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Genie Scout v1.11 out now

Fixed most bugs of v1.1

By Updated on Mar 31, 2010   19196 views   20 comments
As promised, v1.11 has been released to address the loading bug of v1.1, though I think a couple more errors should have been fixed on the way as well.

As usual, you can grab the newest version on our Genie Scout page. Enjoy!

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Discussion: Genie Scout v1.11 out now

20 comments have been posted so far.

  • prar's avatar
    chaddy1980, you just have to leave empty spaces in the regisration list, mate
  • chaddy1980's avatar
    Hello can someone help me please??

    in 3rd season and have qualified for UEFA cup and now have to select sqaud but games tells me "min of 4 players to be trained by Hull" and yet regardless of who i select it seems i have no 1 trained by hull which i cant really understand?!

    anyone know what i can do so i can carry on playing?
  • rizmanz's avatar
    :beer 2 thumbs up guys...
  • soccer's avatar
    Hello Player,
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    All you have to do is to Send your CV or you type your football experience and send it to this Email:[email protected]

    You can also call me on- +447045710239


    Mr.Regis Cyrille
  • andal3n's avatar
    Im using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.
    When i dubbleclick on FMGenieScout.exe i get only the loading ring and nothing happens.

    Tried to uncheck the adminitrator box, and tried to start it in all the different windows types in the compatibility menu. Still nothing.

    Anyone have a fix for the problem yet?:plz
  • Kodeug's avatar
    it works well in win7 x32, but still dosent in XP sp3.
  • kruSher's avatar
    Sure :)
  • Furrr's avatar
    Did you check the condition of you're players?
  • kruSher's avatar
    Now it works ! FINALLY !!

    I have only one thing to say about this new version.

    When we choose any team to see their best 11 and best tactic, not allways is showing the best player position. How can players like Bruno Alves, Riquelme, Fucile, be out of the team, and choose players like Maicon, Valeri or Miguel Lopes ?

    Imagine at real madrid, chosing for example, guti instead of kaka or marcelo instead cr9...
  • ryuiichi's avatar
    it works..ho yeah :satisfied im using win7 btw.
  • jmitchelld's avatar
    Thanks for the reply Stam.

    I have tried running it with nothing else loaded and still nothing happens.

    It seems other people have the same problem: q-1834-Issues-with-v11/n-last.html#bottom
  • Stam's avatar
    I already did mate, I pointed him to the latest topic I started "Issues with v1.1" which includes that 'error'.
    Just a silly thought, but are you running any other programs at the same time?
  • jmitchelld's avatar
    Really confused why it won't load!

    As mentioned, all the previous versions of FM Scout have worked fine.

    But the one released this week and the one today - neither of them run/load when I double click the load icon.

    Can you forward this error on to Eugene, please Stam?
  • El Turco's avatar
    It works like a machine on my Windows 7 based PC.
    Thank you guys, for your all efforts. :clap
  • Stam's avatar
    I'm on XP Pro SP3, runs fine, loads fine.
  • jmitchelld's avatar
    What operating system are you using kingdevilb?

    I am running Windows XP Home SP3.
  • kingdevilb's avatar
    Still, no matter how many times I double click the FM Scout exe file, nothing happens!

    same thing to me...:weep
    damit =P
  • 8Ballism's avatar
    It works! Huzzah! Thank you very much Eugene!
  • jmitchelld's avatar
    Still, no matter how many times I double click the FM Scout exe file, nothing happens!

    I have never had this problem with FM Scout before, but the latest two versions simply won't run?!
  • 8Ballism's avatar
    Haha, just as I asked what time 'lunch time' is!

    Hope this works!
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