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Liverpool - Powerful Passion

Started on 9 January 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 5 April 2014 by Zap
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Paddy: Ah I see :P Well, yes we didn't do half bad this time round considering last year we were a shambles!
Brilliant first half of the season Aaron, can't see anything but first from this season.
You are doing a fantastic job Aaron after some more very good results!
The title looks certain to be yours already :D
Flying in the league great work almost mirroring real life :P but a lot better haha
Keep it up the good work in the league and congratz on topping your CL group

Fan corner

Aaron: Hello, everyone and welcome to 'Fan Corner', the show that plans to bring or community together and closer. From the streets of Liverpool to the depths of Asia, we will be hearing from red fans all around, who will be giving there say on current club affairs. Me, Aaron Hardy, will be joined each month by our three life long Liverpool fans and ambassadors for the club, Neal Hasan, Adam Richards and Jeremy Pauker. Please do call or text us at 066758 and give your opinion to fellow reds!

So, let's get down to business...Welcome guys!

Adam: Aye, how's it going?

Aaron: Very well, thank you Adam. Jeremy, Neal...Yourselves?

Neal: I'm well, cheers!

Jeremy: Good, I'm good thank you.

Aaron: So guys, this week we'll be discussing Liverpool's title challenge, what are your thoughts on the season so far? Neal?

Neal: Well, I think so far this season we have been absolutely phenomenal...I mean, I haven't seen us play so well since the Shankley/Paisley days. Brendan Rodgers has been brilliant with the team, he has brought in the right players at the right time and his tactics are spot on. The passing style he has brought to the team is just how Liverpool's style of play should be, done the right way. However the consistency I believe has to go down to the harmony from within the side, the players must get on well off the pitch and they do.

Jeremy: Yeah, I do agree there Neal, I mean it would be very hard not to considering Liverpool's performances so far this season. The football they have played has been beautiful and it's a joy to watch them play.

Adam: What you just said there Neal, about the squad harmony, I think I put that down purely to the fact that Liverpool are back in the Champions league. Two years back, us Liverpool fans were grieving at the fact that we weren't in Champions League, although no more than the players. Now they are relishing it, getting third last year has brought a real sense of achievement to the players, and especially Steven Gerrard. No one will be more proud than him at the moment about Liverpool's success.

But can you think what it would do to him if we went on to win the League? I tell you now, he'd have the best season of his life at the age of 35, mark my words.

Aaron: Well, it's nice to start off positively, however I must stop you there lads as we have our first call on the show...Robert Barren is on the line, hello Robert!

Robert: 'Iya lad!

Aaron: So what's your question fella'?

Robert: Well, moving on from the Premier League. It has obviously been a while since Liverpool entered the Champions League, and clearly we have started well getting through are group in first place, however we lost to Atletico Madrid twice and we may have to face the likes of Bayern and Real in the knockout stages, So I just wanted to ask if you guys thought there'd would be a few nerves or complacency heading into games like that...Would it be hard to gain any sort of passion in prep for those kind of matches?

Neal: Well, Rob that's a very good question however, I don't believe so no. I think our time away from the competition will have us more pumped up than ever, we'll be ready for whatever challenge we must take and we Rodgers will no doubt have his side grasp these challenges with both hands and go for the win...against any team we face.

Adam: Actually, I do think you have a point there Rob, I think it will be a lot harder to get into the mix of things for the younger players such as Clement Grenier and Danny Rose, but like Neal said, We will be more fired up than ever in these types of games. But let's hope a little easier challenge awaits us instead of a team like Bayern.

Aaron: Cheers Robert! Did that answer your question?

Robert: Yes, cheers lad!

Aaron: No worries matey. But anyway guys, I think it's about time we finished up here! We hope you all enjoyed 'Fan Corner', we'll see you all again next week! Cheers lads, Good bye!
Nice twist involving the FMScout members :p Great read yet again
Madridsta: Hopefully lad! I am always confident and optimistic, but this first half of the season probably shows winning the league isn't as optimistic as I thought at the start of the season!:P

Pompey: CHeers lad, nice to know you are doing a great job:) Let's hope eh?;)

K1rups: Almost...almost!;) I just wish we could be as good in real life as we are in game!:P

Arsenal: Cheers mate, not sure how I did it with 2 losses to second place, but that's football :P

Trop: Yeah, I thought it would be quite a good idea:P Did you like the idea? Just want a rough idea of how well I presented it:)

Liverpool strengthen in depth

After a fine first half of the season, Liverpool have once again made their signings on the first day of the January transfer window. Nemanja Matic has been taken from the hands Chelsea for a fee of 14.75 million pounds, Liverpool already have a number of centre midfielders so it is wondered where he will fit into the team. He will most likely just be a rotation option, and will just add to Liverpool's depth!

Matic has played for a number of teams in his career. He started off at red star Belgrade in his youth before moving on to Partizan. Jedinstvo then picked the boy up on a free where the young lad got 16 apps for his club. He then moved on to Kosice where he earned an incredible 70 appearances in 2 years scoring 4 goals. His impressive performances earned him a move to English side Chelsea where he made just 2 apps. next he went on loan to vitesse managing 27 apps and 2 goals before he got his big break by moving on to Benfica where the defensive midfielder proved himself worthy of a move back to Chelsea for a fee of £23 million. He made 23 appearances and scored 6 times. This is his journey from a young boy, to where he is today. He has no doubt impressed at most places he has been, but will he really get game time at Liverpool?

