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Red Bull Leipzig - The next Giants!

Started on 19 June 2014 by Slid3Tackle
Latest Reply on 11 August 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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I hope he does good for you, good signing
Interesting story, might try and follow. Will be interesting to see what you make out of them, though truth be told, I hate the club IRL. Have you many more signings planned with the massive budget that you have?

First big name joins!

The next player I looked for was a back-up for our attacking midfielder. I was looking after a versatile player which can play all the 3 positions behind the striker: right and left wing and central attacking midfielder.

After a couple of days of searching through the free agent players I finally find the type of player I was looking for and his name is Najib Ammari! Najib was raised and trained at Olympique de Marseille’s youth academy and at somepoit was seen as a futer top class player, but sadly for him he got a bad injury and couldn’t perform at high level anymore. At 21 years old, Najib is still very young and I am sure that if we give him time he will become a very good player. His tehnique and dribbling skills are pretty impressive while he is also a quick player.

Najib signed a 2 years contract on 160 K euros per season, just like Emenike.

So, we already signed 2 relatively young players, but I feel that we also need experienced players…we need guys which played at the highest level and will bring a huge level of knowledge for our younger guys! So, as we needed 2 defensive midfielder, I start looking for them, and I like what I’ve found. At 34 years old, Kleberson has been there and done it all… the Brasillian played for clubs like Besiktas and Flamengo, but the top of his career was the two seasons he spent at Manchester United. His physical skills aren’t the same like they were some years ago, but he is still a top class player for Zweite Bundesliga!

Kleberson was give 1 year deal, with an extension option by the club if he will impress. The best thing is that he accepted a lower wake than my former two signings, just 145 k euros pers season.

@OMGItsToddzy - thank you!

@ Dippofix - thanks mate! I hope you will follow it! The bidget it's not massive at all, and I think aroun 6 players will come
I've also played with this team a bit, and indeed: their budget isn't that big. But what you can do is ask for a higher wage budget, they'll accept it. Though they won't let you have a higher transfer budget from the start. Good luck getting to the Bundesliga!

Two more join RB Leipzig!

The second defensive midfielderI was talking about is 28 years old and comes from Burkina Faso. Moise Bambara played all his career in Germany, and this is a very good thing,as he won’t need an accomodation time. In all this years he played for ASV Charm and other small clubs, bu he also played for FC Inglostadt and FSV Frankfurt until this season, when he became a free agent.

I think Bambara it’s a very good signing for us because he is exactly what we were looking after: a solid defensive midfielder, a team player, a man that works hard to obtain everything and also a player with great stamina which will be able to cover the spaces left by Kleberson. He accepted a 2 years deal with a wage of 145 k euros per season.

This was an unexpected signing for everyone, even for me, as one day I was called by an agent which told me that he heard the fact that we are after talented and cheap players and he has exactly what we need! If you ask me, that’s not cheap at all, but Bebe is a very talented winger and I really believe that he can help us very much.

Bebe is a 23 years old and very quick winger which joined us on loan for the whole season from Manchester United. At somepoint he was seen as the next superstar, but as years passed, he didn’t prove a thing! But now, I am giving him a chance…at 23 years old it may be his last chance to prove that he can play on the highest level!

@ ASR-PSV - thanks mate!
Great signings! Especially Bebe is a quality signing in my opinion!

Last signings of the transfer window

After all this hours spent on the training field with the team, preparing us for the new season I realised that we don’t have a decent squad, actually we have a poor one..if not very poor! I think that beside 2-3 player, all the others should be changed, but sadly we are out of money and this two deals will be the last two of this window!

At 32 years, Andreas Gorlitz comes with a lot of experience behind him, especially that he played for Bayern Munich, probably the best team in Germany. He was raised and formed by TSV 1860 Munchen, where he also made his debute and played until Bayern signed him. Sadly for him, he failed to impress there and was quickly sold to Karlshruer and now he became a free agent.

Just like Kleberson, he signed a one year deal with extend option by the club if he will impress. He will be on a 200 k euros per season wage.

Now comes the big surprise! You’ve probably never heard about Johnnier Montano, I certainly didn’t! Some years ago, more exactly in 1999 – 2000, Montano was considered to be the next top class player, as he made his debute in the Columbian team at the age of 15 when he was playing in Argentina for Quilmes. In 2000 he was signed by Parma, but sadly for him, it looks like he had a bad mental and he was destroyed by alcohool and extra-football life. I knew all this things from my chief scout, which told me that he discovered him now at Universidat de San Martin in Peru.

