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[FM14] I Gondolieri - A New Club in Italy

The follow up to mine and ASR's story, a new club takes centre stage in Italy
Started on 13 July 2014 by Tallery
Latest Reply on 10 July 2015 by Aaron
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Nesta: "I am disappointed"

Today, AS Venezia boss announced that he was unhappy and disappointed with club President Thomas Allery.

"I am disappointed with him [Tom Allery] because I wanted a larger wage budget and he didn't, and he rejected my request. Iit has stopped the club making some great signings this summer."

It is reported that Nesta was immediatley called for a meeting, but Nesta apologised, reportedly saving his job.

Iaquinta - AS Venezia's first ever captain

Meanwhile, Nesta has announced that Vincenzo Iaquinta will be the clubs first ever captain.

"I am very happy to have this role and will treat it with respect. I wanted to be captain as I feel that my leadership skills are second to none. I am happy that Alessandro felt the same."

Lucas Neill has been named vice-captain.
Love the Italian legends on the staff! Such a unique story inventing a club. Good job mate! :D
Liking it so far! Good idea having the Italian legends in staff :)
Your attack is going to be deadly: Iaquinta + Anelka + Baros in Serie B :O
Nice little article! This is gonna be a great season I think, you can finish 1st!
@MCox - Thanks mate!

@pokariboy - thanks!

@Neal - I know, not sure how I pulled it off! :0

@ASR - Thanks mate, I really hope so! :)

2014 - 15 Pre-Season Review

In the clubs first ever pre-season, they faced five different clubs, most being low level Italian Clubs.


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-4-2) Kuszczcak, Neill, Bacchetti, Terlizzi, Sini, Madej, Bottone, Barillà, De Silvestro, Iaquinta, Anelka
Line Up: Valenciennes: (4-4-2) Penneteau, Nery, Klemenz, Adilehou, Ciss, Mater, Camara, Da Silva, Enza Yamissi, Pujol, Le Tallec

The first game saw French team Valenciennes come to welcome the new club. 3,566 were at the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo to see the club play their first ever match. Rudy Mater and Gregory Pujol put Vamenciennes up within twenty-seven minutes, and Nicolas Anelka got one back for Venezia in the thirty-eighth minute. Left Back Simone Sini was sent off after two quick yellow cards in the sixty-second minute.

Rudy Mater (20)
Gregory Pujol (27)
Nicolas Anelka (38)
Simone Sini (62)
Da Silva


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-4-2) Cudicini, Seitaridis, Piccolo, Goian, Sini, Madej, Valenta, Kafes, Seijas, Anelka, Baros
Line Up: AC Arles-Avignon: (4-2-3-1) Keita, Cantini, N'Diaye, Givet, Quintin, Rodriguez, Flores, Nabab, Savanier, Ben Saada, Dalé

The second game of preseason saw us face another French side. Again played at Stadio Pierluigi Penzo, 3,484 fans witnessed the 1-1 draw. Livio Nabab put AC Arles-Avignon 1-0 up in the fourteenth minute, with Lukasz Madej scoring a late equaliser in the eighty-fourth minute.

Livio Nabab (14)
Lukasz Madej (84)


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-2-1-3) Kuszczak, Seitaridis, Goian, Bacchetti, Sini, Seijas, Bottone, Valenta, Baros, Iaquinta, Anelka
Line Up: Pavia: (4-2-3-1) Facchin, Bandini, D'Orsi, Ungaro, Dedja, Carotti, Redaelli, Manzoni, Bracchi, Comi, De Cenco

The third game of preseason was against Pavia, who play in Serie C1/A. With a change in formation and tactic, Venezia dominated the game, with Nicolas Anelka scoring in the fiftith minute. A Alfonso Ranieri own goal then made it two nil in the eighty-sixth minute. 771 people were inside the Pietro Fortunati to witness the defeat.

Nicolas Anelka (50)
Alfonso Ranieri (86)


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-2-1-3) Kuszczak, Sini, Terlizzi, Bacchetti, Pisano, Kafes,Barillà, Valenta, Baros, Iaquinta, Anelka
Line Up: San Marino: (4-4-2) Vivan, Fabbri, Fogacci, Ferrero, Bangoura, Graffiedi, Pacciardi, Valeriani, Juan Cruz, Crocetti, Daniel Jara

The fourth game was in Olimpico, San Marino, where 759 people watched the draw. No real chances were made, but Sini was yet again sent off for a second yellow and San Marino's Crocetti got injured early on

Simone Sini (49)


Line Up: AS Venezia: (4-2-1-3) Cudicini, Seitaridis, Terlizzi, Neill, Pisano, Bottone, Barillà, Seijas, Baros, Iaquinta, Anelka
Line Up: Massese: (4-4-2) Roccazzella, Verazzo, Ercolino, Musumeci, Marcosanti, Verdi, Rastelli, Rosaia, Busca, Murano, Vella

The final game of preseason was the best. We controlled from the start and 1,102 people witnessed it inside the Degli Oliveti. Newly appointed captian Iaquinta got the first thirty-three minutes in. Terlizzi got the second three minutes later. Massese then got the next, with Vella scoring in the seventy-fourth minute. Valenta finished the scoring on the eighty-fourth minute.

