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Transfer Talk

Started on 3 June 2009 by Fackman
Latest Reply on 2 September 2009 by NsaneAxeman
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The !RedDevil! :
the prem is just soo much better! its a lot quicker and engaging.

watching some european games, i get bored. its slow build up and i agree with red the defending is useless. not even the italian teams are defending decently like they used to.

You obviously didnt watch Aston Villa and Sunderland vs. Man Utd, two of the worst games I've ever watched!! 10 men behind the ball for 90 minutes.

But I guess thats what you get against the big four teams.

United beating Chelsea 3-1 and Liverpool beating United 4-1, both fantastic games.
thats only a few games against the very best teams!

and when those teams are in a slump that is not true which has been demonstrated many times this last season.

unlike in other leage games, when no matter what the circumstances, they will play for a draw
Pfff everyone knows the Scottish league is the best in the world. As for best player in the world it's obviously Tam Scobbie. More off topic , did anyone watch the u21's euro cup I think it was when Holland had Nick Hofs, Romeo Castelen, Urby Emanualson( Think Huntelaar was there too)? Now they were pretty good to watch , not sure what happened to the rest of them though. I used to enjoy watching french football but don't get it over here anymore.

However this topic is meant to be about Transfers. I believe I heard Man Utds policy is not to spend big money on players over 26. All the stories about Ribery claim Bayern want £85million+ , absolute nonsense, he's not worth that. Aguero for £45 million again I'd said is a bit overpriced , I haven't seen that much of him though. £30million for Benzema , slightly more realistic price and could be good. I'd be quite interested in seeing Douglas Costa , same first name as my cat so thats a promising start. More talk of a £40million bid for Villa which I think would be a good buy , enjoy watching him play for spain. Also some talk about Maicon.

Personally for a striker and cheap at that Man U could look at Stephen Fletcher or Kris Boyd , Flecther could be great and Boyd is just great at scoring goals and thats what wins matches.Both would only cost a few mill.

Some great news though Pedro Moutinho might be coming back to Falkirk , frigging awesome.
Cisse has gone to Panathanikos, with their highest paid player ever.
Glen Johnson Gone To Liverpool
yeah but transfers have changed in recent times, its less about how good they are and more about how much money from merchandise they can make from him.

douglas costa would be a great signing
I dont think Costa would. Not yet anyway.

He's a fantastic talent, definately will be playing in the big leagues in the not too distant future, but I think he's not ready for the hype. Sports reporters, coaches and scouts have all reported that recently, with the tag of 'the new ronaldo' being placed on his head he's been struggling to deal with the pressure and its effecting his game. He's been growing up in public from an early age, he needs time go grow up and develop before he moves to a big club. Maybe a teams like United could do what they have with Ljajic, buy him and loan him back to the club indefinately until they think he's ready.
fegie knows what hes doing and has dealt with it all before
Yeah you cant really doubt the man, for all the players he's bought that turned out shit, hes brought in more than enough who eventually shine to outweigh those cockups.
hmm he has had some disasters as well though, may i mention kleberson
Yeah and Forlan, who goes on to be the La Liga's top scorer next season! Brilliant!

But people remember the few bad ones sometimes more than the many many good buys and discoveries hes made.
I read that Barca have made a bid for Kerrison, 12.7m, would like to see him in Europe, my only issue is that he might not get a start or is he a replacement for Eto'o?
Every top manager has there bad buys take Arséne Wenger for example Pascal Cygan now that was an awful buy, Emmanuel Eboue well I dont understand how he's a profesional footballer he's dreadful.
Barcelona intend to buy Keirrison so that they can include him in a cash+player deal for David Villa. Not permanently, only to go on loan at the Mestalla. Valencia had been tracking K9 for over 12 months and this might help persuade them to send Villa the other way, albeit Keirrison would only be coming on loan. Should this move go through i would expect Eto'o to be moving on. Manchester City anyone?
Ahh, So would it be a loan to move? I could go for that, as long as he was getting first team somewhere. Don't want him to become another Kerlon

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