospfc's avatar
    Hi, the download link is not working. Could you please fix it? I would like to try this tactic. Thanks!
  • BeJott98's avatar
    Hast du mit Bremen gespielt ? :D
  • Johann50100's avatar
    link don't work
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