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Real Madrid

Started on 1 November 2013 by CharlieM92
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Walter
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Real Madrid

Why I picked Real Madrid:
I don't think I have been Real Madrid or explored the Spanish league much, I have had a good Barcelona save in FM13 but I took over them in the year 2018 for about five years. Anyways, I have been inspired by wellsy1498 with his 'Zinedine Zidane - Los Blancos story. I was enjoying reading it very much but his file got corrupted and had to come to an end. I hope he doesn't mind me doing this. :) Furthermore, the team has gotten my interest this year and when I am one of the 'big' teams I attempt to pretty much build an invincible team by combining promoting youth players and spending mega bucks and I think with Real Madrid this is possible.

About the Story:
I will attempt not to write pages and pages, I can seem to write a lot about nothing! I read a lot of stories on here and I dislike the sorts that write a lot. I understand different people like different things though. This will probably just be a bit of fun anyways, not too sure how it will go. I hope it will be an interesting read.

Extra Notes:
I have played all of pre-season, the next update will provide an introduction and results. In the future I will be doing monthly updates probably. Also, if any of you reading this have recommendations please recommend! Things such as write more or write less. Please enjoy!

Starting it up!

Initial Thoughts:
The squad looks very good, Real Madrid spent a lot in the summer on the likes of Bale and Isco. The only position that could be perhaps weak is the right back. However, it all depends if I play Ramos there. And this depends if Varane and Pepe if are a good pairing. Never the less, there is a lack of high quality alternatives. Apart from that, the squad is very good.

I am using the very popular 4-2-3-1. When I play Barca or the best European teams I will be playing 4-3-2-1 (the AMC will drop to CM). And I might use this when away, I may also have to use this formation when Isco is available, because the AMC is Engache. I have used Ronaldo here in the pre-season and was impressive however, that's Ronaldo. :P

With a £20M budget, I looked in the transfer market but no one was appealing for under £20M. The only out going was Arbeloa to P$G for £5M. I may look in January once I know more about the squad or even sell again.

Pre-season Results:
(All away games)
Winterthure 1-4 W
Aarau 0-3 W
Grasshoppers 1-3 W
Locarno 0-2 W
Lausanne 1-5 W

I dominated all games, should of scored more. Slight concern with a few goals going in, hopefully just pre-season laziness.
Best players of pre-season:
Morata - In two games he picked up two MOTM awards and scored four goals.
Ronaldo - Six goals in four games and two assists.
Alonso - In three games he assisted three times.

Here we go!
In the season I am looking forward to see Morata improving, Ronaldo being better than Messi and to see if Bale is worth £85M. I hope to win the League and get to the Semi Final of the Champions League. I will possibly play the weaker/younger players in the Cup.


2013 - August

Betis 4-1 W - The season kicked off very well with this game, we dominated from start to finish.
Granada 2-3 W - Switched to the 4-3-2-1 formation in order to play Modric and rest Isco. Was 1-0 down at half time thanks to a Pepe own goal. However a Ronaldo hat trick we easily got back to win.
Athletic 2-0 W - Good solid win however, concerned about the lack of goal with the amount of chances and low ratings of the attacking players.

Couldn't of asked for more than three wins out of the first three games. However, after the away game at Granada, slightly concerned of how only Ronaldo scored. Di Maria, Isco and Benzema got low ratings and to be fair Ronaldo had a rating below 7 at half time, but I can't moan when he scores a hat trick! Same with the Athletic game, low ratings and low amount of goals considering the amounts of chances. But, three out of three!

2013 - September

European Groups Announced:
Real Madrid
CSKA Moscow
Group could of been a lot easier! However, I am confident I can still come first, just a few more 'big games' than I wanted.

Villarreal 2-3 W - They scored both their goals within five minutes of the game. I was in shock. Bale scored to make it 2-1 at half time. Then through domination Bale got a second and Modric scored late on the secure the win. An amazing comeback!
Dortmund 0-0 D - The first European game, at home I really wanted and expected the win. However, a strong side could not find the net despite many chances. I was left disappointed.
Getafe 3-0 W - With the team tired I made a few changes such as leaving the out of form Benzema out and brought in Morata. Bale bagged a brace within fifteen minutes and Morata scored very late on. Very impressed!
Elche 0-2 W - The team seem to look out of sorts away from home. Depsite many shots I really doubted the team would score. However, Isco eventually scored in the 70th minute and then scored again ten minutes later to conceal the win.
Athletico Madrid 0-1 L - I wanted to win this game very much and felt very capable of doing so. However, our first loss of the season occurred. To make it worse, the goal was an own goal by Verane. The game was very even but we had the better chances. Very poor finishing by Bale and Ronaldo and Morata didn't even seem like he was on the pitch! This result leaves us 3rd behind Athletico Madrid and Barca.

