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Real Madrid

Started on 1 November 2013 by CharlieM92
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Walter
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2013-11-11 20:52#143084 TCO : Definatly some good transfer market work there, you already have a top class, and fairly young squad, the best place to splash the cash is youth, try get some money put into the Youth Recruitment and that, brilliant story bud!

Thanks mate and I am planning to start the whole youth development thing soon! Thanks again!
2013-11-12 09:09#143148 dan4rmnaija : I'm still enjoying it Charlie, very much so. £52 million seems a bit much for Lamela. Can't wait to see if he lives up to his price tag. I believe di Maria is gon be the one to leave. Lewandowski is performing quite well considering you bought him for free. Great Story Dude

Yeah as long as Lamela does as well as I have seen him do in this game I would say £52M is worth it with him being young. Thanks for reading! :D

2014 - September

Granada 4-1 W (7-2) W - A fantastic win in the Spanish Super Cup. As well as this, a fantastic man of the match performance by Lamela on his debut! He scored and set up a goal. Elsewhere, Varane, Illarramendi and Morata scored.
Zaragoza 4-0 W - A dominant win which saw Varane, Pepe, Modric and Di Maria get the goals. Unfortunately, Varane has been ruled out 11 days which means he will miss the big Barcelona game!
Steaua 1-4 W - A stunning performance by Lewandowski! His first of hopefully many hat tricks. The other goal came from Pepe however, he has a minor injury that will make him miss the Barcelona game.
Barcelona 2-1 L - We played a very tired team especially in defence. I was forced to play Pepe who just made it back from injury. No one played that well even the goalscorer Khedira who is out now for two weeks. We kept hold of a 1-1 until the 92nd minute! They deserved to win, it was lucky we didn't get smashed but thanks to our best player on the day Casillas with an 7.9 rating. Left gutted thanks to the late goal.
Deportivo 0-2 W - A nice win after a defeat. The returning Ronaldo put in a MOTM performance by scoring a goal. The second goal came from Bale. Furthermore, Sahin will be out for two weeks.
Mallorca 4-1 W - Pepe, Ramos, Lamela and man of the match Alonso with two assists got the goals today. Illarramendi unfortunately got himself a red card just before half time and will be banned for at least one league game.
Anderlecht 6-1 W - We really did dominate the game from start to finish. This is proven by having 43 shots including 24 on target and 65% of the possession. Ronaldo got himself a hat trick, elsewhere were goals from Pepe, Lewandowski and the returning Verane.

A great month which we has made our start to the season more impressive despite the gutting loss to Barca. A great start in Europe too however, I have not played Dortmund yet.

Player of the month: Cristiano Ronaldo

Since coming back from injury he has been very pleasing!
Great story, in January consider getting Courtois?
2013-11-13 21:18#143494 Chris : Great story, in January consider getting Courtois?

Yeah I think once Casillas starts to decay in form I will buy a top young goalkeeper. Might be Courtois, thinking about it, don't think I have ever bought him! :D
Nice debut by Lamela. Cool seeing Ronaldo playing so well, shame about the Barcelona game. It's obvious you played a weakened side...don't worry you'll get them next time
Nice story, but as TCO said, spend your money on the youth-squad and recruitment, as you already have a young talented squad. But like i said, great story. =)
2013-11-14 08:08#143573 dan4rmnaija : Nice debut by Lamela. Cool seeing Ronaldo playing so well, shame about the Barcelona game. It's obvious you played a weakened side...don't worry you'll get them next time

Yeah I am convinced I will eventually beat Barca, we got so unlucky and like you said, I had some injury problems. Once I can beat them often, I hope to go all season unbeaten!
2013-11-14 10:32#143585 paperroute : Nice story, but as TCO said, spend your money on the youth-squad and recruitment, as you already have a young talented squad. But like i said, great story. =)

Thanks for the advice and thanks for reading! :)

2014 - October

Granada 6-0 W - All six goals came in the first half! One from Ronaldo, two from Isco and three from Bale! Second half was poor and to add to the negativity, Ramos got red carded so he will be banned for at least a game.
Almeria 0-3 W - Isco, Pepe and Varane got the goals for us in this game. Despite resting a few key players for the Dortmund game we still played very well. Sad news that man of the match Alonso who set up two of the goals got injured and will likely miss the Dortmund game.
Dortmund 4-0 W - Well we had Lewandowski and they had Benzema :D We played incredibly well, with Varane, man of the match Pepe, Isco and Lewandowski getting the goals. As well as that, Benzema played terrible. :P
Sevilla 4-2 L - Well, it was a bit of a random result. We was 1-0 up after just five minutes thanks to Modric, they thrashed us after that getting it to 4-1. The whole team played poor. Ronaldo scored a consolation goal in extra time. Very out of the blue result and I haven't got many of these in this years FM either! I'm sure we will come back in the next game! Also, thanks to Barcelona also having a shock result to Getafe, we are still first!
Getafe 2-0 W - A nice game to get back to winning ways with Ronaldo and Varane scoring.

It was a great result in Europe and it means I have virtually qualified already. The Sevilla result was bizarre and dissapointing but hopefully it will be forgotten quickly!

Player of the Month: Varane
His goal scoring and average ratings has been insane!