The best thing about this deal is that his club is in big financial problems and they would accept any offer for him, so we signed him for 39.5 k euros on a 2 years deal worth of 200 k euros per season!

He is clearly our best player and also one of the best in Zweite Bundesliga!

@ ASR-PSV - yes, Bebe is a very good signing for us!

Pre-season fixtures

Our pre-season was very short as we had less than a month to properly prepare for the next season so we played just 4 friendlies. We might have a problem in the future as we signed many players and they didn’t really had time to properly adapt.

On the other side, for a small club like us, we had a very good pre-season, at least Iam very pleased with the outcome. From 4 matches played we didn’t loose a single one and we managed to gather 2 wins and 2 draws.

Friendly Matches

Red Bull Leipzig 4 – 1 Red Bull Leipzig II

Clemens Fandrich
Matthyas Morys
Axel Eller (OG)
Timo Rottger

As most clubs do, we start our pre-season preparation with a friendly against our second team. I know, you can’t take much from this matches, but still, we played very well and we scored 4 goals from 5 shots on target.

SV Grodig 0 – 0 Red Bull LeipzigI


SV Grodig is a club from the first Austrian League, so for us, a draw against them is a very good result! They dominated us at the possesion, as they had 60% in front of our 40%, but at the scoring opportunities, we outclassed them with a report of 8 to 5!

FC BW Linz 1 - 1 Red Bull Leipzig

Clemens Fandrich

In our third friendly we met FC BW Linz, a club from a lower Austrian league and in my opinion we should have won this game! It’s true that we outclassed them with a 57% possesion and 10 shots towards target, but it looks like we have a problem scoring! I have to talk about this with our striker, Daniel Frahn.
Red Bull Leipzig 3 – 0 Hamburger SV II

Clemens Fandrich
Daniel Frahn
Thiago Rockenbach

As soon as I had a chat with Frahn, he start scoring! I am vey pleased with the perdormance of the team in this match, as HSV II alsohad players that could easily play at their first team like Rincon or Rajkovic. With 16 shots towards target and with HSv with just 5 shots, we really deserved to win!
Good preseason and good luck during the season

July and August fixtures

After failing to have a very good start in the league, things turned around and we start winning game after game, surprising everybody with our great form! With Montano and Frahn on top of their form, we managed to get some amazing and unexpected wins against Koln, Dusseldorf or Frankfurt!

Zweite Bundesliga Matches

Red Bull Leipzig 0 – 1 Nurnberg


We were totally outclassed and dominated by Nurnberg, but what can we do? Nurnberg is one of the strongest team from Zweite Bundesliga while we are considered to be one of the weakest…we still had some good chances to score, but sadly we missed them. Anyway, I am not upset on the players, I have no reason to be!

Braunschweig 0 – 0 Red Bull Leipzig


This is a great result for us, as before the match everyone expected from Braunschweig to defeat us by a big difference…ok, it’d true that we were dominated and didn’t had a single shot on target, but all that matter is the result!

Dusseldorf 0 – 1 Red Bull Leipzig

Johnnier Montano

What an amazing and important win for us! Dusseldorf is one of the strongest teams in Zweite Bundesliga and a strong candidate for promotion! After they had 19 shots towards target and 10 shots on it, our Columbian, Montano took the ball, dribbled 3 men and after that scored with an amazing long shot!

Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 1 Uninon Berlin

Andreas Gorlitz
Daniel Frahn

At least, a weaker opponent! We finally managed to dominate someone and to obtain a categoric win! 63% possession and 9 shots on target were enough to get a win!

FSV Frankfurt 1 – 3 Red Bull Leipzig

Johnnier Montano
Daniel Frahn
Moise Bambara

Some people already say that we are overachieving and that we will soon start losing one match after another…to be honest, I think that they’re right, but this few wins from this months cand mean a lot at the end of the season!
Against FSV Frankfurt we did again what we do best…we were dominated but managed to score on the counter attack!


Red Bull Leipzig 4 – 3 Koln

Daniel Frahn
Daniel Frahn
Alex Emenike
Alex Emenike

What an amazing game against Koln! We scored first in minute 26 by Frahn, but we led only for 2 minutes, as in minute 28 Koln scroed to equalize us and just 7 minutes later, in min 35 they scored again and took the lead. Koln dominated the match and when everyone tought that the match was over, Frahn scored in minute 87 to equalize. Just 3 minutes later, Emenike scored a header after a corner in minute 90 and we took the lead again, but just for two minutes as in minute 92 Koln scored again. Emenike realized the double with another header in minute 94 and we managed to get a huge win!

