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The Global Domination Challenge

Follow me as I aim to win the league in every nation
Started on 23 November 2013 by TVDLC123
Latest Reply on 7 January 2014 by k1rups
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2013-12-07 20:50#148256 k1rups : Very nice start mate and hope you enjoy's an interesting league to work in with the rules! Great challenge too will follow

Thanks, its quite annoying actually, the rules, but I am getting used it to. :)
Also :O, k1rups commented on my story! :P

Haha that's what I meant by saying it's interesting :P It gets annoying but I enjoyed it in FM13!

Als :O LOL why is that a shock :P
2013-12-09 19:16#148553 k1rups :
2013-12-07 20:50#148256 k1rups : Very nice start mate and hope you enjoy's an interesting league to work in with the rules! Great challenge too will follow

Thanks, its quite annoying actually, the rules, but I am getting used it to. :)
Also :O, k1rups commented on my story! :P

Haha that's what I meant by saying it's interesting :P It gets annoying but I enjoyed it in FM13!

Als :O LOL why is that a shock :P

It's a shock because you're so awesome :P

Manager Beginnings Part 6- The End of the Beginning

As I made my way to the chairman’s office, I was sweating furiously, anticipating what awaited me behind the door. I knew things hadn’t been joined great since I joined, but I thought the players were learning a bit from me, but ever since I heard the news, I couldn’t help predict the worst. Ever since Kevin was taken ill, I have been selfishly worried about my job. What if they wanted to bring in a whole new coaching team? What would I do without this job, a job I had grown to love?

The questions swirled through my head like boats in a deep, never-ending river, as I rasped my bare knuckles on the cold wooden door handle. I was met by the voice of a man I had never heard before, odd considering I knew almost everyone in our club. He told me to come in, so I did, and instead of a single man waiting for me, a whole board had been placed in the office, with most of the faces unknown to me, expect tow. One was the chairman, the other, much to my surprise was the owner of the club. They beckoned for me to have a seat, before the owner started talking.

‘Mr Hunter, the board and I have gathered here to discuss a very important matter. It regards the staffing of this esteemed football club’.

I bowed my head, so the men could not see the teardrops forming in my eyes.

‘We feel the illness of Kevin Muscat, however sad, gives us a chance to look at the running of this club in a different way. We feel that we need a younger, fresher approach to our club, which could invigorate our title chances. That is why, we have decided to request that you, will lead us forward in the coming season and hopefully beyond.’

I looked up and gaped at the board, waiting incredulously for the punch line to this unbelievable joke. Once it was clear all eyes were on me, I spoke hesitantly.

‘Thank you for this stunning offer, I would be more than glad to accept it, but I’m only 25, and I have never had a managerial job before, are you sure about this?’
‘Age is on your side, and your lack of previous experience is, believe it or not, one of the primary reasons for your potential appointment. We would like you to be our manager, the question is are you?’.

I took a deep breath in, weighing up all the consequences in my mind, and I instantly knew what my decision was going to be, so calmly I uttered the most important words I have ever said in my life.

‘Yes, I most definitely would.’
Good luck at the top!
Good luck man !
Nice update .Nice write mode.
TVDLC123's avatar TVDLC123
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2013-12-11 22:16#148849 k1rups : Good luck at the top!


2013-12-11 22:21#148856 bebero : Good luck man !
Nice update .Nice write mode.

Thanks mate, that means a lot!

EDIT: Just realised....


Thanks for the early support guys, I hope that I can continue this story for a very long time :)

Shock Appointment at Melbourne Victory

In a shock decision, it has been announced that former Melbourne Victory coach, Casimir Hunter has been appointed as their new manager for the coming season, replacing the now hospitalized, former manager Kevin Muscat. Hunter has no previous playing experience or indeed managerial experience, and was only originally signed on a temporary basis, until a replacement coach could be found. However, he impressed both Muscat and the players and continued in his role for a total of 4 months.

He was sighted in front of Melbourne’s stadium early this morning, and it seems as though contract negotiations were completed during the day. He has been given a contract for ----------------, with a wage of ---------------------. As he left the building he bore a big grin and quickly began talking to the various news channels present. In an exclusive with the Aussie Times, he told us about his feelings when he took the job.