2014 - November

Levante 7-0 W - Despite preparing for the Dortmund game, we hit pure domination in this game. Bale got himself a hat trick, the other goals came from, Varane, Pepe, Lamela and Morata. Ramos got his second yellow in the game to get sent off a to give them a penalty however, Casillas managed to still keep a clean sheet!
Dortmund 2-0 L - I wasn't too concerned about the game, being six points in front of every team in the group I felt confident. Therefore, I dropped some players that needed a rest and Dortmund exploited that. To make things worse, Benzema scored! We are now three points infront of both Dortmund and Steaua.
Rayo 1-6 W - Markovic opened the scoring with his first goal for the club. Later on, Khedira, Ronaldo scored. But man of the match Lewandowski did more than that and scored a hat trick!
Real Sociedad 1-2 W - Despite Varane scoring an own goal, we picked up the win with both Di Maria and Lewandowski scoring.
Steaua 5-2 W - A bit worrying letting in two goals to a team like this but pleased with the amount we scored. The five goals consisted of a Ronaldo hat trick, Nacho and an own goal. Ronaldo had to go off after ninety minutes however it seems he will miss just the one game.
Espanyol 2-0 W - An easy win with Alonso and Lamela scoring. Should and could of scored more.

A great month with a lot of goals. Disappointed with the Dortmund result of course, but I only need a draw with Anderlecht to win the group. Plus I have already qualified. Most players are playing well too!

Player of the month: Xabi Alonso
Is assisting many goals just like usual, also scoring a few too! :D

2014 - December

Athletic Bilbao 3-0 W - An easy win which saw Illarramendi score and Bale bagged a brace.
Leganes 0-9 W - I was hoping to cause a goal blitz against this team and we did exactly that. This was the first leg of the Spanish Cup 4th Round. The goals came from, Modric (2), Lamela (2), Markovic, Nacho (2), Di Maria and Bale.
Anderlecht 2-5 W - Just a draw was needed to win the Champions League group. We conceded a penalty after just two minutes to put me in worry. It was 2-2 by half time thanks to Modric and Ronaldo. By full time, Ronaldo had scored another, and furthermore, Lewandowski and Ramos scored to coneal the win.
Elche 0-4 W - A brace from Bale and a brace from Lewandowski meant we thrashed them.
Leganes 8-0 (17-0) W - Being nine up already, I decided to play possibly the best youth player Tony Sanabria. He has scored 22 goals in just 18 games in the U19 league. The goals came from Markovic (3), own goal, Di Maria, Bale, Sanabria and Ramos. Everyone played incredibly well including Sanabria! Sadly, Khedira got a horrible injury and will be out for four months.
Malaga 1-1 D - Despite having so many shots, we just couldn't find that winning goal. The one goal from Ramos was not enough.

Champions League 1st Knockout Round Draw: Marseille
Opinion: A decent team but should beat easily.

A very good month with high scoring games in the Spanish Cup. The draw against Malaga isn't a terrible result, themselves are currently fourth in the table. The next update will be a mid season review. :)

Player of the Month: Gareth Bale
He has been in superb form and just scores and does everything in every game he plays at the moment!

CharlieM92's avatar Group CharlieM92
7 yearsEdited

Mid Season Review 2014 - 2015

League Review:

If Barcelona win their two games in hand, we will be knocked off by just the one point. Furthermore, Athletico are very close behind. So I really do have to be consistent now and possibly more importantly, not lose against Barca or Athetico, a draw is minimal. To look at in in a postive light, we are first! :D

Players Review:

I could of put many more players into my player review but I have chosen these three because I would have to say they are the most key. Bale scores every game, Varane scores often and defends well with high ratings and Ronaldo, well if he doesn't score he will set someone else up instead. Furthermore, the whole team is doing very well.

Player Rewards:
World Player of the Year: Gareth Bale
Team of the Year: Ramos, Pepe, Ronaldo and Bale (Casillas and Marcelo on the bench)
European Golden Boy: Varane

This is what I consider to be the strongest team:

Youth Development:
I have decided to bring up Tony Sarabria from the U19 team to the first team. Perhaps early but, I have confidence in him after scoring in the Spanish Cup. I am predicting his appearances will mostly be in that competition too. Against weak opponents in the league he will get on the bench. But fighting Lewandowski and Morata for a start will be difficult.

Transfer Plans:
I have about £40M but I am not planning to bring anyone in. Only if someone gets transfer listed that I can't leave to go to someone else, or if I found a high potential youth player. The only out going player will be Jese. I have decided that he will just not make it in my team and I really struggle to give him a chance when he hasn't impressed.

Well winning the League might be difficult but I'm sure we can do it! The Spanish Cup progress will depend on when I get Barca :P. Finally, in the Champions League, same as last year, I hope to get to at least the Semi - Finals.

Someone in, someone out and a major injury update!


To start off, Casillas has suffered a horrible injury and will be out for about three months. This leaves just Diego Lopez.

Coming in...

In my opinion I have made an excellent signing with Marc-Ander ter Stegen. He cost me just £4 million! This is because of contract expiring, I could have waited but obviously I spent just a little bit (for Real Madrid anyways) to get him now to cover Casillas. This will provide competion and a future goalkeeper for the long term. Diego Lopez and Stegen will be battling for the spot until Casillas comes back. Furthermore, I will attempt to play Stegen as much as I can to prove his potential.

Going out...

Jese has left to join Porto for £13 million. Not too sure how I got that much for him, I haven't really rated him. He really just was not getting a chance and has not got amazing potential or talent.
Ter Stegen is a brilliant signing, and you should be well covered for goalkeepers.

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