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Liverpool - Powerful Passion

Started on 9 January 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 5 April 2014 by Zap
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New kid on the block

So just one month into his career at Liverpool, and our Little Uruguayan is already being interviewed by various journalists and news reporters. However, this month...It's our turn.
So, we'll start off by congratulating him on his move to Liverpool.
Welcome, Luciano! How are you today?

Argentinian: Muy bien, gracias, sí.
English: Very well thank you, yes.

So, Luciano. You clearly don't speak very good English, so how are you settle in at the moment? Are the lads helping you?

Argentinian: Sí, han sido muy buenos! Gerrard ha estado ayudando mucho más que la mayoría de aprender Inglés, pero supongo que eso es lo que debe hacer como capitán.
Suárez y Coutinho han ayudado mucho también.

English: Yes, they have been very good! Gerrard has been helping out a lot more than most to learn English, but I guess that is what you must do as a captain.
Suarez and Coutinho have helped very much as well.

You do seem to have intergrated yourself into the team well, already. You got your first goal for your new club against West Brom, and Steven Gerrard even assisted you! How does it feel to be just 21 years old, and getting assisted by a footballer of his talent?

Argentinian: Bueno, puedo decir honestamente que es una de las mejores sensaciones que puede obtener de fútbol, ​​que ha vinculado tan bien con grandes futbolistas como Gerrard, y Suárez ... Es verdaderamente increíble. La única cosa que puede rematar está anotando para su país y ganar un torneo como la Copa del Mundo. Es cada muchachos sueñan con jugar con jugadores como Steven
English: Well, i can honestly say that it is one of the best feelings you can get from football, to have linked so well with footballing greats like Gerrard, and Suarez...It is truely amazing. The only thing that can top it is scoring for your country and winning a tournament like the world cup. It is every boys dream to play with players like Steven

well, Luciano, you seem very passionate about your football, and also ambitious! Could your ambition take you to bigger and better places? Can you become a footballing great?

Argentinian: Bueno, mi pasión viene de la Premier League! Yo crecí viendo a equipos como el Man United y el Arsenal, y que acababa de entrar en el mundo en la caída de Liverpool, pero eso no impidió que ellos se contagien de mi ojo! La pasión partidarios, y la resistencia ... Eso es donde mi pasión viene. Y para responder a su segunda pregunta, no hay mejor club de que el Liverpool, y no hay donde preferiría estar. Quiero ser un gran Liverpool.
English: Well, my passion comes from the Premier League! I grew up watching teams like Man United and Arsenal, and I had just come into the world at Liverpool's downfall but that didn't stop them from catching my eye! The supporters passion, and resilience...That is where my passion comes from. And to answer your second question, there is no better club than Liverpool, and there is no where I'd rather be. I want to be a Liverpool great.

Well, that'd definitely please all of us scousers! Next question, you are only young at the moment, so are you confident you can make an instant impact?

Argentinian: Bueno, no hay mucho izquierda de la temporada y no puedo verme a mí mismo haciendo demasiado muchos juegos, pero voy a hacerlo lo mejor posible! Tengo un objetivo ya lo que la confianza es alta y no puedo esperar para ponerme otra!
English: Well, there isn't much left of the season and I can't see myself getting too many games but I will do my best!! I have one goal already so confidence is high and I can't wait to get myself another!

You can't see yourself getting games, even with Luis Suarez on 3 goals in all competitions? Sturridge and Aspas also haven't played well at all! Do you not think Rodgers brought you in to start in the first team?

Argentinian: Hm, teniendo en cuenta que, tal vez voy a tener un poco más de tiempo de juego de lo que esperaba, pero depende de cómo puedo realizar desde el principio! Voy a trabajar duro en los entrenamientos e intentar mi mejor absoluto en el terreno de juego!
English: Hm, given that, maybe I will get a bit more game time than I was expecting, but it depends how I perform early on! I will work hard in training and try my absolute best on the pitch!

Well, last question...Liverpool's title chances, can you see it out to the last kick of the ball in May?

Argentinian: Por supuesto que podemos, los muchachos nos han dado sobre una brecha de diez puntos en la primera mitad de la temporada, por lo que nos ayudarán a ver esto! Pero, a pesar de que es más fácil para nosotros, seguirá siendo muy difícil y no debemos dejar que la complacencia llegar a nosotros.

No podemos dejar que nada se nos ...

English: Of course we can, the lads have given us about a ten point gap in the first half of the season, so that will help us see it out! But, although it is easier for us, it will still be VERY hard and we must not let complacency get to us.

We can't let anything get to us...

Ok, well...Gracias, Luciano! Thank you very much... Oh, do you speak any English?

