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A simple prisoner !

Started on 7 July 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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Good luck with your team !!
It's over and time transfers!

I have not managed much, but I managed to get another striker. It is loan from Napoli!


And so I ended transfer period, I hope that those elected and can help me succeed as a top ranking!
The adventure begins!

In our course cup is over! Torino us out after a dramatic match!

We were beaten on penalties, but in my opinion was a game where we failed! Torino won, but barely!

I started in the championship match was very nice here!

A crazy game with nine goals, a very nice match, the team ran over and attacked the continuum.
I will try to motivate guys, and maintain shape!

The first two months in the team!

Two months superb matches many and very beautiful! I managed to create a competitive team! I hope to maintain this form! I scored many goals and that makes me very happy.


Best player !

He managed more assists, and goals as much! I am glad that plays very well, more than I expected!


I am happy that I managed not to lose! Employer, often congratulate me for what I did here, I had a conversation with him in which he allows me to go to a better team if we offer! Because here's finances are weak!
Great start to the season mate.

November and December

I've been two months! Equally beautiful and intense football, unfortunately were countless injuries for several weeks! But I managed to keep pace. I had to promote a player from the U19 team, because I do not forward.


It started off, and what I enjoy! I know it's a good player, but I hope I need help!


The best players until this!


I am happy that I had no defeat! I hope to continue in some form as good!
Your going great guns mate and Gasser hasn't done bad stepping up from the U19's, might be a future at the level for him.
Good luck in Serie B! :)...

January and February

I arrived in January, but we did not set a new transfer! Although we need players, we did not do any transfer, even a loan! But I managed to get a new partnership with a new team in Serie A! That should hopefully help me in the future!

Palermo is partnering team agreed with me.


Top 4 players


I am extremely excited about how the team plays, but unfortunately I already lost two players!
Unfortunately money does not appear, and debts get bigger by the day!

Cup Seria C
You're doing great mate! Sad to hear about the financial problems...

March, April and May!

The last matches of the season, a very good season in my opinion, unfortunately injuries or held and after my team. I still managed to make good games!



Seria C Cup
I managed to get to the Cup final, here meet the

As I said, injuries were kept after us!

But the game was going to be one intense and Scardina decided by two goals. One in each half!

Everything was perfect, the team was happy! Unfortunately the happiness was to be removed and to experience the excitement! The return of the cup would be one crazy!

Fink scored a beautiful goal in the 13th minute. From the free kick, it was pretty good!

One percent of Liivak in 30 minutes! And everything was perfect, but the team fell into sin pace for 88 minutes was 4-2 advesari, we managed to aprama, pretty good!

There will be two tough matches, with the two winners of the other leagues!

The first match will be in front of the Pisa !
A difficult game in which I was driving and then tied the end of the match! In 89 minutes I got the equalizing goal.

And again the final game will be Sorrento!
A match much easier than I expected! More motivated team after defeat 4-2, and managed to make a much better match! Liivak is man of the match without talking! He managed one pass away, and 3 goals!
Liivak action !

Sarno gol !

Scardina !

Team stats !

And this is the last event of the season, thus ending the first season!
Good season, I'm loving this presentation!

The new season !

We returned to the team, and players came from vacation! It was a smaller meeting because they and the players left. We determined ambition, and received money from driving!

It was difficult to find players who will sign with my team, I could not give bonuses because I restriction. But I hope that those who come to do a good job!



It is a young player with potential.


Reserves will be more, I hope to help you when you enter.


Another young player who has a future in the face, I hope it's a nice one!


A French quarterback, does not have many matches, but I hope to help.


A player brought from Portugal, has confirmed there, but I hope to do to me!


A promising striker came open for teams to score goals but smaller weaker evenings! I hope you help me!


A two quarterback came from France, I hope to make good team you too!


Alin, a young player, perhaps the future of the team, I hope to help! At this point is reserved.


An experienced striker who hope to help!

I tried to bring younger players, but can confirm!
I had a good debut a championship, the cup was quickly eliminated by AC Milan!

looking good so far, well on your way to promotion. keep it up
nice transfer business mate!

Passed and the first 2 months!

They passed the first two months, when he started the season in Serie B! I am very happy with the game, I managed to get another 3 players in defesiva to have no major problems, I now reserves enough. I had similar heavy with teams attacking promotion! But we managed to make good games, and get great results.

The team is going through a good period of time, but unfortunately we are unable to mark the lot, and that made ​​me exchange the game system!

New tactic !



I'm happy for us, though I wish more goals for the team!

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