The team is looking very good, we just need improve the finishing of the shots. Not too much of a bad start to the champions league, once again, another game where the finishing of the attacking players need to be improved.

Player of the Month: Gareth Bale
I played him the second he came back from injury thanks to Di Maria getting injured and scored a brace. Furthermore, he scored another two against Getafe. Worth at least £85M ;)

2013 - October

CSKA Moscow 1-1 D - Being away in Russia, I decided to opt for the 4-3-2-1 formation. I really wanted the win too after the draw with Dortmund. Depsite dominating and having many shots on target, only one was scored. Thanks to super sub Morata as well! Overall, a poor result in Europe yet again. However, I think we hit the woodwork at least three times, so maybe an unlucky result too. :P
Levante 2-3 W - I had to rest some players after the trip to Russia. The most notable was switching Ramos to centre back to rest Varane and bringing Nacho in. I dominated the game once again, Morata was the MOTM by a mile! Scoring two goals and setting up Bale. Levante did attempt to get back into the game with a three minute double by Angel but we held out for the win.
Malaga 2-0 - W It was a fairly even game until Bale scored in the 58th minute then Malaga did not manage to shoot again. Isco scored just before full time. Di Maria also made his return from injury.
Napoli 0-2 W Playing Barcelona three days after this game made the team selection difficult. Two tough teams both away and I felt like I needed to win this game because of the two previous draws in Europe. I dropped Bale and brought in Di Maria and droppend Varane and played Ramos in centre back again, bringing Nacho in to fill the right back position. Both goals were scored in the first twenty minutes, it was looking very easy. Even thought Napoli played a lot better in the second half, they did not come back, also thanks to Casillas for saving a penalty! :D
Barcelona 0-0 D - The big game! Being away, I played my defensive 4-3-2-1 formation. Pepe was suspended so Varane came in. Bale was back in for Di Maria. They had a strong team out, I had a strong team, I guess you could say I was just hoping. I had got dominated in the first half. Casillas played very well. But I wasn't going to change anything until they had scored. On the 50th minute Pique got a red card, I thought that was it and went overload, we had shot after shot but never scored. Therefore, in the end it was a very even game and a fair, possibly good result!
Sevilla 2-0 W - With Sevilla being last in the league without a win, I decided to give some of the key players a much needed rest. Including Ronaldo. This gave the likes of young Jese a chance, also Casemiro who has not been impressive. A good result however, Pepe got a red card therefore, is banned for at least one match. Furthermore, both of the goalscorers Di Maria and Alonso are out for two weeks and five weeks.

Overall a very good month. Not much to complain about, not much to be excited about. Looking comfortable in games, hopefully Ronaldo will start scoring like Ronaldo and other players pick up in form.

Player of the month: Morata
To be fair, mainly based just on the stunning performance in the Levante game, scoring two goals and setting up the third. Looks like a bright future!
CharlieM92's avatar Group CharlieM92
10 yearsEdited

2013 - November

Rayo 1-2 W - With a few injuries I had to play a slightly weak team but, I was expecting an easy win anyways. It took us 50 minutes to eventually score and that was only thanks to a Ronaldo penalty. They then equalised fifteen minutes later. Luckily, Modric eventually found the net two minutes before time. Should of been more comfortable! To make things worse, Isco is out for six weeks!
Napoli 1-0 W - Simple win, could and should of scored more. Pepe with the goal and a red card! Two red cards all together for him now.
Real Sociedad 2-0 W Another simple win. Khedira scoring two goals out of nowhere in just five minutes. The likes of Bale and Ronaldo have been doing very poorly!
Almeria 0-3 W - Team played very well, Ronaldo, Morata and Varane with the goals. Bale and Alonso with the assists.
Dortmund 0-1 W - Thanks to injuries I had to play a tired team. We didn't deserve to win but its all about taking your chances and Morata did that with his first shot. This result came at a price, Morata and Varane got injured for the match but they should be fine for the next game. This result means I have won the group with one game left!

A good month with solid wins. Very happy to have already of won the group with a game to spare. Negatives of the month is the amount of injures and bans my players are getting.

Player of the month: Raphael Varane
Been very solid at centre back, this allows Ramos to play at right back which allows me to have the best defenders out at all times.

2013 - December

Champions League Round of Sixteen Draw: Ajax
Opinion: I suppose I could of got a harder or easier team. We are away first for the first leg, I expect to beat them fairly easy.

