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The Global Domination Challenge

Follow me as I aim to win the league in every nation
Started on 23 November 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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Hahaha mate good story so far, I got 2 C's and a D and got into a dentistry uni :P
2013-12-01 20:16#147352 joethequin : Brilliant build-up so far!

Thanks mate, hope you keep enjoying my story! :)

2013-12-01 20:52#147371 pompeyblue : Yet another very good update :)
The build-up and background of your manager is brilliant!

Thanks, I like going into detail, glad you're enjoying it! :)

2013-12-01 21:19#147378 TheHazeOfSpades : Hahaha mate good story so far, I got 2 C's and a D and got into a dentistry uni :P

Haha, thanks mate! :)

Manager Beginnings Part 4- An Unexpected Chance

Taramas offered me coffee, which I politely refused. I wanted my mind clear for this meeting, seeing as it could potentially change my life. It was not often a rich man wearing an expensive tuxedo would stop you in the street, no matter hi past connections to you. Something important must be happening, I could feel it.

‘Casimir, how have you been old, friend?’ Taramas said, no longer boasting a thick Turkish accent, but a subtler accent, which I could not for the life of me place.

‘Good, how about you?’ I replied calmly, not wanting to rush the conversation.

‘Not bad, not bad at all. In fact, I have recently found myself in a very high up position, in a very large establishment.’ He said, with a sense of proudness.

‘Really?’ I said with a mildly surprised face, hiding my inner feelings. I knew he was destined for great things, even from a very young age.

‘Yes, and that establishment happens to be the very reason I came out find you.’ He paused, waiting for a reaction.

‘How so?’ I said nervously.

‘The establishment is something very close to your heart. It is a football club.’

I controlled my excitement, nodding for him to continue.

‘Let me just get to it. My club, Melbourne Victory, is in need of a coach, but due to financial issues, we cannot afford to pay this coach very much, and all our potential candidates have refused us because of this. I was hoping that you might be interested as taking this up as a side job, until we bring a proper coach in?’

I looked stunned at the man, while choking out some words, ‘I would be honoured, but I’m only 24, is that old enough?’

‘Age is not an issue. I know you have passion for the sport, and this could potentially help propel your career in the footballing world as well, so looking for future employment in this sector will be much easier. If you are willing to, I have a contract drawn up here for 6 months, with all payment listed on the sheet.’

‘I took the paper with my shaking hands, and skimmed over the content. As soon as my eyes laid sight on the monetary figure, they lit up.

‘Where do I sign?’
Oh ma gawd! Melbourne Victory, who of guessed!? ;)

Good Update
Good Luck
Good Things
As said by no-one ever
So far so AWESOME ;)
2013-12-03 19:43#147711 TK69 : Oh ma gawd! Melbourne Victory, who of guessed!? ;)

Good Update
Good Luck
Good Things
As said by no-one ever

Lol, thanks mate! :P

2013-12-03 23:56#147761 NVDTahir : So far so AWESOME ;) And Man United suck!

Thanks mate, like my little addition? :D
Damn you TVD :D xD Lol, I'll avenge myself and my beloved club, don't you worry ;)
Great update :)
Loving it man :P Favouriting this shizz
2013-12-05 16:57#147932 pompeyblue : Great update :)

Thanks! :)

2013-12-06 19:17#148095 redwolf0008 : Loving it man :P Favouriting this shizz

Its great to know your enjoying it! :)

The Aussie Times

Muscat In Hospital!

Big news coming out of the footballing world down under, as we are hearing unconfirmed reports that Melbourne Victory manager, Kevin Muscat has fallen very ill. His family have gathered at the Royal Melbourne Hospital, after what rumors suggest could have been a heart attack. One thing is for sure, Muscat will not be able to continue in his role as manager, and our thoughts are with him as he fights for his life.

Born in Crawley, West Sussex Muscat began his career as a youth player in the Australian National Soccer League club Sunshine George Cross. He impressed at the club, and moved from Sunshine to the Australian Institute of Sport in 1990 and was awarded the Weinstein Medal as the Victorian Junior Player of the year.

He continued playing in the NSL for Heidelberg United in the 1991-92 season and then spent four seasons with South Melbourne Hellas.In 1995-96 he got the chance to go on trial to Sheffield United under manager Dave Bassett, but he stayed at South Melbourne where he felt his development was best suited. Although, Basset still held great admiration for the player and signed him to Crystal Palace for £35,000, in August 1996. Muscat, soon settled into the team, and was part of the Palace team that won promotion to the English Premier League, defeating Sheffield United in the 1997 play-off final at Wembley. Muscat made nine Premier League appearances for Palace before moving to First Division (Championship) side Wolverhampton Wanderers for £200,000 in October 1997.

Muscat remained at Wolves for five seasons before moving to Scotland to join Rangers on a free transfer in July 2002. He was part of the Rangers squad which won a treble of domestic trophies in 2002-03. Muscat's final British club was Millwall, for whom he played from 2003 to 2005. In 2004, he was appointed as captain of Millwall, and led them to the FA Cup Final for the first time in their history.

He missed the final itself after suffering a knee ligament injury in the semi-final against Sunderland, buth the Millwall manager Dennis Wise insisted on him being presented with a medal to commemorate his services to the club. He left Millwall to return to Australia to become Melbourne Victory's captain in the 2005-06 season. Under Victory manager Ernie Merrick, Muscat moved positions, from a centre-back, he moved to midfield for the 2006-07 season.

In February 2011, Muscat announced his intention to retire from club football after the ending of the 2011 Asian Champions League.] His decision to finish was fast-tracked by an very famous tackle he committed in a Melbourne derby on 22 January 2011, which resulted in a season-ending eight-week ban from the A-League, much to the outrage of Victory fans. Muscat was the captain for one last match in Melbourne, a 1-1 draw against J-League side Gamba Osaka.

During the last two years of his playing career, Muscat was also the assistant manager of the club, and due to a clause in his contract, he was to continue in this role for another 2 years. Although, after a run of poor results, the manager was sacked, and Muscat was appointed caretaker manager. He won his only game in charge before another man took charge, former Ipswich manager Jim Magilton. The Englishman didn’t last long however, and was replaced with Ange Postecoglou at the start of the 2012-2013 season. However, this appointment didn’t last long either, as Postecoglou was chosen to be the Australian national team manager at the end of the season, an offer which he couldn’t refuse. So, after long deliberation, Muscat accepted the role of Head Coach just a few weeks ago, and hopes were high until now that he would bring with him a new style, which could help Victory to their 3rd league title.
#Cut4Muscat :'( but seriously, good update mate :)
Good update mate, interested forward
Very nice start mate and hope you enjoy's an interesting league to work in with the rules! Great challenge too will follow
2013-12-07 18:21#148233 NVDTahir : #Cut4Muscat :'( but seriously, good update mate :)

Thanks, don't worry though, he's not going to die...*smiles evilly* :P

2013-12-07 20:13#148250 Couragesand : Good update mate, interested forward

Thanks mate!

2013-12-07 20:50#148256 k1rups : Very nice start mate and hope you enjoy's an interesting league to work in with the rules! Great challenge too will follow

Thanks, its quite annoying actually, the rules, but I am getting used it to. :)
Also :O, k1rups commented on my story! :P

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