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[FM14] Doing It Down Under! v2.0

Started on 25 July 2014 by Feliks
Latest Reply on 24 November 2014 by Feliks
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Lodovico Reveals Rift With Jets Chairman

Although not the most loveable figure in Australian business, Nathan Tinkler is very professional about his work and it has surprised many to hear that the Newcastle Jets owner had a long-lasting feud with former manager Sean-Paul Lodovico. According to assistant manager Craig Deans, the pair would often argue at board meetings and only the directors on the board could stop the fighting. Lodovico announced the feud on an Australian radio station this morning, on a long distance call from Poland.

Nathan really did try to do the best by the club, but his personal interests got in the way of the direction the club was heading. I often disagreed with him, and he took this to mean a challenge of his power. Me and Nathan never really got along.

The feud went public when Lodovico was rumoured to leave for Pogon, which he eventually did. Tinkler had his idea of what the manager should do, whilst Lodovico didn't agree, and the pair went at eachother over social media. Many speculate that Tinkler was in fact a reason for Lodovico's departure, and perhaps the owner of the Jets has robbed them of a potentially great manager, now in Europe and sure to keep moving up. Lodovico's replacement, Gary Cole, has struggled with the Jets and has not won a game yet after 7. Tinkler may just regret letting his personal opinion get in the way of the club's interests.
Nathan Tinkler should stick to mining
Well written article - maybe you should just "remove Tinkler" that will erase all problems.
Very red cheeks there Mr.Tinkler... Looks like it must be a high "temperature" where ever he is!

December-The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Marcin Robak, above, was true to his word as he scored for the first time in 15 hours in December

For the first time since arriving at Pogon, I saw a little hope in this rag tag bunch, some desire to win, to excel, to achieve. This mob had been neglected all season, fallen into a very rough patch and never hauled themselves back out. But as the temperatures plummeted around Poland and we all got a little festive, the eagles of Pogon began to fly high.

Lechia 1-0 Pogon

A tough challenge against the mid-table Lechia Gdansk, we came into the match lacking confidence yet again and the boys didn't quite seem up to it. However, we played as a unit for 90 minutes, stopping everything Lechia threw at us. But in the 92nd minute, disaster struck.

Kike Tortosa
I was manning the left winger, Podgorovski. They looked to play a throughball to him, but I got my foot out and blocked it. Unfortunately, Koj wasn't doing his job,
and lo-and-behold, Grzelczak pounces on the loose ball. This is why we're in last.

It was a last minute clincher, a real kick in the teeth. In the end, Lechia walked home with all 3 points when it should have been just 1. As they say, another one
bites the dust.

Pogon 1-0 Wisla

Wisla Krakow have never been a favourite team of mine, as they are the arch rivals of Legia Warsaw, my club. But I felt we were going to concede defeat in this match, because they were in fine form and at their usual end of the table- the top. Meanwhile, squad morale was at an alarming low, and I braced myself for the inevitable. It never happened.

Julien Tadrowski
It was the 80th minute, plenty of time to make an impact. We had hung on thus far, and the score was locked at 0-0. Tomasz Brzyski took a corner, beautifully as per the norm, and I watched on as it arced its way into the box. It met the head of Murayama, and fell to me. Instinctively, I swung my boot at it and sort of lobbed it over the diving keeper into the net. We had broken the deadlock!

Tadrowski won man of the match for his heroics, and we had finally won. For the first time in 3 months, the citizens of Szczecin had something to cheer about.

Pogon 3-0 Jagiellonia

Yet another daunting challenge in the face of Jagiellonia, we yet again would host a title winning aspirant. But this time, I had a little hope. And that hope was magnified after not too long.

Tomasz Brzyski
I summed up the situation. The wall was placed to my right, the goalie to my left. The only avenue to goal was through the keeper, which would defeat the purpose. I needed something special for this one. I breathed in heavily, sucked in the air, and calmly made contact with the ball. It looped, at first appearing to miss the goal, before curving into the top left corner, out of reach of the Jagiellonia goalie. 13 minutes in, what a start.

It was a great start to the match, but my boys weren't done. They sought out Jagiellonia's weaknesses, and put them to the sword.

Takuma Akahoshi
Brzyski swung in the corner, and the goalie haplessly parried it into my path. I slammed it past the floundering keeper, to make it 2-0. All of a sudden, our mojo was back.

And after half time, the big guy Marcin Robak fulfilled his promise.

Marcin Robak
The captain Lawa threaded me the most beautiful through ball. I could see the goalkeeper running at me. He'd already been humiliated twice today, and he wanted revenge. I calmly put it to the left of him and into the back of the net, whispering, "Not today bud."

It was a great victory, a truly wonderful way to get our season back on track. With 2 marvelous wins to get our morale up going into the winter break, hopefully we could continue this form come mid-January.

So after a great end to the month, we've risen from 16th (our position after the Lechia game) to 13th, and although we're going to finish in the relegation zone (the bottom 8), it's good to be in the top end of the bottom end of the table, if you know what I mean.

Tomasz Brzyski was a driving force in our success this month, and set up 2 goals from corners whilst kicking a goal from a fabulous free kick as well. The 32 year old has proven himself to be one of my best players and is sure to feature heavily in upcoming updates as he is all quality.

Next time, in Pogon: Polska Power, we have the 2 month winter break of the Ekstraklasa. With some of my players wanted by the rest of Europe, the period will be a lot of transfer and friendly updates so get ready for lots of results, deals and a bit more from that w**ker Nathan Tinkler in the coming instalments!
Tough first game, but good results at the end. Need to keep moving up the table!
Decent month, I hope you climb as high as possible in the table.
Xander Hopefully I shall!

Oz Thanks man!
gl mate!
Going in the right direction now, keep up the good work
Diaze Cheers bud!

Tango Thanks!
An interesting month, at least Robak is scoring :P
Feliks's avatar Group Feliks
6 yearsEdited

Lodovico- Akahoshi Not For Sale

Despite receiving offers of over £400,000 for the Japanese central midfielder, Pogon Szczecin manager Sean-Paul Lodovico has told several clubs that Takafumi Akahoshi is not for sale. Yesterday, the Polish club received offers from Besiktas and Guangzhou, which followed up from Al-Sadd, Busan and Pohang. Several Russian and Belgian clubs are also queuing for Akahoshi's signature but Lodovico has issued a hands off warning.

Takafumi is not for sale at any price. He is a vital member of our squad, and we're not looking to sell him at any time in the foreseeable future.

Club chairman Jaroslaw Mroczek backed up Lodovico's argument, stating that the club's financial position was in a stable condition and therefore the sale of key players was unnecessary. Akahoshi has remained silent over the interest, although it appears he has gotten over his initial desire to leave the club and is content at Pogon.

Lodovico is expected to make some major moves in the transfer market, including a new central midfielder to partner with Akahoshi.
hopefull you can hang onto him buddy! another well-written update too, keep it up :)
2014-08-26 08:34#191877 TodayAtTomorrow : hopefull you can hang onto him buddy! another well-written update too, keep it up :)

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