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Liverpool, You'll Never Walk Alone!

Started on 5 July 2014 by Aaron
Latest Reply on 21 September 2014 by Aaron
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Rodgers means business

Moving on from the World Cup, we head back to the Premier League as Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has stated that he means business this year. In an interview that bombarded him with questions over Luis Suarez' future, Rodgers gave his thoughts on the situation surrounding his star man, whilst moving on to talk about the approaching season until finally giving his verdict on the World Cup so far. Here is the interview for those that missed it.

Reporter: Good afternoon Brendan, can you shed any light on the Luis Suarez incident?

Brendan: What situation? There a many of them...

Reporter: Well, the entire situation in general. His future at the club and the biting incident a few days back.

Brendan: Well, as far as I am concerned he is a Liverpool player now, and I want to keep it that way. He may have bitten Chiellini, but I don't think anyone in the right mind would want to let this boy go, he's one of the best, and he could commit a million biting incidents before I'd even think about selling him. As long as he is putting the ball in the back of the net for Liverpool, I'm happy. Next question?

Reporter: But isn't there a chance of the clubs name being tarnished and dragged through the mud?

Brendan: As if it hasn't already...When we're at the top and back where we belong, no matter what the lad does I won't care. The Liverpool fans will get behind him and us. We don't want respect or support from any other clubs or fans. It's our fans the matter. So as long as we are at the top where we belong I couldn't give a monkies what anyone else thinks because no matter what, we will be the best.

Reporter: Ok, and how are you and the team preparing for the coming season?

Brendan: Well, most of us are back now, we're just waiting on others such as Sakho and Mignolet but we're are training hard, working hard. We have a fantastic bunch of players that I am keen to add to. We want to improve the squad, add quality in depth and fight for everything going next year. We'll be ready for the start and we'll take it by storm. If you think we were good last season, wait till you see us next season.

Reporter: Any hints on who you are looking to sign up? You've been link a lot with the likes of Markovic and Sanchez, can you say you'll b going for these two players? I'm not saying anything, all you need to know is that we mean business and we will add to this squad. We won't add the average squad players, we'll add the young and experienced Champions League players with a view to bringing in some potentially world class youngsters.

Reporter: Lastly, can you give us your thoughts on the World Cup so far?

Brendan: Well, I think it's one of the best I have ever watched. The constant end to end attacking football on display is just incredible. I think it was difficult for many to see England head out so early, and was surprising to see Costa Rica through also. You've got teams like Algeria giving Germany a run for their money as well. It's just incredible. I think the best game I saw was Colombia vs Uruguay or Netherlands vs Australia. Two brilliant games, and some fantastic goals on show from that Rodriguez and Timmy Cahill. It's been fantastic so far, I reckon Argentina and Germany will battle it out in the final, Argentina to edge it.

So, he may mean business but will his team have what it takes? That'll be the question surrounding this young Liverpool side, and will Liverpool be able to hold onto there star striker? Well, we'll be hoping to see some action in the market in the not to distant future, we can't wait for things to get into touch. Liverpool play Swansea at Home in their first Premier League game of the season. Can they get off to a good start?
Good luck Aaron!
Good luck :)
Tallery & Paddy: Cheers for the support! :P

Have Liverpool struck Gauld?

It's early doors in the transfer window, but Liverpool may have dealt the the first and possibly the biggest shock of it, as they caused Ryan 'Mini Messi' Gauld to change his mind and make a U-turn on his decision to move to Sporting Lisbon, heading to a place a little less warmer and a little less further. Liverpool.

As pictured above we can see Gauld has already been unveiled by the reds, and the player seems very happy with the move. Liverpool have reportedly spent £4.9M on the player, however he won't feature in the 2014/15 Liverpool squad, as a Clause in the deal states he will go back on loan to his club of origin, Dundee United.

Gauld has signed with Liverpool strangely on a short-term deal which should keep him at the club for the next two years. One of those years he won't be at the club for, but we are expecting him to sign another contract with the club in a year or so, and if he proves to be worth the money they paid, hopefully for Liverpool fans it will be long term this time.

We did speak to the lad just after he'd signed his contract and completed his medical, and even Rodgers got the chance to speak with us.

Gauld: "I'm delighted with the move, I think this is a special club and a special place to be. Liverpool are undoubtedly one of the biggest clubs in England, if not the best. They're also known widely around the world as well, so yeah. It's a big club, with big ambitions and I want to help the team grow stronger. I'm going to head back to Dundee and look to prove Brendan and the Liverpool fans that this move was made at the right time, and I am ready and willing to play for this club."

"I think people will be a bit upset with me because obviously I was heading to Sporting, but when Liverpool called, I almost stopped breathing. I had to come here, I know this is the right choice. I want to make my apologies known to the Sporting fans, and I hope they understand why I had to reject them. I am sure if they were in my position, they'd have done the same."

Rodgers: "I think he's going to be a fantastic player for Liverpool. He is going to grow into a marvelous player. I mean well...He already is. He is absolutely fantastic. He's mesmerized me with some of the things he has done. He can create goals, score them from anywhere in almost any situation, and a bit like Suarez he can create goals on his own out of nothing. He's a superb player."

"He'll head back to Dundee and develop a little more into a more mature player, and I can assure he'll come back stronger and better. This is only the start though, you will see some more signings very soon. Some fantastic players are on there way in, and Ryan is only one of them."

So the Liverpool fans will be looking forward to seeing the 'Mini Messi' develop into a fine player, but the question is, can he live up to his hype? Is he really the 'mini messi'? Can he live up to the Argentine? Well, we posted a poll on twitter early this afternoon and 30% said yes, and the remaining 70% said no. Either way, the potential is there, and he just needs the right type of guidance from the Liverpool staff to mold him into the player he is hyped up to be.
I have heard speaking about Gauld, the Sporting of Lisbon has signed it these days, if I am not wrong. It would be a good signing. Promise enough.