League table

Good start mate! I'll be following from now on :)

Tranfer Window - Review

It was a very busy transfer window all over Europe where hundreads of million euros were spent on player signings, player fees and agent fees. For us was also a very busy window as we made 7 transfers, but we didn’t have millions to spend and we signed 6 free agents and one very cheap player.

July deals

The biggest deal in july and also of the whole transfer window was Leighton Baines. The left back left Everton to sign for Arsenal on a fee of 30.5 m euro. But in my opinion, other are the most interesting deals, like Yarmolenko which was signed by City from Dynamo Kiev for 30 m euro and will be interesting to see how he will adapt in Premier League.

Ben Arfa deal it’s also an interesting one, as he finally gets to play for a very good club. He signed with Arsenal on a fee of 25 m euro.

On the other side, I am not really sure if Firmino did the right thing signing with Chelsea. The Blues have a very solid squad with a lot of very talented midfielders and I am not sure that he will break in their first eleven. Chelsea payed 17 m euro for him.

August deals

The most expensive deal of August and also the most interesting one is the transfer of Timo Werner. It looks like the former Sttutgart striker was choosen by Diego Simeone to be the one which will replace Diego Costa at At. Madrid. They paid for him 25 m euro.

At. Madrid also signed Schneiderlin on a fee of 13.75 m euro from Southampton and this will also be interesting to see how Schneiderlin will adapt at a top club.

September deals

The most expensive deal of September was Real Madrid’s new player Griezmann. He joined them from Real Sociedad on a fee of 28.5 m euro. My opinion is that was pretty stupid from him to go at Real, as he is on the same position as Cristiano Ronaldo and no matter how good he will play, he will never be choosen in front of Ronaldo.

I think that the best deal of this month is Subotic, which joined Liverpool from Dortmund on a fee of just 9.75 m euro.
Something went wrong under the August spoiler ;)
Edit: Already fixed :) Good update mate

September fixtures

So I was right…we were overachieving and as September came, we began to lose match after match…and from 6 matches played this month, we lost 3, made two draws and recorded just one win. Actually 2 wins, as we also won our cup match at penalty kicks.

But at the end of the month we are standing on a confortable 8th place, and that is pleasing.

Zweite Bundesliga Matches

Red Bull Leipzig 0 – 5 Aue


What the fuck happened in this match I can’t explain…but we suffered a heavy loss! And maybe would accept a defeat like this from Wolfsburg or 1860 Munchen…but not from Aue! They are just 1 place ahead of us in the league!
We made a very bad game against them, our defensive was awful and this must change!

Red Bull Leipzig 2 – 0 Sandhausen

Daniel Frahn
Daniel Frahn

After that huge defeat against Aue, I expected to lose again against Sandhausen, and we were pretty close. I mean we were totally dominated by them, but it makes such a huge difference to have a brilliant player like Frahn, a player that can win a match by himself!

Kaiserslauten 2 – 0 Red Bull Leipzig


It’s always a disappointment to lose, but we don’t have the value to fight a team like Kaiserslauten..I can’t fault the players this time, they did everything they could, but simply Kaiserslauten are much better than us.

Heidenhein 1 - 1 Red Bull Leipzig

Daniel Frahn

We were very unlucky in this match, as we missed a lot of opportunities to score! Heidenhein are a very small club and this is a match we should have won! Daniel Frahn had again a very good game, but I was again disappointed by our defensive. We have to change something the winter transfer window!

Red Bull Leipzig 0 – 3 Furth


Once again we faced a much better team than ours with better players. It’s a hard loss, but this is it…we still have a lot of work to do until we will make a solid team that can defeat anybody in Zweite Bundesliga!


Red Bull Leipzig p 1 – 1 Wolfsburg

Daniel Frahn

An incredible match with a great outcome for us! It seems like our squad motivates a lot better when they face a solid team from the fisrt league, as this is the second Bundesliga team that we defeat in the cup.
Fabio Coltori, our keeper, was amazing this match, savig a lot of shots and at the end, savig 3 penalties to gain us the qualification! In the next round we will meet Frankfurt.

League table

@ ASR-PSV - thanks mate!
Nice Pokal victory

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