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Manchester United - Post-Ferguson

Started on 28 October 2013 by TCO
Latest Reply on 27 January 2014 by kdavva
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The Meeting

Wednesday 3rd July 2013, 17:06pm

I stood nervously outside of Mr. Moyes' office. I couldn't believe I was finally here! I had briefly been to my new flat and dropped off the suitcases, from what I saw it was amazing. Bright white marble kitchen, oh it looked fantastic. A few minutes passed before I heard footsteps make their way towards me, the door made a 'clink' sound, and I was introduced in by the man himself, David Moyes. My teams new hope. He asked me to step in with a huge Scottish smile on his face, and directed me towards a black leather chair.

David: "Welcome to Manchester United Josh! How are you feeling?"

Josh: "Thank you Mr. Moyes. I'm feeling, pretty urm, nervous, but excited too."

David: "There's nothing to be nervous about, you're practically one of us now, however we will need you to complete your Level Two FA Coaching course before we can sign the actually contract, but that shouldn't take to long."

Josh: "Well I've actually almost finished it, I'm a couple of days away now."

David: "Ah! Well that's brilliant then! So, Mr. Arnold did mention that you would be able to help out Paul McGuinness and his team with the U18's but we decided it'd in the clubs best interests, and from what I've heard, yours too, if you were to join Chis Woods as a goalkeeping coach?"

Josh: "Yes of course, I used to be one back in the day. That'd be amazing."

David: "Well I'm glad that's all sorted then. So, I must be off, I need to let one of the cleaners know about the changing room mess. Rooney's hair is falling out again, and I think Mr. Arnold would like a word. See you."

Josh: "Bye."

Richard: "So Josh I just wanted a quick word about the flat. It's rented, not bought, but the owners are willing to rent for as long as needed. I have paid them a years in advance, for you to get some money under your belt, and get your new career started. I too must be off. So I'll leave you to read over those documents, and see you later."

Josh: "Thank you so much for this, you are literally a life saver. See you later."

Brilliant last update :P Loving this story can't wait for the next update
2013-11-04 19:27#141764 Radders2109 : Brilliant last update :P Loving this story can't wait for the next update
Thank youuu;p
Great update. :)
David Moyes getting newbs into Man U. #ClassicManUMove #MoyesToGetSackedAndSleighthornToTakeOver
Story's so gooooouuuud, keep them updates coming!
2013-11-05 04:25#141897 Pauker : David Moyes getting newbs into Man U. #ClassicManUMove #MoyesToGetSackedAndSleighthornToTakeOver
Will it really be that simple though?;)
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10 yearsEdited

The Flat

So after the meeting I returned to the flat I had only just got a glimpse of, and when I returned I was shocked. As I walked in I was met by one hell of a living room.

The Living Room. Modern, big, perfect.

I then continued into the kitchen, it too, was modernized, spacious and just right for me.

The Kitchen

I then moved onto the most favorite part of my flat. The sex lair. Mila Kunis will be having a few trips round here...

Sex Lair

Through a door I was also greeted by the en suite, mistaking the towel rail for a rather shiny snake.

En Suite

Overall it was rather an impressive place, but I'd need to work hard to be able to pay for it, £5,500 is a lot to pay a month.
Haha certainly quite a unique update but it's interesting too :P Nice place, I'll take it! :))
2013-11-05 19:50#142036 Louis O. : Haha certainly quite a unique update but it's interesting too :P Nice place, I'll take it! :))
Ahaha, cheers bud. Should get back on track soon;D
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10 yearsEdited

First Day on the Job

Thursday 4th July 2013, 9:00am

I arrived at Carrington to meet the squad, I was nervous even though I was meeting people about 7 years younger than me. I entered the gates of the training ground to see Jordan Thompson firing shots at goalkeeper Dean Henderson, and Andreas Pereira pulling off some fantastic tricks by himself. I thought to myself, god, we have some half decent players in our youth, whilst walking over to Paul McGuinness. As I approached him he pulled out a schedule of today's training plans, he pointed to different things as I tried to get it all in my head so I wouldn't need to be told again. Soon enough I found myself with two goalkeepers, four defenders ,and two strikers at my disposal. I had been instructed to set up and attacking drill as my first task.

The day went buy quicker than ever, and after several other drills I had helped out with, the entire u18 team came over and thanked me, as did Paul himself, he said he had never seen the team happier, and told me I would be a successful coach. Those two words themselves gave me a huge confidence boost, and I went away happy. Later that night I received a phone call from David Moyes. He said Paul was unavailable for tomorrows U18 fixture, so he suggested I take over, I was delighted, a chance to prove my worth even more, and I wasn't going to let it slip.
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10 yearsEdited

Proving My Worth

Friday 5th July 2013 12:06pm

Today was the day, my first game in charge, U18's, and only filling in, but still, its a start. We were playing against Leicester City U18's in a friendly, and I was really up for it. It was about 30 minutes till kick off, and I went into the dressing room, and read the starting eleven out to the boys...

J.Pereira, Evans, McConnell, Borthwick-Jackson, Barber, Riley, Harrop, Thompson, Willock, Mitchell Fletcher and Croskery. The rest of you are on the bench, good luck boys, don't give up, and lets hit em' hard!

Final Match Report

I.. I won, I actually won! Yes! Ahahaha! I wonder what this could mean for my future here...
Very nice story so far. Congratulation on the win ;)
2013-11-08 22:16#142522 AlexSonwild : Very nice story so far. Congratulation on the win ;)
Cheers bud;D
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10 yearsEdited

Moyes Leaves Manchester.

Saturday 6th July 2013, 8:00am

Ben: "Hello, and welcome to today's sporting action. My name is Ben Dover, and with me today, Mike Litoris. For today's sports news, we go over to Mo Lester who is outside Old Trafford."

Mo: "Thank you Ben, we don't quite know what is going on, but we have found out that David Moyes is no longer the manager on Manchester United, he recent appointment has been cut short from what is believed to be, and internal disagreement with the board. More news later."

Ben: "So that's the news so far, and bookies already have the odds up for the next manager..."

Ben: "Interestingly Jose Mourinho who has just joined Chelsea is up there, do you think he'll be the one Mike?"

Mike: "No actually, I think its going to between Ryan Giggs, and Paulo Di Canio, I can see them both being the next in line for the job."

Ben: "Well we're sure to find out shortly, anyway that's us for now, join us later were we could get an exclusive interview with David to see what is really going on, thanks for watching, good bye.

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