Liverpool's second and last signing is a no brainer. With Luis Suarez and the rest of the striking 'crew' seemingly on a long term holiday from scoring, it is no doubt the best signing they could have made. Argentinian striker Luciano vietto has made switched from Racing club to Liverpool for a fee of 6 million pounds. The young talent is labeled the 'next Aguero' but can he really live up to that hype? Ian Rush believes so!

I do think this is a great signing for Liverpool, he is young and very talented and from his record at Racing Club he is very prolific, I know a goal scorer when I see one and this lad will be brilliant for Liverpool, I expect him to start banging them in soon. And I wish him good luck because he deserves a successful career and he deserves to be the successor of Luis Suarez. He can take Liverpool to glory!

These two signings Liverpool have made have mainly gone down well with the fans, however some supporters are speculating on the signing of Matic. As we all ponder whether he will get game time, we all watch and wait to see if Vietto becomes, 'the next Aguero'.
Hopefully Vietto will get your other strikers to take their finger out! Great signing in Matic, he will be Unbelievable Jeff :D
Some great signings there:) Vietto is a great player and Matic too so they should be able to help:D
I'm sure Vietto will do great for you. Solid DM in Matic too.

January - Happy new year

Bradford 4-1
Nottingham Forest 2-1
Wigan 5-1
Saints 0-0
West Brom 1-0
Fulham 2-0
West Brom 4-1

Uruguayan Luis Suarez has of course not been on the greatest form this season, however, the past few games have seen him net quite a few goals, and he was on hand in the game against Bradford to help see his side into the next round of the FA cup! Steven Gerrard and Ivan Rakitic also pitched in with two goals as ever present Mamadou Sakho also nodded home a Jordan rossiter cross to add a fourth goal to Liverpool's 4-1 win in the FA cup 3rd round. West Brom would be met by the reds in the 4th round where on form youngsters Tyree Gould and Jordan Rossiter would hope their performances will book them a place in the starting line up once more.

The next 3 games Liverpool would play would be in the Premier League. Nottingham Forest, Wigan and Southampton would be the 3 sides hoping to gain some points against the Premier Leagues top side. Could either of them break Liverpool's record or would they take a hammering like most other teams, that have tried and failed?

Nottingham Forest gave it their best shot, but it was not enough. Andriy Yarmolenko scored a 45th minute penalty to give the reds the lead. 8 minutes later he scored again, and it didn't seem like Forest would get anything out of the game. and rightly so, they didn't. Despite scoring through Kevin Wilson in the 81st minute, Forest left it too late to give Liverpool a run for their money.

Wigan stepped up as the challengers now, but as many teams have experienced, they could not handle Liverpool's fierce attack as the reds ran riot. Oxlade Chamberlain scored 3 goals in the game, it was the perfect hattrick. Left foot, right foot, header. Daniel Agger also got his name on the score sheet, as well as COutinho who we haven't seen much of this season. 5 goals for Liverpool and just the one for Wigan, coming from Grant Holt in the 85th minute.

The three now, Southampton. Saints have always seemed to be Liverpool's bogey side, and it was no different today. 7 goals in 2 games was not enough to scare the Southampton defenders and they managed to hold Liverpool to a 0-0 stalemate! Quite a brilliant result for a team battling in mid table.

After their demolition job over Bradford, Liverpool would now face West Brom. Just like Saints, West Brom were very solid defensively, but Liverpool are just too good of a team to not score in 2 consecutive matches. New signing Luciano Vietto scored the only goal of the game to put Liverpool into the 5th round, a ball whipped in from Gerrard out on the wing met the feet of the little Argentinian and he directed it right under the keepers legs to finish off a great team goal. Although he hasn't had the mention, Luciano Vietto has been on tip top form so far in his first 3 games for Liverpool, although not scoring, his passing has been vital and he has made a few assists already for us, he may help Suarez get back on his form.

This was also Nemanja Matic's debut, he put in a solid performance. Jordan rossiter was also subbed onto the pitch late on, and wasn't really on long enough to have an effect, however the signs of his development were only positive!

The last two games of the month were again in the Premier League. Fulham were the next team to be played off the park, losing 2-0 to the hands of Luis Suarez and his team mates. The Uruguayan got both goals.

Liverpool would now go up against West Brom for the second time in one week. West Brom wouldn't exactly be happy with playing them again,but they had no choice, and would this time have to push their defensive efforts to the limit once more...

But remember...they were playing Liverpool, and to play them for the second time in one week and not concede more than one goal, you would have to be at the quality of Barcelona and Bayern Munich...honestly.

So once again, Liverpool ran riot, Luis Suarez didn't score however that didn't stop him putting in a terrific performance. With 2 assists he ensured goals for new partner Luciano Vietto and Uruguayan team mate Coates. Sakho and Yarmolenko also scored, and Liverpool were looking to surpass 4 goals in one game for just about the millionth time.

This team is on fire!

Brendan's view

Reporter: So, Brendan what are your thoughts on the last month?

Rodgers: I thought we were very good! Once again we have proved why we are at the top of the table and we are on scintillating form! Our new signing Vietto has dug deep and managed to find himself a few early goals and he has mixed well with the group as has Nemanja. Our younger players such as Jordan Rossiter and Tyree Gould have done superb in their first few games and I hope it continues!

Reporter: Who is your player of the month?

I think my player of the month is Steven Gerrard, maybe there are other players worthy of a mention, but I think it will be him for once again leading the players out onto the pitch and just generally being a leader. he is a role model to the younger players as well.

Player of the month

awesome update and yeah..... just post Gerrard as player of the month
Very impressive story teaching me a lot of how to set one up

Pressures on to put on a good show!

Loving the update

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