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A simple prisoner !

Started on 7 July 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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Great kits, and very good signings as well!

The first two months on the big stage!

The team plays well, marks and defend pretty well, I got a goalie in the team because the reserve was not good enough, and I wanted to be more competition.


It's a keeper with good qualities, and also the very good physique! I hope to help the team.


I had very good matches with Inter, Fiorentina and Roma but! They are the best matches ever!

I had one until this match with Trapani!

Until the moment the best transfer is Kelvin managed to score 7 goals and give five assists.

Alongside he also excelled and Andrea Arrighini! With 9 goals and 4 assists!

I hope we keep this good form!
Butland is a great signing! And what form Kelvin is in!

The adventure continues!

It took two months over the team, and things are going very well, the team plays beautiful football, and marks a lot. Unfortunately appeared first defeat in a match unexpectedly.

We dominated pretty much in this game, but unfortunately we did not mark!

We made very good matches with Napoli, Milan and Juventus, I had a superb match against Napoli with many goals!

I hate that I took so many goals, but I am so happy that we managed to win!

Rest Matchs

Kelvin remains a great player, and keeps very good shape.

Transfers followed a period in which I hope to be active!
That Napoli game must have been good!

Transfer Period!

January, during which always waiting here can change what I do not like the team! So it was now, I have sold and I managed to get up to the moment three players.


Came free agent, and I hope to help me to grow in attributes.

Elliott Hewitt

Came free agent after he left Southampton, I hope to help. It's a young player and future!

And the biggest transfer of the season is coming to!
Emmanuel Riviere
It is the most expensive transfer made ??by me, I hope I do not disappoint me has pretty good numbers, came to me from Olympiakos in Greece, where already managed to score.

The amount of transfer was 5.5 M. But bonuses yet reached 1 million.

Italian Cup

Riviere managed to score a very important match, brought victory. I hope to score further.

Elliott managed to give two assists in this game, I hope to help me further.
Josip Radosevic is a fantastic signing! Hopefully Riviere does well for you after you spent so much on him :)

January and February!

Guys keep their good form and make memorable matches. Transfers help me and confirm!

We had two important matches with Roma in the Italian Cup semifinals.
First Match
A very important match, players have shown strength, and attacked a lot. I managed to mark by Riviere! Which reached the far end of a good cross.

Second Match
And in the second match, Riviere marked has already two important goals! Cheers very good at Hewitt!

Ended 1-1 though, I pretty much dominated this game. I am glad that we managed to qualify for the finals, where we will meet Juventus!

Rest matchs
Riviere managed to become the best player and have a huge impact on the team, he managed six goals and one decisive pass in 11 games.
Riviere off to a very nice start for you! Andrea Arrighini also getting some goals :)

Ended adventure!

Ended another memorable season, and very nice. The team fought for every game, and for each point. I was equally many teams in Serie A, and thus we have shown that we can fight peer with all teams. We managed to reach the Italian Cup final, in which I had chances to make a beautiful figure. The team made very good matches and failed to score more goals.

Coppa Italia

Bad news before the game, but good news all the stadium will be full for the final.

The match started well for us, and was 1-0 after just five minutes. I got a penalty, quite the controversial Juve.

But I was equal to the end of the match, and went into overtime.
Here I was already thinking penalty, but to my joy and team. Vidal rejected a wrong ball and put the ball into his own goal. Thus the cup would be won by us!

I was the big surprise of this edition.

The best matches of the season!

A goal scored by the right quarterback in 91 minutes!

Individual trophies!

2nd best scorer in the league!

Best Young Seria A!

Team of the Year!
Poundje defender and striker Kelvin managed to get into the team of the year!

The best team of the season!

The best quarterback in the league!


Team stats

A fantastic season for us, with many trophies!

Rest of world !

English Premier Division

Chelsea win the championship after four years of waiting!


Barcelona continue to dominate Spain 5 years she just win the championship.

German First Division

Bayern managed to win the championship after re Schalke won the championship last season.

Ligue 1

He did two years in a row to win the championship.

European Champions Cup

Europa League

With the end of the season, began to appear and many offers!

Season ends with a surprise invitation from those of Man Utd!

Good job mate, Nice trophy !! :)
Kelvin looks like he had an absolutely fantastic season!! Are you going to accept any of those job offers, or stay with the club? :)
I wonder where the idea of the screenshot's came from ;) Good update

New season starts!

The new season started with our congratulations goalkeeper. Which came first time to a world tour, and finally managed to qualify the team, but unfortunately the final act was kicked off the team.

I am very happy for him, and I'm glad my team matches brought a selection to the tournament. He was congratulated by the entire team.

I am upset that they decided that they want something better after here I casitigat together a cup, and ranked in groups UCL!

Players who came to the club!


Came free agent after finishing contract with Liverpool.


Income from PSG, the amount of 3M, I hope to help me! Has good qualities, and I think he can do better rendered.


Bought from Chelsea, already mad at him because I asked to leave him to another team, because here there is too much competition for the post holder.


The most expensive transfer, and also possibly the biggest loss already started to make figures, and he just wants to leave the team because the competition is great ..


Income in Turkey more brought to experience, and to help the younger players, to teach.


Hailing from Brazil, has good qualities, but hope is not a pale. It's a bet that can be a great player or a great loss.


A player with good qualities, which I hope will help me. It has a good moral, and does not mind the competition, in the contrary, wants to show they deserve to play title.


He is definitely the biggest transfer of the team. Not that the amount of transfer, but as a player! I hope his experience to help me, and to score goals for me!

We have established a partnership with Vaslui, where I will try to send winter uni younger players, try to play more there. To grow as well.

SuperCup Italy
A gorgeous new Juve match in which both teams have shown that they want victory.

The game was beautiful, and I'm glad my parents were able to focus more.

Now everybody expect the big day!

And the big day arrived!

There were teams that wanted to stay away! I was very excited, it was the first time I saw so many personalities, who would have imagined that I could get a room with Michael Laudrup who directs Barcelona, ??Seedorf was now Arsenal's coach, José Mourinho but that was here Mr Abramovich, Carlo Ancelotti and many other coaches and personalities! Excitement were high!

Relatively I failed in a pretty good group, in which we might hope to many can a 3. We have a group with the group in Spain Valencia with rich AS Monaco in France, but with Fc Schalke!

That was the draw and hope to get lucky and games, and be able to make a good figure!

A tough group, good result against Juve, and some great signings!

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