Two unveiled by Liverpool

It's only been a few days since the signing of Ryan Gauld, but Liverpool have wasted no time in bringing in new players. Already they have brought two in for a combined fee of £24.5M from both Dortmund and Roma. Can you guess who?

Well the first should be an easy guess, as the central midfielder is pictured above. Yes, Alessandro Florenzi has joined Liverpool for £14M, leaving his parent club Roma. It's a strange signing, given that Liverpool already have the likes of Gerrard, Can, Henderson and Lucas but it seems that Brendan Rodgers is looking to add plenty of depth to his squad.

Florenzi, isn't the most experienced player at this level having only made 36 appearances for Roma in all of last season and another 35 the season before for Crotone. He has scored 14 goals in his total of 78 appearances but regardless, Rodgers seems to be adamant Florenzi can be one of the players to help push Liverpool to their first ever Premier League title.

Rodgers: "I watched Florenzi a lot last season and he really impressed me I have to say. It was unusual for him to have a bad game, because there weren't many he did have one. He always displayed something that showed some for of class and in every game played a key factor for Roma. Some may say he's inexperienced, but I say, if your good enough your old enough. He'll get experience by playing for us and I am sure he will many times.

Liverpool have also signed another player to go along with Florenzi, and he makes his way to England all the way from Germany, Dortmund. He's a ruthless Serb centre back and he goes by the name of Neven Subotic, a player who has linked up with the likes of Lewandowski and Mats Hummels many times. He's made over 180 appearances for Dortmund but will now ply his trade for the reds in the heart of defense. Pairing up with either the Great Dane, Agger or the colossal Frenchman that is, Mamadou Sakho.

Subotic has joined the reds for as little as £10M, presumably because his contract had been coming to an end, however he will have nothing to worry about now for the next four years as he'll be with the big red family in the North West of England.

Subotic spoke to us in the airport just before he made his way onto the plane over to England, and here is what he told us.

Subotic: "All there is to do now, is sign the contract and pass a medical, so it's all looking good. I am happy to move to Liverpool, I want to win things. Something we weren't doing enough at Dortmund, but at Liverpool, they have the ambition and determination to do so. I want a new challenge, so this will be it hopefully. I'll thank the Dortmund fans now for makeing me feel so welcome and supported at Dortmund, and I hope they understand what is at stake here. I just can't see BVB breaking Bayern, so I have to move away for the sake of my career. I want to win things."

Two pretty big name signings there, both young and with the potential to be world beaters, but it's not their words that count it's what they do on the pitch, and they'll be looking to show us what they can do in the next season. Stay tuned...Liverpool really do mean business.
Two very good signings, especially Ale Florenzi ;)
CR7ver: Yeah he's a good player, hopefully he'll come good!

ASR: They're bloody brilliant ;) I am a big fan of Flore so I had to snap him up with the huge budget I was given :P
Some really nice signings there, I hope Florenzi does really well for you as I have a soft spot for him after his time with Roma ;)

Liverpool - Pre-Season 2014

It's been a fairly good pre season for Liverpool this year round. With two new signings already introduced to the side, Rodgers would be looking to integrate them into the team using the seven matches the reds had to prepare for the coming season.

They started with a 2-2 draw to Shakthar with the fairly recent coup, Lallana scoring his first for Liverpool, and the unbelievably creative Brazilian Coutinho getting Liverpool's second before the Miners came back from a two goal deficit to earn themselves some credit.

Gerrard and co, then took their chances against Braunschweig to show off their creativity and attacking prowess, putting four past the Germans. Goals from Sturridge, Coutinho and Agger helped them towards this victory, as did Lallana who scored the fourth of the game.

Adam Lallana scored his 3rd for Liverpool in his 3rd game for them against Valencia who actually went 1-0 up early on. But Liverpool did comeback level through their right winger.

Liverpool really did turn on the style after their average performance in the last game and managed to thrash Wolfsburg 3-0 at Anfield with two goals from Lallana and one from Fabio Borini. One player who will be wanting to prove himself to his manager. He did ever so well at Sunderland.

Wrexham, expectantly succumbed to a 6-0 lashing next, as 2 goals each from Lambert and Coutinho, a goal from Suso and strangely not from lallana but instead Borini once again saw the win out for their team.

Lallana was back to goal scoring ways one match on though, as was Borini and they both scored to help Liverpool to a 5-0 win over Panthrakikos.

Lastly, the lads went all the way over to America in Real Salt Lake who were the next team to fall to the reds. Sterling got his first of pre-season to help Liverpool on to their win, and Lallana got the other two. Meaning he finished himself as top goal scorer with eight goals.

So, a pretty good pre-season for Liverpool, who showed real dominance in pretty much every game. They were fluid, calm, and creative all throughout, Ad if they play like this come the start of the season, they'll have no trouble in the Premier league this year.

Player of Pre-Season - Adam Lallana

Lallana looks like a superb signing , be interesting to see how you accomodate Allen , Gerrard , Hendo , Coutinho and Lallana
TJ7FFC: Lallana is a right winger so we'll have no problem with him. The real problem lies with Gerrard, henderson, Lucas, Can, Allen And Florenzi ;) We have many CM's, two of which I don't plan to be using as well, I can make some money off them I am sure :)
Really nice start here Aaron!
I enjoyed your previous Liverpool story so will be interesting to see what you can do in this one too.
Yeah, I miss that. Would have carried on had the save not gone tits up when I signed 3bn shitty players :P Ah well, I'll be hoping to keep this one for a long time :)

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