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Southampton - The Saints Way

Started on 15 March 2014 by MattZTH
Latest Reply on 11 April 2014 by MattZTH
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Southampton is a very good team :) Good luck for future mate
After a Long break from this i have decided that i want to start it up again, so hopefully those who followed this will continue to follow it again.

November Update

Another Good month! We recently have been true giant killers, beating Arsenal and Man City, The best victory this month was clearly the Man City match. We trumped them, Whoever said money buys you wins? Anyway here are the results.

[BPL] Arsenal 0-1 Southampton

[BPL] Southampton 3-1 Sunderland

[BPL] Man City 1-5 Southampton

[BPL] Cardiff 2-1 Southampton


Managers Review

Great Month! We are still exceeding expectations, i dont think can believe how good we are doing, We are on top form beating Man city so comfortable was so enjoyable, The squad have really worked together to work in the new signings who are really making and impact. Im very very happy with our season so far and i believe we can continue our form and hopefully push for good league positions at the end of the season!

Player of the month : Alessio Cerci

League Table

Mourinho: Southampton could win the league.

Mourinho at Press conference

Mourinho today answered some questions regarding his teams and his challengers for the title this year at his weekly press conference. Mourinhos team currently sit 1st in the league, closely trailed by southampton who are only 4 points behind.

Bryan Swanson, chief reporter got a few questions in for us,

Q:'Do you feel you are favourites for the title this year Jose?'

A:'Not at all, We have many great challengers who could easily win the league, like Arsenal and Man city.'

Q'Many have ruled City out though after there hammerings off of Southampton recently, What are your impressions of Southampton and their new manager Matthew Hamilton?'

A:'I have spoken with Matthew a few times and he is a nice guy, I can tell that at Southampton he has an organised, well disciplined team at his disposal, I feel they have a great chance of winning the league this year!'

Q:' Surely its to early to predict something so unexpected like southampton winning the league?'

A:'Not at all, Its at this time in the season that teams present themselves to the fans and show their dominance, Southampton have done just that, winning the majority of their matches and are still 2nd causing us here at Chelsea some concern as they look very threatening to any clubin this league!'

A very open Jose Mourinho today, He clearly has displayed the ability he feels Southampton possess. We will now sit and watch eagerly as the season progresses to see if Jose' predictions are correct and also we will learn if Southampton well and truly have what it takes to achieve greatness in one of the most competitive leagues in the world!
What an unbelievable result against Manchester City. Southampton are consistent on my current save! Do you think you can achieve Premier League glory?
2014-04-09 18:41#168245 Jamesg237 : What an unbelievable result against Manchester City. Southampton are consistent on my current save! Do you think you can achieve Premier League glory?

I dont see why not :D , We are playing consistently enough and are able to beat teams like Man city by such extravagant margins, so i feel we are certainly showing the signs of at least a title challenge.
Glad to see you have started this story again, you will have a great chance of top 4
2014-04-09 19:04#168258 Lisbon67 : Glad to see you have started this story again, you will have a great chance of top 4

Really Appreciate it man :) , Looking forward to your story too!!
MattZTH's avatar Group MattZTH
7 yearsEdited

December/January Update

Over these two months there will be many games showcased, This is because I went full retard and forgot to screenshot the league table in December, Derp. These Games were okay, There is some losses that we really should not be suffering.

[BPL] Southampton 2-2 Swansea

[BPL] Stoke 4-2 Southampton

[BPL] Liverpool 1-2 Southampton

[COC-QF] Southampton 1-2 Middlesbrough

[BPL] Southampton 2-0 West Ham

[BPL] Southampton 3-1 WBA

[BPL] Fulham 2-0 Southampton

[FAC]Southampton 2-0 Burnley

[BPL] Southampton 1-5 Newcastle

[BPL] Tottenham 1-2 Southampton

[BPL] Man Utd 1-0 Southampton

[BPL] Southampton 4-2 Hull

[FAC] Southampton 4-0 Crawley


Managers Review

Not to shabby over the winter term, We won the majority of the matches against solid teams like Tottenham and Liverpool but the 5-1 loss to Newcastle was Unacceptable and I made the team aware of it. These results still leaves us with a good chance of the league. Chelsea are still the team to beat , also Newcastle are on stellar form of late, This season looks very close although Liverpool and Man Utd are under performing considerably leaving it open to teams like us and Newcastle... Maybe this is our year!

Player of the month: Jay Rodriguez

League Table

looking forward to hearing more from this already great story
Some of these results are pfft, like the Man City ones, keep it up! Good luck with the title!
2014-04-10 18:53#168572 tallery1164 : Some of these results are pfft, like the Man City ones, keep it up! Good luck with the title!

Yeah they are unbelievable, i couldnt believe it when it was happening

February Results

As we get closer and closer to the end of the season, we still have no idea on who will win the league!

[BPL] Norwich 2-2 Southampton

[BPL] Southampton 2-2 C.Palace

[BPL] Everton 1-0 Southampton

[FAC-R5] Southampton 3-1 Everton

[BPL] Southampton 3-1 Aston Villa


Managers Review

Not a great month, we were very shaky. Drawing 2 and Losing 1 out of a total of 4 matches in the league is not up to the standards we have been living with over recent months, The title has slipped out of our grasp a little and we are going to have to pick up our act if we are to regain that grasp and maybe win the league!

Player of the month: Adam Lallana

League Table

disappointing month but still time to get top 4
MattZTH's avatar Group MattZTH
7 yearsEdited
PC PLOD - Thanks.
Lisbon67 - Yeah it was poor, was hoping for better off teams like Norwich

'We Are Still In With A Chance'

Adam Lallana the Southampton Captain has voiced his opinions on his clubs title race challenge. Many have recently now ruled southampton out of the title race after the recent poor performances by his club. The England International spoke to media for a brief time after a signing session at the clubs Mega Store.

Lallana was quizzed by the media regarding many different topics, But the key topic was the title race. Lallana was open to any questions asked by the media and obviously felt his team were still within a chance of winning the league.

"We still have a chance, Winning the league this season was not the clubs original goal but now the that we have shown our ability we have been reconsidered as title challengers that i still believe we are. I dont buy in to al the media talk, I like to concentrate on my game and performances for Southampton that is all thanks."

So clearly Lallana feels very passionate about his teams chances of the title, but will his team be able to live up to there new expectations, we will just have to wait and see.

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