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The Global Domination Challenge

Follow me as I aim to win the league in every nation
Started on 23 November 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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Welcome ladies and gentlemen, to my new story. As you might be able to tell by the title, this is going to be a challenge, unlike any other. You may have seen people try the Pentagon Challenge and even the Tetradecagon challenge, but this is in a new level. This year, I will plan to attempt the Global Domination Challenge, a creation of my own, which will most definitely push my Football Manager skills to the limit. The final goal I will be attempting to reach, is to win every single of the 51 leagues, preloaded in FM. As well as this I would like to win the Champions League, and its respective competition in every continent.

To set this up, I will be loading up 1 nation at a time, to add another dimension, in a predetermined order. This order will be a list I enter into randomiser, and I will then randomly select a team in the nation’s lowest league to start off with. After I win the league in this country, I will then load up the next one, and wait until a new opening becomes available.

Coupled with this, I have also set myself the goal of winning all the continental competitions, and if possible the World Cup. Although it is not necessary, I will have to complete it before I leave the last country in that continent, as once I have left the nation, there is no going back.

Unlike my last story, which focused heavily on the plotlines outside the footballing world, here I will focus more on the game itself, while still hopefully giving you an interesting storyline to follow.

I hope you will follow me on this epic adventure, as I tackle the world.
This sounds difficult... I will applaud you if you get past Australia :P

Good luck with this :)
Wow, that is a very hard challenge my friend, one of the hardest of them all...good luck, you'll need it!
dayum homeboy! good luck!
Only you, TV, could spell Sweden wrong. Seriously? :P
A very tough challenge!
Good will need it :)
Definitely the hardest I've ever seen on FM Scout: good luck mate, you will need it!
Good luck. Would love to see you complete it.
Wow this story looks like it will be one to keep an eye on! I'm definitely going to be following this :)
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
10 yearsEdited
So, after using a randomiser with all the teams in the Australian Hyundai A league, the team I will be starting my career of with is…


Founded in 2004 after a new football league system was introduced in Australia, which saw the old National Soccer League disbanded in 2003, and replaced by the A-League, Melbourne Victory has had the highest attendance rates in the whole league, ever since the 2006–07 season and is also considered the most successful club in the A-League, having won two A-League Championships and two Premiers Plates. Melbourne Victory have completed the Premiership-Championship double twice, winning both during the 2006–07 and 2008–09 seasons.


On the 1st of November 2004, Melbourne Victory was unveiled as Melbourne's representative in the A-League, along with 7 other clubs. Geoff Lord, the CEO of Belgravia Leisure, the main backers of the club, was introduced as the chairman. Also, Samsung became the club’s biggest sponsor. Many big names were signed to the club, including the first player who joined the club, now veteran striker Archie Thompson. Despite them hosting one of the strongest squads in the league, they only managed to finish in a disappointing 7th place.


Victory are one of the most widely known Australian football teams, and have had an affiliation with English club Liverpool since the beginning of this season, allowing players to be sent on loan from the Merseyside club, to the Australian giants.
They also have a stern rivalry with several of the biggest clubs down under. The most notable of these is a interstate rivalry with another large club, Sydney FC. The meeting of the teams located in the two largest cities in the country is often a fiery, tense affair. This was cemented when Sydney controversially beat Victory in the last game of the 09/10 season to win the A-league Premiership, before once again triumphing when the sides met in the 2010 A-league grand Final. The other major rivals of Victory is their local derby against Melbourne Heart. Heart, who are a fairly new team, only joining in the 10/11 season. The biggest event which occurred between these sides is when Victory’s captain Kevin Muscat was sent off in a game between them.


Victory, widely seen as the most illustrious side in the A-league’s short history, have won a lot since the creation of the league. Since then, they have won the A- league Championship and Premiership twice, both in the 06/07 season, and the 08/09 seasons, where they completed their doubles. As well as this, they have appeared in the Finals Series 5 times.

Legends and Icons
First signing, most caps and goals,0.jpg
Kevin Muscat- First captain, stayed at club for 7 years

Adrian Leijer- 142 caps, another former captain, several spells at the club
Ah Melbourne Victory!! Pretty decent club. Good luck.
Good luck with Melbourne :)
I am sure you will easily win the league as Melbourne are the best team in the division.


Not the Victory - everyone hates the Victory (I'm from Melbourne). The only good football team in Melbourne is the Heart, so I will no longer follow this story. Good bye.

Manager Background Part 1- The Impossible Dream

25th December 2002, Christmas Day

I woke up early, hoping to get downstairs before my parents realised. I wanted to watch as the skies lit up, and the fireworks spread through the air like a spore, released from a newly born plant. It was a new beginning for me, no more violence, no more anger, just peace. Peace in my family was a rare thing. An occurrence that happened so infrequently, it became almost unheard of. Nowadays especially. My father had no mercy left, not for his mentally ill wife, or his 14 year old son. He had pain and sorrow in his heart, nothing less, nothing more.

I know it’s not all his fault though. Sometimes, when he drinks, it can change him into another man, the same face, with a totally different personality. Before he began drinking, I remembered how he used to take me to the park every Friday, and we would play for an hour, joyfully and carefree. Ever since the alcohol became a part of his life though, the man that used to love me, was slowly but surely slipping away.

So, what does a boy with no family and friends do? He plays. Playing this and that, whatever I could get my hands on in truth. I had no-one I could go out with, all my piers saw me as a social outcast. As much as that didn’t bother me, I detested the fact that on the weekend, everyone would be out, playing football, relaxing, while I would be hiding in my room, waiting for what seemed like an age, for my father to finally fall asleep.

Christmas was nothing special for me. I got no presents, didn’t do anything special, and pretty much always stayed at home. It was like another day, if anything it was worse, as last year, after a night in the pub, father came and smashed the first and only Christmas tree we ever got.

Football was what I was forced to turn to. The game everyone was talking about, with the big players, the famous coaches, the tense rivalries, it was such a thrill. I became an avid follower of English football; watching a player dribble through the defence, before unleashing a rocket of a shot into the top corner was just about the only thing that put a smile on my face. It was also becoming one of the best choices for my future career. I was not much of a player, but tactically, I was very adept. I saw myself as a coach for a local club, even venturing to management if possible.

Yet, that was so far away; now I had to contend with my life, and the hurdles that I faced, rather than a far-fetched dream that would most likely stay that. Just a dream.
Very well written update TV :)
Will be interesting to see who the manager is.

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