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A simple prisoner !

Started on 7 July 2014 by bebero
Latest Reply on 31 July 2014 by Slid3Tackle
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The first matches in Europe!

He began and the first European adventure for us, first home match we discuss the company from Valencia!

The stadium was full, and about all fans sustains us! It was a great feeling when the official anthem was first heard our stadium!
At half-time the score was 1-0 for those in Valencia, and players wanted more, fans continue supporting us!
Giroud managed to score an important goal that made ??us to wake up! The game started to get better.

Kelvin manages to score the winning goal in the 90th minute and the stadium exploded with joy!

Next match will find us in France!

I arrived in France, the team has a good moral after the match against Valencia.

Giroud reach completion after a good centering, and so the score 1-0 to us.

Kelvin enroll for 2-0 after nice kick in the penalty area.
So the halftime score was 2-0 for us, but it was hard to resist. So I was equal to the end of the match, and ended 2-2.

Next match was still away in Germany.

It was a superb first half, the end of which my team was 3-0!

Arrighini was a hero for the team did a phenomenal match beautifully!
But I got 2 goals and had the score become 2-3! But luckily for me and the few fans come to Germany with us, gentle managed to score!

A superb match made ??my team!

Rest of matchs

They were very good matches wins important with Roma and Juventus!

Best of the season!
He managed to score 9 goals important and give two assists for his colleagues!
Good results against Schalke and AS Monaco. Giroud Was also a great signings :)

I finished the group!

He attended the second game in the company of the Schalke at home! It was a beautiful match!
It was hard, I was led after 22 minutes, but in the second half Kelvin managed to equalize!

Thus the match ended draw!

So come and take the 2nd match with Valencia!
We started badly, and Valencia opened the scoring after 3 minutes, but I forced equalizer in 25 minutes it was 1-1!

Kelvin scoring for the 1-1 halftime score!
Half I ran two more, and we managed to enlist and by Bojin, in 50 minutes it was 2-1 to us, and this would be the final score.

Last match was to be in front of the Monaco, a home game where the fans were ecstatic!
We started the game perfectly, and after 15 minutes the score was 2-0 for my team!

But unfortunately again, we did not maintain our form! So until final score would be 2-2!

I was more than surprised when I saw that we casitgat group!

I wait anxiously draw, because they were only good teams!

I can say that I was lucky to pull this many great teams have been avoided!

Unfortunately there are still problems with the group, and so it will be in winter to May when the players because they are not productive, I just hope I can bring something different soon!
I decided to take care and U19 team because you play more often now! So I decided to bring a young talet team will follow other in winter.

There continued to be many offers for me, but I refused it yet!

Rest match of Seria A

Wow, great performance in the Champions League! Hopefully you'll be able to win against Rennes, good luck!

Transfers News

As I said I wanted to sell players who have not given good return to the team! I managed to sell everything I wanted, Kelvin has not played anything, and I decided to sell it because the future is not known if there get money on it.
I managed to bring a few players, and what I enjoy!
A young player with pretty good quality, hope help! And do not be a disappointment.

Also as a young player came from Spain, I hope to adapt quickly, and you can help me.

Santi Cazorla
He signed with me the last day of transfers, I hope to be decisive in some moments and help my team.

These are reinforcements in the winter!

France unexpectedly dream!

Follow two matches with Stade Rennais! There will be two difficult matches.
The first match would be in France!
The game's started well! We scored quite quickly, and that makes me happy! But just as quickly was the score back.
So at halftime the score was 2-1 to Stade!
But Giroud include them once and leveling, and all at once and the final score!
I am very pleased with the match, and the team has not got beat!

He attended the game at home, where he was attacked!
But in the first half we only managed to defend ourselves!
The match was much more difficult especially as we only had 4 tanks as many injured, but managed to score Alin Bojin perhaps two of the most important goals of his.
Blandi he managed to score a goal, nice very nice!
It was a superb match made ??the team, and I congratulate this!

