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Manchester United - Post-Ferguson

Started on 28 October 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 27 January 2014 by kdavva
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I am a loyal Manchester United supporter, it was interesting to read. I will be closely following your story :) And i have to admit Moyes isn't going that well :(
Good luck!!!
Good luck as long as you start better than Moyes! ;)
Manchester; Thank you, and its really not is it:(

BeanyUnited Thank you as well, & it won't be that hard;)
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My Chance...

Monday 1st July 2013, 11:59am

I nervously press they answer button, and managed to force out a hello...

Josh: "Um, hello?"

Richard: "Josh! Why hello!"

Josh: "Is this, Richa... I mean Mr. Arnold?"

Richard: "It certainly is."

Josh: "Oh, hello sir."

Richard: "By god no Josh, call me Richard, you're no kid anymore."

Josh: "Okay then, Richard...?"

Richard: "Ahaha! I was just calling to see if you wanted to meet up for a coffee sometime. I was overlooking some past business deals, and came across the one that was with your boss, and I couldn't help but think of you, so? What do you say?"

Josh: "Yes yes I'd love to, but when?"

Richard: "Half an hour? Small cafe on Greens Park Road?"

Josh: "I'll be there."

Richard: "Good man, see you soon!"

Holy shit, as if that just happened, a director of Manchester United, wanting coffee with me, doesn't get better than that, I wonder if he can help me with my problem? So I tootle off down to the agreed cafe to see if I can get that one opportunity I need...
Wow. What a start. I can't wait for the next update.
"Come on TCO play like Fergie's boys! We'll go wild, wild, wild we'll go wild, wild, wild. So come on TCO!!"
edu; Why thank you pal;)

Beany; Ahaha, that'll be the stories chant;)
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Job Opportunity

Monday 1st July 2013, 12:27pm

I arrived at the cafe. The small one down Greens Park Road. Yes that was the one. It was almost half past at this point, and Richard should be here any moment. In order to prepare for his arrival, I went into the newly refurbished Coco Browns cafe, and got us both a seat situated next to the large window, a nice view can never be a bad thing.

Another few minutes passed and still no sight, when suddenly from around the corner, turned the man himself, Richard Arnold. I stood up immediately, and raced to the door to greet him. I held the door open and in came himself, shortly followed by the big, black briefcase. After returning the greetings we both went and sat, and had a huge catch up on all that had happened in the past few years of our lives. We talked for hours and hours until Richard decided he needed to be off. Before leaving he asked me whereabouts I lived, I told him it was just around the corner. He then said he'd drop in another time in maybe a month or so, I replied saying that'd be great, but as he stood up to pull over his charcoal colored jacket, I notified him of the fact I wouldn't be here then. Concerned, he stopped his current actions and asked me why, I told him that I could no longer afford the rent, so the landlord was selling up. To my surprise he then took off his jacket, and sat down, signaling me to do the same. He then questioned me on a few general questions, all of which the answers came of a huge shock to him. The most being when I had told him I was currently unemployed.

At this point I could tell he was deep in thought, and then it happened. He asked me if I would be interested in helping out the U18's coaches of Manchester United. Without hesitation I smiled and accepted the offer, he then went on saying he would need to check with David Moyes, and probably the chairman, but I should probably start assuming I'll get the job, and because he felt he hadn't quite returned the favor, he offered to help me out with rent for a flat in Manchester. I couldn't contain my excitement. I sprung up to me feet and with a huge grin on my face shook his hand and thanked him more than I had ever thanked anyone. He said he would call me tomorrow and talk about it again later...
2013-11-03 01:55#141338 TCO : shortly followed by the big, black dildo.

Woah TCO, nasty words there! Good luck :P
2013-11-03 02:13#141341 Pauker :
2013-11-03 01:55#141338 TCO : shortly followed by the big, black dildo.

Woah TCO, nasty words there! Good luck :P
Ahahahaha, I had to double check that I thought I'd put that instead ;p & thanks;D
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10 yearsEdited

Moving Day

Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 15:56pm

Today was the day. Today I finally did something with my life. All these wasted years of being a nobody. Today, Monday the third of July, I became somebody. I contacted all my close family, and they are on their way over to congratulate me, and help me settle in. My mum, and interior designer by day, is helping me with, well the interior of my flat, and my dad, luckily enough is an engineer, so he's coming as well to get my washing machine up and running.

As I was zipping up my last bag, my phone rang it was Richard. I answered.

Richard: "Hello? Josh?"

Josh: "Yes, Hello Mr. Arnol... I mean Richard."

Richard: "Are you packed?"

Josh: "Yes yes, I have just finished."

Richard: "Good, Moysey's keen to meet you."

Josh: "Meet me? When will I be meeting him."

Richard: "Urm, in about 2 hours, see you then!"

The phone bleeped as the caller had disconnected. Shit, I had to be in Manchester in 2 hours. I rushed over to my wardrobe and pulled out my best suit, I laid it out on the bed, and went and started up the shower. As it was warming up, I loaded my suitcases into the car ready to leave, and walked backed into the empty, plain house in which I used to live in, ran into the bathroom. and jumped in the shower. After singing the entire album Bangerz from Miley Cyrus, I vacated the shower for the last time, and put on my suit. I headed towards the door, and stepped out of the house for the last time, looking back, and smiling that I was finally doing something with my life. I turned towards my car, got in and made my way towards my new life. Manchester.
Nice last update mate. I wonder where you got your Bangerz idea from ;) Good luck with the rest of your story I will be following!
2013-11-03 21:44#141580 Radders2109 : Nice last update mate. I wonder where you got your Bangerz idea from ;) Good luck with the rest of your story I will be following!
Cheers bud. Hmm, have no idea where it came from;)
The most interesting story I've read yet. Can't wait till next update. :)
2013-11-04 11:51#141644 paperroute : The most interesting story I've read yet. Can't wait till next update. :)
Thanks mate;D

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