Valladolid 1-0 W - Only Varane managed to score in this game, Bale hit the crossbar twice and we had fifteen shots on target! But a wins a win!
Guadalajara 1-4 W - This was the start of the Spanish Cup (4th Round) I gave the the players that couldn't get into the team a start in this game. Therefore, the likes of Diego Lopez, Carvajal, Casemiro, Jese and Benzema. The team played well, Di Maria, Jese and Benzema scoring the goals. The other being an own goal.
CSKA Moscow 1-1 D - Having already won the group, I decided to play the likes of Lopez, Carvajal, Jese and Benzema again. Thanks to a Carvajal mistake, they was 1-0 up at half time, with only having one shot on target. Benzema played dreadful, luckily Ramos scored from a corner set piece to snatch a very late draw with one minute remaining.
Osasuna 1-2 W - After playing two week teams in the previous two games, all the key players were back in such as Casillas, Pepe and Ronaldo. Coming back into the team, both Ronaldo and Pepe scored.
Guadalajara 2-0 W (6-1) - The second leg of the 4th round of the Spanish Cup. I played the likes of Jese and Carvajal again. More importantly, Isco is back! Therefore, I went back to the 4-2-3-1 formation. We dominated the game but not surprisingly, Benzema couldn't even finish his dinner. Bad news, Di Maria got injured in the game and is out for two weeks yet again.
Valencia 0-1 W - The key players came back into the side, Morata scored after just two minutes and well... that was it. He played well though, just so did their goalkeeper :P Alonso got himself a red seconds before full time.

Most wins are a bit scrappy, we dominate but don't score often. But I wont moan if we are winning! :D

Player of the Month: Di Maria
Coming back from injuries he has done very well. Just unfortunate he has got injured again!
Can I make a suggestion? Take a look at the part of the site that is linked below to help see how you can make the posts more interesting to look at. In my opinion (which might not matter) there is a lot of text in the posts and images, banners, etc might just add a bit more to your updates. Take time to look at some of the successful stories from back on FM13 as there is some cracking story writers that you can nick ideas off.

Please feel free to ignore this but please do take it as constructive criticism.
2013-11-02 14:14#141118 Jamesg237 : Can I make a suggestion? Take a look at the part of the site that is linked below to help see how you can make the posts more interesting to look at. In my opinion (which might not matter) there is a lot of text in the posts and images, banners, etc might just add a bit more to your updates. Take time to look at some of the successful stories from back on FM13 as there is some cracking story writers that you can nick ideas off.

Please feel free to ignore this but please do take it as constructive criticism.

Thanks for the constructive feedback! :D I will aim to add more colour and pictures to make it look more appealing!

Mid-Season Review

League Review

Being first in the league is exactly where I would be want to be! Furthermore, the loss being to the team in second and the draw to the team in third can be seen a positive and a negative. My team is very consistent however, we have not beaten the more challenging, better teams in the league.

Champions League Review:

This was very impressive, next stop, Ajax in the round of sixteen!

Players Review:

I have picked out these players because I would consider them to be the most important. Pepe has been a very good defender, and by far the most consistent, this got him into the World Team of the Year, the only player from Real Madrid doing so. Alonso has assisted six goals in the league despite, attacking players not finishing often. Finally, Morata has been surprising and FAAAAR better than Benzema (Not one goal in seven league games).

I would consider this being the strongest team.

Transfer Plans:
Well I have a nice £53M to spend and the only player I will be possibly letting go is Benzema, with a value of £20.5M I guess I could get around £30M? So perhaps a big name striker could be coming but I will wait and see!

Planning to win the league and feel confident in doing so. The Spanish cup I will likely get to the final hopefully at least. In the champions league I still hope to get to the Semi - Finals and see who we get to judge if we could go further!
Certainly a unique story so far. Follow James' advice and you'll not just be unique but fantastic too ;)
2013-11-02 17:22#141188 Louis O. : Certainly a unique story so far. Follow James' advice and you'll not just be unique but fantastic too ;)

Is that a bad unique or a good unique? :P
Much more appealing last update there mate, it's easier on the eye. Keep adding more like that and you'll be on a winner :)
2013-11-02 19:38#141212 DeanByrne1995 : Much more appealing last update there mate, it's easier on the eye. Keep adding more like that and you'll be on a winner :)

Thanks a lot! :D

Major Signing!

Bayern were talking to him, Barca and Man. City were interested however, we managed to capture him! He well join at the start of next season. I am 99% sure I wont sign anyone else despite, having a £60M budget! I will sell Benzema in the summer, or a miracle might occur and he might learn how to score again! :P

Can't wait to have Ronaldo, Isco, Bale and Lewandowski shooting at the opponents goal!

Edit: Just remembered that I haven't got a face pack yet so I better add a picture just in case anyone has forgotten his face! Hoping the fans wont mind me signing someone who scored four goals against them, as long as he scores like that for us I suppose!

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