Argentinian: Jaja, no mucho, pero no está mal! Hablo Inglés mejor pronto *sonríe* adiós.
English: Haha, not much, but is ok! I speak better English soon *smiles* good bye.
Great update Aaron!
Hopefully Vietto has a long and successful career at Liverpool :D
The guy seems good, can't wait to see how he performs later on.

Fan Corner

Aaron: Hello, everyone and welcome to a second episode Fan corner.
Last time we covered Liverpool's title challenge, but this time we will talk about our new signings. Of course unfortunately this week, Neal and Jeremy are not here so as guests...Joining me and Adam will be two players that belong to the current reigning World Cup champions, and former Champions League winners, Xabi Alonso and Fernando Torres! Welcome, lads!

Alonso: Hello there, great to be here!

Torres: Hola! It's nice to be back here.

Adam: 'Iya lads.

Aaron: So, we'll hop straight to it guys. Firstly, we'll talk about new striker Luciano Vietto, how do you guys rate him?

Adam: Well, I personally believe he is a great talent. He was very good at Racing Club, and I expect to see good things from the boy, although...It will be hard for him at first I think

Torres: Yes, moving to a new club is never easy...Especially when you're moving from a different continent. The tempo of football in Argentina is certainly not as fast as in England and It'll be hard for him at first, but he is a good finisher of the ball, and he has the composure to be a fantastic striker, and I am sure he will be.

Alonso: Yeah, me and Fernando have both played in another country (Spain) and let me tell you, and I am sure Fernando will back me up...The tempo in Spain, is very slow. Barcelona are one of the only teams that have a fast paced game, I may get in trouble for saying that, but it is true. I don't know much about Argentina but I do know that the pace of the game is a lot slower, and it'll be very hard for the lad to get used to.

Aaron: Ok, well on to are second and last signing, Nemanja Matic. He so far has only played one game in a month... How will his career at Liverpool work out? Torres you have played along side him, what's he like?

Torres: Well, off the pitch, he is a nice lad. On it, he is a very good talent. He hasn't had much game time though for the last year and a half so that was troubling him, but a move to a Liverpool side this strong...I think is a bit silly. Liverpool, see him as backup...It's clear to see. I mean an 21 year old has played more than him...He'll be back in Portugal in no time at all, mark my words.

Alonso: No, I do agree there mate, I don't know him personally but I do watch Chelsea occasionally and I haven't seen him play for a while.

Adam: I have to agree as well, personally...I don't rate him that much, i think he's a player that 'could have been'. But we'll see how it turns out soon.

Aaron: Hold it there lads, we do have a caller on the phone, and I believe he has a question to ask Fernando, and Xabi I believe?

Allan Campbell: Hi there, my name is Allan!

Aaron: Alright Allan? SO what's your question mate?

Allan: Well...Very simple one really! Xabi, Fernando, if you were offered the chance to move back to Liverpool, would you take it? If not...Why?

Alonso: I'd welcome a move back with open arms. I love Liverpool, I am progressing in my career now and to come back and play out the last year or so of my career at Liverpool, would just be a dream come true.

Torres: I'd love to comeback, whether the supporters would accept me back I do not know but I would still try and win back the hearts of many. I too, love Liverpool and would give anything to feel the way I did when I was last here. I wish I never left.

Aaron: Well, you heard it here first! Alonso and Torres back to Liverpool this summer *Smiles*. Anyway, we must end here but don't miss our next episode at the end of Feb. We've Some big games coming up...United, Spurs and even the round of 16 UCL game against Steua. So let's hope for another strong month, You'll Never Walk Alone!

The end :'(

Hey guys, you probably have already guessed what this is by the title, and yes...I am ending the story.
Reason being, I have played a little over a year from where we are now in the story, and for about 5 months (In game) I have been bored out of my mind playing this game, I just cannot get into the game.

For those of you that did follow this story, (and enjoyed it) here is how we did for the remainder of the season:

Won the Premier League
Went on an invincible season from the start of the second season to half way through the third.
Signed, Douglas Costa, Muriel, Ospina, and Will Hughes.

So yeah, that's it :/ I will be starting a new story with a save I am really into now, it'll be a little different to my normal stories aaaand when it'll be up I don't know. Could be tonight or even next week!

Thanks for reading :)
You've done really well with this story and I have enjoyed reading it! I'm looking forward to your new story!
Josh: Cheers mate, I have enjoyed Writing it :) That does mean a lot coming from a Manc ;)

I can't wait to bring the next one too you! :D
Hey guys, I kept the save when I ended this story and after giving it some thought I am going to attempt to bring the story back. It's been a while since I played the save so if we start off a little scruffy then please excuse that as I will need to get used to the save and get my bearings!

Want to say thank you for the support before hand and I hope to bring back the success I brought before I ended the story! Cheers guys:D
yes please! this was one of the stories that made me want to keep going!
TodayAtTomorrow: Ah! Cheers for that, gives me all the more motivation to bring this back! I am glad this story helped you :)

Readying the team!