‘I am very excited to be given the opportunity to manage one of the biggest teams in the country. In my time here so far, I have had a great chance to get to know the players and staff, and therefore I can hopefully build a solid base for us to achieve our goals, which is primarily to win the Championship. The board and I share a similar vision of for the future of this football club, and I feel that we can work together very well to allow us to fulfil our potential.’

When questioned about his lack of experience in this particular field, Hunter replied honestly, but boldly.

‘In all truth, when I was first asked I was in awe, and believed it to be a joke. I was frightened at the opportunity, as I felt my age and my managerial credentials could prevent me from having a successful spell, and the last thing I wanted to do was to let down the club and fans who so graciously invited me into this sport and club in the first place. However, once the board explained their reasoning, I began to understand the process that they undertook to come to this judgment. They don’t want the most experienced coach in the world. They want a young, new manager who would bring fresh ideas into the club, and hopefully move it in a different direction.’

Victory have yet to release a statement to confirm this appointment, but various inside men at the club have confirmed that this is true, and that Hunter will be fully introduced to the media later this week..

Social media and many fan sites are buzzing with fans’ opinions on their new manager. Most fans are happy that the board recognize that the team was becoming stale and stagnant regarding their progress, and see this appointment as a new leaf for the giants. Others however are dubbing this a ‘Football Manager appointment’, and are expressing their anger with the board for hiring such an inexperienced manager. We will have to wait and see about how the fortunes of Melbourne Victory will be affected by this, but for now, this is the Aussie Times, signing off for the night down under.

Blegh - Walter. (something Walter would defo say hahaha)
Loving this :D
2013-12-14 20:28#149364 Pauker : Blegh - Walter. (something Walter would defo say hahaha)

Haha! :D

2013-12-15 13:22#149533 NVDTahir : Loving this :D

I'm glad :)
Just for your articles and stuff, here are some simple banners for the two biggest newspapers in Melbourne.

The Age (Proper News)


The Herald Sun (Tabloid shit)

2013-12-16 09:27#149769 Walter : Just for your articles and stuff, here are some simple banners for the two biggest newspapers in Melbourne.

The Age (Proper News)


The Herald Sun (Tabloid shit)


Walter, I have never loved you more....(Total, and absolute homo)
You know what Walter loves? semen.
2013-12-16 18:31#149840 Pauker : You know what Walter loves? semen.


Hunter emphasis need for consistency this season

In his first interview since becoming the head coach of Melbourne Victory, Casimir Hunter has told the press that the key to having a successful season, and having a good chance of winning the title is to be consistent, both against the smaller and larger teams.

‘Well, in my opinion, everyone can anyone when they are in form. It is being able to win when not in form which will decide which teams are at the top of the table come the end of the season, and which teams will fall out of the title race early on. A great example of this is the way Sir Alex led his Manchester United side, especially in the later years, and got them wins, even when they weren’t playing at 100% throughout the match. This should be our mentality during the season.’

When asked about how he rated his squad in comparison to the rest of the league, Hunter replied fairly confidently.

‘I feel we have a squad which is more than capable of challenging for the title, which our defence our particular strength, along with our wings. We might need to bring in a new face or two into midfield, but other than that, I think we have a good mix of youth and experience, which makes for a squad full of energy and desire to win, as well as solidity and concentration.’

He was less confident however, when asked about his plans in the transfer market.

‘In all honesty, I feel our transfer budget allocations could hinder us slightly when it comes to freshening up the squad, as most of it will eventually have to be moved to our wage budget, to compensate for the rising league status, and the more and more money clubs are offering to their players. If you couple this with some of the more complicated rules in the Australian footballing system, such as the wage cap, could potentially hinder our development as a club, and our ability to keep the highest quality players at the club., and bring in new talent on a regular basis.’

This factor however, did not diminish Hunter’s expectations of the club, as when he was questioned on his predications and aspirations for the coming season, he replied calmly and swiftly.

‘Our main objective, and the objective that I will be pressing into the players’ minds at every opportunity, is simply to win the league, with a good points total, while hopefully playing a nice enough style for our fans. That does not mean I will try to get our team to pass like Barcelona, but it does mean that I believe we owe it to our fans to play a decently entertaining style of football, which still brings us good results. The cups are secondary priority for this season, but we will still try our best to work towards winning these competitions to the best of our ability, keeping in mind fitness levels etc for the league fixtures.'

Hunter will begin his managerial career by a quick friendly tour of Australia, before he has his professional debut on the first day of the season, against arch-rivals Melbourne Heart.

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