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Truro City: All The Way From Lemon Quay

Started on 20 May 2014 by Griffo
Latest Reply on 24 September 2014 by Zap
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Nice season review, expecting big things next season! ;)

• The match fixing occurred in the fixture between Truro and Portsmouth
• Truro City chairman David Cardoza met with the trio earlier today
• The English FA, Truro City & local police department will all release statements over the following days

BBC has received reports that Truro City players Dan Green and Ladjie Soukouna as well as Truro City coach Matthew Etherington have been linked to match fixing. The game in question was between Truro and Portsmouth in the final week of the season, a match which saw Truro defeated 6-1.

Former Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United and Stoke City player Matthew Etherington has been with Truro City for one season, joining the Sky Bet League 2 side as a coach. Etherington has previously suffered from an addiction to gambling and was reported in 2010 to have lost as much as £1.5 million on greyhound racing, horse racing and poker.
Matthew Etherington arriving to meet with Truro City chairman David Cardoza earlier today

Former Truro City vice-captain Dan Green has been with Truro for eight seasons overall, playing 196 games for the club. French midfielder Ladjie Soukouna has been with Truro for five seasons after previously playing for Plymouth and UC Creteil-Lusitanos, he has played 186 games for Truro during his time at the club.

Truro City Football Club has announced that they will release an official statement tomorrow after they meet with the three individuals. Both Truro City chairman David Cardoza and Truro City manager Chris Griffin both declined to comment on the situation when reporters approached them earlier today.

The police are expected to take the trio in for questioning in the next few days, with the English FA also yet announce what their approach will be regarding the incident. BBC will continue to cover this story as more details about the incident are revealed.
:O uh-oh
Oh dear, this certainly spells trouble ;)
Interesting way to cover up a bad defeat ;)

Great twist in the storyline!
ohhh interesting, could Etherington be in trouble once again?
Griffo's avatar Group Griffo
9 yearsEdited

• Dan Green, Ladjie Soukouna & Matthew Etherington have been released by Truro
• Truro manager Chris Griffin discovered the trio discussing the incident after the game
• Police expected to take the trio in for questioning tomorrow

Truro City Football Club held a press conference early this morning to release an official statement regarding the match fixing scandal which came to light yesterday. The club announced that the trio have all been released from the club.

In the press conference, Truro City chairman had the following to say about the trio. “Dan Green, Ladjie Soukouna & Matthew Etherington have all been released, effective immediately. Despite the players numerous years of service and Matthew being the highest profile individual at the club, any involvement in activities of this nature is completely unacceptable.”

Cardoza went on to describe how the situation came to light. “The trio were found discussing the matters of the incident after the match against Portsmouth by Truro manager Chris Griffin. Chris immediately contacted me and I contacted the authorities.”

It is expected that the trio will be taken in for questioning tomorrow by the police with no word yet as to what action the English FA will take.
woah, this is getting serious now.
Wow big decision there, defos the right one though, you cant be having people doing that.
Superb update, this is getting big now! What's gonna happen to them?
great update, Etherington was prone to doing it again so no surprise really
I love these story twists. Clever way of freeing up wages! Excited to see where you go from here.

Police Reveal More Details In Truro Match Fixing Scandal

• Matthew Etherington gave Dan Green & Ladjie Soukouna £5,000 each to perform poorly
• An unnamed individual assisted Matthew Etherington in the match fixing scandal
• The English FA will hold a hearing regarding the incident in the next few months with the trio set to stand trial early next year

This afternoon, Deputy Chief Constable Bill Skelly fronted the media and released a statement regarding the Truro City match fixing scandal after police interviewed Dan Green, Ladjie Soukouna & Matthew Etherington earlier this morning.

“During questioning this morning, Dan Green, Ladjie Soukouna & Matthew Etherington revealed the details relating to the case. Matthew Etherington paid Dan Green & Ladjie Soukouna £5,000 each to perform poorly in the match against Portsmouth.” said Skelly.

“We have also learnt that Matthew Etherington was working with another individual whose identity we cannot reveal at this time.” added Skelly. “Etherington was working with the individual in order to cover his gambling debts that had spiralled out of control over the past few months.”

It is expected that the English FA will holding a hearing regarding the incident in the next few months, with all three individuals also to stand trial early next year.

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