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CD Numancia de Soria: Rekindling an Old Flame

Started on 4 December 2013 by shylax
Latest Reply on 30 December 2013 by Walter
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An Introduction

I was suffering from burnout from my Japan story, so I wanted to try something different. The other day I was reminiscing over my Numancia game on FM13, which was my first game of FM ever, and predates my joining FMScout. No mods, no skins, and no idea what the hell I was doing, although I was getting better as I was playing. I want to make this story similar to my Everton story in 13, which was my best story ever. I want to develop the best team of players and dominate the world, and of course, break the La Liga dominance of Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Atletico Madrid. This story will be different, in that it will be meta. I will peel back the fourth wall here. It will at times resemble a diary more than a story, but I do plan to have some regular story elements.

Accomplishments, FM13
In the FM13 version of this game, I finished 4th in La Liga immediately after winning the Liga Adelante promotion playoff, and got to the Europa League Quarterfinal despite a downturn in the league, losing 3-2 to Liverpool on aggregate. On the final season, we finished 2nd on the back of Croatian regen Damir Domjancic, who scored 20 goals and 20 assists in La Liga that season. Which, once again, was amazing, since I had no idea what in the hell I was doing.

A New Save
I will be using the same details and credentials from a year ago. Well, once again, my manager will be 25, since that's the minimum age and I was 24 a year ago. I will be using my real name, Sunday League credentials (since I have no previous playing experience, I have never even kicked a soccer ball), and no favorite team or formation, since I didn't have one. I will be using my usual database mods, although the only really important one is that I have added the Spanish Tercera Division, which lets my B team play actual matches, which was a luxury I didn't have back then.

I've loaded the major European leagues and top division South American players. Soon it'll be time to rock!
Good luck eb, hopefully you can replicate the success of your last Numancia save and Everton story.
I will alway read a story from the Spanish LL.

Good luck.
Good luck :)

The First Preseason

Who the Hell Would Hire a 25 Year Old American With No Experience?
The first thing in any FM game is to go through the initial pleasantries. When you nod your head yes when the chairman asks you a question because you don't want to disagree and cause an awkward scene. Of course, that's how it is now, back then it was just because I didn't know any better. Señor Rubio says I'll have a wage budget of 100,000 Euros per week, and no transfer budget, which seems kinda low, but I was playing in dollars per annum last year, so who knows. And, of course, almost all of the wage budget is used up, so that's great. I then tell my assistant manager to do all the boring crap like set up friendlies and handle opposition instructions.

The Squad

Now it's time to go through and see if I can recognize any names. I immediately notice Txomin Nagore is no longer there, he is apparently a club legend but he was old as dirt last season and I ended up getting rid of him as soon as possible. Cedrick and Juanjo are no longer on the team, but Javier Del Pino and Natalio still are. Natalio was a pain in the ass to deal with in FM13, he had a poor attitude, so I'll have to watch out for him. Biel Ribas is still the goalkeeper, and still mediocre. Julio Alvarez is the linchpin of the team, we will build around him at AMC. I don't really have many players so I will try to sell some old high-value/high-wage players for some quick cash, I remember selling Sunny last year and it helped me out even though it hurt in the short term.

The Tactics

Amazingly, the 4-4-2 Diamond which I started off last time is still the best formation for the team. I am going to use an Attacking/Counter/Defensive mentality.

The Matches

I didn't really get the best out of my players since they hate me for being unknown, but they played better as the preseason went on. After the second match, I switched to a 4-3-3 possession tactic, which seemed to work. I still have little depth, though.

The Transfers

I was only able to sell 3 of my players and get in 1.5 million euros, as well as some free space in the wage budget. I'm concentrating on getting free transfers. I only have four so far, but I am looking to get in more players. I need some center midfielders.

August 2013

The Gameplan
I'm taking things slow and steady here, I don't expect immediate promotion but I do want to find young, cheap players and develop them. I want a good platform for staying up when I do get promoted, and I want to improve certain elements of the club. We have excellent training facilities, but not so good youth facilities.

The Matches
Lugo 1 - 2 Numancia

- At this point, Kevin Pannewitz has joined the squad. He is a very good center/defensive midfielder at this level and will help us a TON.