After a fantastic season, I will be looking for ways to strengthen the side. Of course, the team is already a strong one...I mean we won the league unbeaten all season. However, we have a problem. None of our strikers are scoring.

Sturridge, hasn't had as much game time as I'd have like to have given him, but he has told me he wants to leave the club, so will be moving Newcastle in due course.

Aspas, had a fairly decent first season at Liverpool, but his second was poor. He isn't good enough to play for us, so will be following Sturridge out of the exit door with a move to Spanish outfit Real Sociedad for £1M.

Luis Suarez, has been absolutely pathetic. For 2 years now, he has failed to score over 15 goals. I love the man, he's a great lad, and that's why I have decided to hand him one last chance. If things don't improve, January, 2016 will be the month he departs Liverpool.

I will be letting Vietto off. He is a young, fantastic little player. He has already equaled the amount Suarez has scored in a full season, in just half a season. I have faith in the boy, and i expect to see him as the starting striker this coming season.

I have been given a large budget this transfer window, and have already agreed all the deals I want to make. Will Hughes joins from Derby for £3.7M. And possibly our best signing, Martin Montoya will be moving from Italian giants Juventus to join the red army for £14M.

Ospina and Douglas Costa will also be making long journey's to England, as will Sergi Roberto who has been signed on a free from Barcelona. Our 6th and final signing of the summer, is Luis Muriel. A striker who I hope will have an instant impact on our goal scoring. £11M is the fee that prized him from Udinese.


We had a fairly decent pre-season. Not the greatest but it was good. We took ourselves to Uruguay to play liverpool (URU) and then headed North to America, where we met the likes of, Seattle, DC United and New York Cosmos.

Liverpool (URU)
D.C. United
New York Cosmos

The team didn't play amazingly, but to have 6 new team mates to get used to is very difficult, I am sure the start of the season will be a good one.

We play United in the Community Shield next week. A game I just cannot wait for. I just can't wait to pummel them and show David Moyes and his teeam just how good we really are! Let's take the season by storm!
Nice way to get the story going again, and great to see it back :)
Aaron's avatar Group Aaron
10 yearsEdited

Community Shield: Manchester United vs Liverpool

Chiles: Hello everybody and welcome to the live coverage of what is hyped up to be a thrilling encounter between two MASSIVE rivals! It's Liverpool vs Manchester United in this years community shield. Roy, this looks to be an absolutely great game, wouldn't you say?

Keane: Oh of course! We have the two biggest teams in England and the two biggest rivals in the world competing in a final for a piece of silverwear. It couldn't get much better.

Chiles: Gareth, what's your take on today's game?

Southgate: Well, I am very excited actually. I think the form Liverpool have been on there is just no stopping then at the moment. But you can never write United off. This is going to go down to the wire. 1-1 in full time and 2-1 to Liverpool in extra time!

Keane: This could go either way for me. I'm not sure I can make a prediction!

Chiles: Ok, well what are your thoughts on the line ups?

Keane: Well, I believe Liverpool have lined up very strongly. They have the same team and formation as they would have had last year except from right back Montoya, and I think keeping the same sort of team is vital. These boys will know what is expected off them.

Southgate: Yeah, United have lined up well too although I am a bit confused as to why Keane is at right back -

Keane: Trying to say something Gareth?

Southgate: No I was just -

Keane: Well be quiet then. [Laughs]

Chiles: Anyway... Here is your commentators for tonight. Andy Townsend and Martin Tyler.

Tyler: Thank you Adrian, and welcome everyone! We are about to kick off here with Liverpool starting the game...And we're off!!

Tyler: 10'- Here is Nani, with the ball. Keane looking for the over lap, crosses! Cross blocked by Sakho...Comes to KAGAWAAA!!! WHAT A START FROM UNITED! A fine goal!!

Townsend: What a superb strike that was, the initial cross was blocked, but Kagawa just wouldn't take no for an answer! A great shot from 25 yards out! 1-0 United, Liverpool are in trouble!

Tyler: 25'- Gerrard now with the ball, plays it to Yarmolenko...To Vietto! Vietto with the back heel pass to GERRARRD!! OHH... So unlucky!! Almost a wonder goal!

Townsend: Agonisingly close from Gerrard there. So unlucky.

Tyler: We are now into the second half now. United get the ball rolling.

Tyler: 49'- Agger, over to Gerrard, Strikes!! Ooh! Corner ball then.

Townsend: Another fine striker from Stevie! Here he is now with the cross, over to Agger, flicked on to SKRTELLL!! Headed in! A remarkable headed goal!! It's 1-1, Liverpool back in with a shout now!

Tyler: It's been end to end all game, but now we have managed to find ourselves at the lottery that is a penalty shoot out...Who will take home the shield?

Townsend: Gerrard steps up. Cool as you like! 1-0 Liverpool!