Rest match of Serie A
The team is doing well in the championship and we stay up, and what I enjoy!
The party succeeded wonderful cup with Inter and Napoli, and I reached a final with Juventus. We've been through a similar final.

The new enemy!

We arrived at the new drawings in Europe, where they were again very nervous! I got very far in the competition, I think nobody give many chances.
I can not say if it was a bad pull for my team not to, all remaining teams are very good and have a lot more experience than me!
But who has not heard of Real Madrid, a team with many good players superb, including Ronaldo, Bale, Isco, Varane, Schurrle, Modric but many other players!
The first match will take place in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium! A legendary stadium, where many teams were legendary and many great players!

You're doing great...but to get past Real is almost impossible...

Meeting the impossible!

I went to Spain, all players were excited, we went on Santiago. I think I was the most excitement I wanted to make a good match, and get a beautiful result!
I spoke to the players, and they were confident, they can do a good result!
The game started very well for us, and we had 1-0 of 2 minutes!
But I got blank after 25 minutes, and the score was 1-1 at half time! It was a tough game after we had to defend ourselves and we have not attacked you very much!

Home after the game, we were all confident after good match in Spain. We hope to make a good match for the thousands of fans who came to the stadium!
It was a first round on the contrary, we attacked a lot, and us and them! And the halftime score was equal!
I had a problem with an injury break, and had to pull a defensive midfielder, and the bar had only attack risk and had to play it! I've changed positions of some players!
But that came Alin break, would score the first goal should match, and a very important one for him!
But I got 67 minutes into the game, and the score would be 1-1 by the end of 90 minutes!
I decided to play on the counter, and try to get the penalty!
In 97 minutes, I was able to enlist the Blandi!
In 112 minutes we were equal, and I thought what changes to make, we decided to remove Santi, and May put a striker increasingly choose to have the penalty, but a corner of 120 minutes! It changed everything!
He stole the ball from all players Giroud Real, and managed to send a shot into the side netting, and so the score would be 3-2 to us! Real would be eliminated from the competition!
A historic game for the team and for the fans who were at the game!

The new enemy!

German territory!

After the big game with Real, next confrontation with titanium German! Bayer is a super team!
The first match was held in Allianz Arena, an arena fabulous! We hope to make a good game, and go out with his head up after the game.
He started game's hard enough for us! It was hard, it was 3-0 for them, and I did not have high hopes, but the team gave everything he had better and managed to score two goals that made the game more spectacular!
He attended the game at home, which was just as hard. I managed to score a goal, but just that. Failed to score back, and even to make a draw!
This is the last game of the season in Europe. It was a beautiful adventure, which no one had expected jump! I removed very good teams, and we had a spectacular journey! I want to congratulate the whole team for the maturity shown in the field.
Idk how you managed to defeat Real..but congrats! It was a great season for you!

Over a crazy season for us!

The season was a good one for the team, we managed to win a trophy in the end!

Italy Cup
A final against Juventus, a match play, we started well and we scored on a free kick!
I managed to hit it once, and the score was 2-0 after 70 minutes, but I was finally relaxed, and very quickly got 2 goals!
In overtime we got a penalty that was scored, and so we received the trophy!

It was a great season with many great match!
I received several offers, one of which made ??me stand thinking!

The new season begins!

A new season began and with many changes in the team! They left many players who have not proven!
I managed to recover lost money transfers and their only hope newcomers help me and confirm!

A player with good qualities, which I hope to help attack!

Came from France, hope to help! And play well, we'll try to play more defensive.

A player with good qualities that can still show something, I hope, help!

A very young player who I'm sure will grow, I just hope to do well and help the team!

It is the most expensive transfer, I will try to play it advanced midfield, I hope to help the attack, and all at once to score and goals.

I'll try and get some more new players!

Their first test was a success!
Super Cup
Of those who started, the two managed to score important goals of victories!

John Tabor looks like a class player!
Nice update! Like the use of screenshots!

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