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Blackpool FC - Always Look On The Seaside Of Life

It's not orange, it's Tangerine!
Started on 9 February 2014 by Walter
Latest Reply on 12 August 2014 by Walter
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Blackpool FC - Always Look On The Seaside Of Life

Hello FMScout. As you may be well aware, I'd promised to myself to never write a story again. Regularly interrupting my game time to focus on the story writing aspect really hindered the whole experience of the game, thus causing me to lose motivation for nearly every save/story I had. Everything became about writing a story - every single save. So that is why I said no more.

But as you can tell, after hanging up my keyboard boots probably a little more than over a month ago, I am back. This time with my favourite team, Blackpool FC. Unfortunately our progress in real life hasn't been as steady as many of the fans would've like, thanks to a certain father and son not performing very well...

I've only ever really had one successful story. That was Oriental, which has a lot more views than first thought and than I think it merits. Oriental was the only story I could stick to and that was for one reason - its simplicity.

One of things I am going to do in order to make writing this story less stressful is to completely simplify it. No fancy graphics, no brief essays and no mindboggling amount of bbcodes. Essentially, I want to go back to basics, to help me get updates out quicker and easier, whilst maintaining the desire to continue.

To add to the simplicity of it all already, I will be using myself as manager. The save is currently on the demo (soon to be changed, fingers crossed), so no transfer updates. I hope you all don't mind seeing Tony Pulis out of work. No? I didn't think so.

I really hope you enjoy the story and I hope you will read and comment and follow me and my Tangerine Army to unimaginable glory. I will try to update as regularly as I can, but just so I get more out of the game I don't think I will update monthly, but more like every three months.

Once again, I hope you enjoy the story!


Keep up with my Tangerine army here!

Good luck mate
Yay! I loved Oriental, and the stories in between :D I like Blackpool a lot, will definitely keep up with this!
Good luck Walter :)
Wooo. Good luck Walter! Will keep up :P
Welcome back to story writing. Good luck :)
good luck
Good luck Walter, I look forward to spamming this, following this intently! :)
Good to see you back writing Walter!
Good to see you back writing Walter!
Great to see you back writing, as it's very special. How do you think you'll cope without Ince, and are you going to renew his contract?
Yes! Another story from Walter:D good luck!!
Yay, Walter, you're back! :D
Yay Monty Python :P
Woah, lot of comments :O

NVDTahir Thank you :)

Adam Haha, glad to have you on board :)

Pompey, PJGrieve Thanks guys

Trop Good to hear mate, hope you enjoy

Paddy, Tyler Thank you two, too

Tanay Thank you, please do spam B)

Pauker Pauker! I haven't seen you in ages, come on more often! As for Ince, I've still got him and will explain his situation in upcoming updates. And again, come on here more often!

Neal, Aaron Welcome aboard ;)

Louis Only YOU would say that :P

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