Vincenzo Iaquinta (33)
Christian Terlizzi (36)
Giuseppino Vella (74)
Jiri Valenta (84)



Venezia kick off their maiden campaign against -7 points Seina, and at the Stadio Pierluigi Penzo. They then play Frosinone on the 31st of August.
Not a bad preseason, a couple of tough results but also some nice wins. Hope you can win the first match against Siena :D
Decent pre-season, and very nice lay-out with those screenshots! Good luck :D

ASV Loan Alhassan

Alhassan, the newest Gondolieri

AS Venezia have announced that they have signed Left Back Masahudu Alhassan on loan for the season from rivals Udinese. The Ghanaian, who has six caps for The Black Stars, welcomes the move

"I am very happy to join this club. I wasn't going to get any first team time at Udinese, and I am confident that I can here, if I impress Nesta. It feels great to know that I will be part of this clubs maiden campaign and that I will go down in the history books already, despite only being twenty."

Alessandro Nesta also welcomed the deal.

"Masahudu is a player of immense quailty, and will have a big part in this season. Simone [Sini] did not impress me during pre-season and his discipline was a problem, hence why we made this signing."
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
9 yearsEdited

Biraghi switches to Venice

Cristiano Biraghi signs for Venezia

Cristiano Biraghi has swapped Milan for Venice, signing for AS Venezia today. The 20-year old left back, the second to join the club this week, has joined on a free transfer.
Cristiano Biraghi is a good player, hope to help you!
Tallery's avatar Group Tallery
9 yearsEdited



To start off, I want to say a massive thank you to Thomas Allery for giving me this job. I wanted to coach, and I had been preparing for a long time. Ever since I knew that is what I wanted to do after retiring from playing football, I have kept notes on all my former managers tactics, training regimes and team talks in an old notebook. When Mr. Allery called me, I accepted the job, even without an interview, as he said that I was the only person he wanted, I dusted it off. I am so glad that now I can put these all into practice.

The club has been amazing. The hospitality from Mr. Allery has been outstanding. He has welcomed me, showed me the plans for the new stadium and facilities and let me have my say. Our relashionship went a bit misty for about a day, after I told the press about the wage budget. But that is behind us now, and we get on really well. I want to work for him and he still wants me. When he told me that he wanted Maldini as the Chief Scout, I couldn't wait thirty seconds to call him. When I was at AC Milan, he was probably my best friend, and I am sure he would say the same. I think that was the key to our success as a centre back pairing, friendship. I really hope that it helps here as well.

Pre-season went alright, I suppose. In the first game against Valenciennes, I wasn't expecting a win or a good performance. We and the eighteen players had only been together for a few days, and the tactics were still under development. I was very pleased that it was only 2-1, as I thought we played very well, considering the circumstances. The second game was also tough, against a good opposition, and a load of new, big name and ego players had just joined the club, it wasn't going to be great, the game. 1-1 was probably a fair reflection of the game, just that it was a little it took so long to find the equaliser. The game against Pava, though, was different. We looked like a team. I had changed the tactics to accommodate Nicolas, Milan and Vincenzo. This seemed to pay off, as we dominated the game. The next game against San Marino was disappointing, and if Sini hadn't got himself stupidly sent off, we would have won the game easily. His discipline in pre-season was appaling, and therefore, at the moment, doesn't deserve a first team place. The next game against Massese, was also very good. We attacked confidently and defended as unit. This enabled us to score a lot of goals, even though it was slightly disappointing to concede, we just switched off. Actually, all the goals we conceded over pre-season were sloppy. Corners, set plays, long balls over the top, all of the could have been prevented. Considering that my players are full of experience, especially the defenders, I am suprised that they couldn't sort it out.

I have opted for three tactics this season. The first is a 4-2-1-3, which is very attacking and accommodates all three of our talented strikers. This worked well in pre-season, and is probably the formation I will start with against Siena. It utilises the False Nine dropping back, and making late movements, meaning that the player defending finds it hard to mark or track him. Another key point is that we play on the counter with this. The idea is that the False Nine and Advanced Playmaker drop back and help defent the midfield, helping create a 4-4-2, which is harder to break down.

The second tactic is a 4-4-2 counter based tactic. It utilises the Inside Forwards cutting inside, and the Trequarista dropping into the Number 10 role to pick the ball up and then passing it on the the wingers, which then cut inside and play in the Poacher, who is always there.

The third tactic is a 4-1-1-3-1 tactic. It is very solid and will be used when we must get a result or playing stronger, better teams. The idea is that we sit back and soak up the pressure and then pounce once we win the ball back, when they have less men defending. Therefore, all the players attack and contribute to more than one phase of play when attacking, to create the counter attack.

Serie B will be a lot tougher than pre-season though. It provides a whole new challenge. Teams are out to win, and not just regain fitness. They want the three points. But so do we, so they will be up for one hell of a fight.
I love this concept, and the updates are great :)
Liking the tactics. The season should be better than "Nesta" thinks.

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