Tyler: Siggurdson now. Oh good pen! Right in the corner! 1-1!

Tyler: Yarmolenko rarely misses from the spot, will he today? ...You bet your life he wouldn't! 2-1 Liverpool!

Townsend: Nani will now take his. Not really a regular penalty taker.

Scores! 2-2.

Tyler: Now Substitute and Debutant Douglas Costa will take his penalty. Oh what a hit! Right in the roof of the net! Very lucky but nonetheless a very well taken goal, 3-2.

Tyler: Wanyama for United...OH! He's missed!! What a save from Reina! Score stays 3-2!!

Townsend: Montoya now. Looks quite nervous. But cooly finishes! 4-2, Liverpool take advantage of the miss!

Tyler: Kagawa...4-3! He wants to keep fighting more than anyone!

Tyler: Now Luis Muriel. OOH! What a miss, he skies it over the bar!!

Tyler: It all comes down to this then, if RVP scores it is sudden death. If he misses. Liverpool win.

Runs up...OOOH!! LIVERPOOL HAVE WON!! Another terrible miss!!! Liverpool will go home with the community shield this year! What an thrilling shoot out! Over to you Adrian!!

Chiles: Well, there you have it. Liverpool take home the community shield after a fanatic game! Well done to the team and to Rodgers! We bid you all a good night! Ta'ra!
Well, er, it pains me to say this but 'Congratulations.' I'm glad your story is back! :)

Boy wonder & Captain fantastic

Today, John woodraan was sent down to Melwood to speak to two of the Players who were present in the Premier League winning Liverpool squad. Those two players are indeed Steven Gerrard and Raheem Sterling (Pictured above) Here is the interview in full for those of you that couldn't access the video earlier on;

Woodraan: Good evening lads! How are ya'?

Gerrard: Both keeping well! Still celebrating after the weekend result eh!

Woodraan: And what about you Raheem? Keeping fit I hope? Already for the start of the season?

Raheem: Yep! All set to get back on the pitch! I can't wait to play again in the prem...It's been a while [Smiles]

Gerrard: Yeah it has been. But pre season has kept us going and after the Community shield win, we are full of confidence and ready to go!

Woodraan: You feel you can take confidence from bringing back the shield?

Gerrard: If course we can! We have beaten a massive rival to get it and doing so on penalties will give us a bigger confidence boost! Players like Raheem will have more confidence in their ability now!

Raheem: Yeah, spot on! It's thanks to players like Steven that I and players younger than myself get confidence! What they do on the pitch rubs off on us a lot, you'd be surprised.

Woodraan: Ok, well can I just ask the pair of you...What's it like to pull on the red jersey and walk out of the tunnel on a match day at Anfield? It must be a great feeling?

Raheem: Yeah! It's probably one of the beat feelings you could ever have...You walk out on the field, the fans chanting 'Liverpool' or 'You'll never walk alone' if our fans think it gives them goosebumps, they need to walk out of that tunnel because the you are almost taken back by the passion and fight from the supporters. It's magnificent!

Gerrard: Yeah, I can vouch for that! I have had this for half of my life, walking out of that tunnel and touching the 'this is Anfield' sign is a wonderful feeling. And Raheem has it all to come, he hasn't really experienced the fans at full voice, so he'll have to wait until he wins the Champions League [Winks] and I am sure he will. The fans go mental!

Woodraan: He might not have experienced a champions league win but he has done with the Premier League, something you hadn't done since last year. Were the fans not at full voice then?

Gerrard: Look, don't get me wrong. The premier league is a very prestigious competition but it has nothing on the Champions League. In Istanbul the fans were almost 5 times louder than they were on the final day.

Woodraan I have to ask. How did you pull of that invincible season?

Raheem: I think it was just the spirit and the confidence we had in our ability. We went into each game thinking we could win and we did.

Woodran: Can you win it this year? The premier league?

Gerrard: I am not saying anything. In fact... Our chances are even more slim than last year I believe. After having 6 players join the team it may take a while for them to get into the swing of things but we'll give it our best shot.

Woodraan: And the Champions League?

Gerrard: Again, I don't think the premier league is achievable so I don't believe will have a chance this year. We'll get out of our group I promise you that! [Laughs]

Woodraan Right, well let's hope so! Raheem, do you think you can become a Liverpool great like Steven?

Raheem: It's gunna be a tough task, to emulate someone like Steven you have to be a bloody good player and whilst I have been performing well, I will have to perform a lot better year in year out.

Woodraan: What do you think Stevie?

Gerrard: Of course he can. Raheem is a fine player and as long as he stay loyal he'll be fine.

Woodraan: Ok, well cheers guys and thank you for coming!

Gerrard: See ya'!

Raheem: Bye lad!

You are reading "Liverpool - Powerful Passion".

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