Numancia 1 - 1 Jaen

Girona 2 - 1 Numancia

The Transfers

The Table

We're in pretty good shape, but the performance so far has been average. I've been liking what I've been seeing out of this team, this is the first time I've really gotten to a hard pressing style and the fruits can be seen with some of the interceptions. Pedro has had 4 goals so far, which is great, although he had 3 in the first game and disappeared in the last game. The team hates me, which isn't surprising, since this is a professional 2nd division club in Spain and I'm a manager with no past playing or managing experience. They always respond negatively to my team talks. It's an interesting experience!
Enjoying it this so far!
Good luck eb!
Good luck man
Decent start, something to build on for sure. Perhaps at least a playoff push is on the cards this year! :D

September 2013

The Gameplan
Last month we had an okay start, we're still in the promotion playoff places. I just want to keep things going here.

The Transfer Deadline Day
I always hated this because I either had no money to spend or I had spent it all as early as possible to maximize squad chemistry, and it would slow the game down. I'm looking to make another signing so it is a welcome change of pace, though.

Juanito will help out with the midfield, and with that signing, I think we're all set. I don't like signing older talent but it's a useful stopgap.

The Matches

Numancia 3 - 3 Las Palmas

Copa del Rey 2nd Round
Alaves 1 - 0 Numancia

Cordoba 1 - 2 Numancia

Numancia 1 - 0 Sabadell

Murcia 2 - 0 Numancia

The Table

Manager's Comments
We're not doing too bad but we could be doing better. One thing I've noticed is too many long clearances to nobody from defenders, I've set them to shorter passing to get rid of that. The team still doesn't find me credible, I thought they were starting to like me, but that isn't the case. I have a lack of depth in the center midfield triangle, I would like to fix that in the next transfer window and just stay afloat until then.
Decent month, keep it up and hopefully things will start to turn up :)

October 2013

The Matches

Numancia 0 - 2 Sporting

Alcorcon 1 - 2 Numancia

Numancia 4 - 0 Hercules

Mirandes 1 - 0 Numancia

The Highlights

The Table

Manager's Comments
One thing that goes understated when doing these stories is how much scouting I do. I scout as many U21s as I can during non-peak transfer times, so I can compile a decent list of players I might be able to get on a Bosman. Right now, since my scouting is limited to Europe, I'm only going for EU nationals, although getting worldwide scouting is important because it unlocks Africa and South America. Cotonou member states count as EU for the purposes of Spain, and while I can only have two non-EU players registered, South Americans get Spanish citizenship after two years. Plus, Africans and South Americans tend to be cheaper than Europeans, which is very important for a team operating with a small budget like Numancia.
You're doing well, keep it up.

November 2013

The Matches

Numancia 3 - 0 Barcelona B

Zaragoza 1 - 0 Numancia

Numancia 0 - 1 Tenerife

Real Madrid Castilla 0 - 1 Numancia

Numancia 2 - 0 Recreativo

The Highlights

The Table

Manager's Comments
It wasn't really an eventful month, although we did win 3 out of 5 and kept up in the playoff places. I'd like to use my soapbox to talk about midfielders.
I have never played a game of soccer on any level, but to me I identify most with the center three midfielders in that picture, the two CMs and the withdrawn DM behind them. They're your best friends, and you can never have too many players who can play in that center midfielder triangle. Especially if they can swing all three positions, even better. They do a lot of dirty work, guard the channels, start new attacking moves, and they're wonderful players. Strikers and wingers get all the glory, but in my happy little football world, the CMs are the most important guys.

December 2013

The Matches

Mallorca 2 - 0 Numancia

Numancia 4 - 0 Ponferradina

Deportivo 0 - 0 Numancia

The Table

Manager's Comments
It's a short month because of the winter break. I am not planning on spending a dime this transfer window or really bringing anyone in, we're fine with who we have. I am looking to bring some people on free transfers though, this club is old and has some expiring contracts that I want to replace with young blood.

In addition, I'm still having trouble with team talks due to my stature in the game, but positive news stories about me are coming out, that I'm doing good things at Numancia so far (Of course I am! We're 5th!) and assertions that the club is overachieving, which on some level, we are.

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